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From Thursday’s edition of SportsBusiness Daily comes some quotes from Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan’s appearance on Last Call With The Aging MTVer Whose Career Has Badly Stagnated (we might have the name a little off). 
Ryan apparently is pimping something called Axe Hair, which sounds to us a bit like the Appalachian version of the bowl cut.  And so Ryan and host Carson Daly are talking about Ryan’s hair and how good it looks and then Daly says,  “This may be a bit of a gay moment, but your hair looks beautiful.”
And so we have another metrosexual quarterback.  (In his defense, Ryan went to Boston College, so he likely picked up some of it via osmosis from the signal-caller who plays for the local NFL team.)
All we can say is this:  Where in the hell have you gone, Joe Kapp?


  1. Carson Daly having a gay moment………NO WAY!!!!!

  2. One more reason why I am glad the Ravens drafted Joe “Unibrow” Flacco instead of “Matty Ice”, seriously has there been a worse nickname?? Is he a Backstreet Boy or a NFL QB??? I am sure there are no HOF QB’s with “frosted tips”!!!

  3. Hey laugh at Daley all you want, but the guy is getting paid a lot of money to do a show no one watches. He doesn’t have to worry about ratings because no one is watching at that hour. Watching Daley is a little more exciting than watching paint dry, not much. The guy is probably getting a lot more money than when he was the crush of every 16 year old girl in the country.
    The only negative I see of Daley’s career is that he isn’t dating actresses like Tara Reid and Jennifer Love Hewitt (both in their primes) anymore. He only has to contend with dating unfamous hot women. I really feel for him.

  4. This is amazing. Florio did not make the Sienfeld “not that there is anything wrong with that” comment or have a youtube clip.

  5. Matty Ice is a terrible nickname. Two nights ago, in a much less publicized appearance, Carson Daly told Kyle Orton his throat beard was beautiful.

  6. He did come off as a metrosexual, so no surprise here. Someone should compile a list of all metrosexual QBs, I think there would be like 3 or 4 not on the list.

  7. I’m sensing a bit of jealousy from you, Florio. Are you envious of Ryan’s hair?
    Also… I’m assuming the name “Matty Ice” comes from Natural “Natty” Ice, which is a cheap, shitty beer.

  8. Whatever happened to guys like Johnny Unitas. Now that was a haircut you could set your watch to!

  9. I always thought “Matty Ice” was a play off of Natty Ice, or Natural Ice, beer. Maybe it’s just me though.

  10. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… but Matt Ryan should look at his contract. With that much money he can respectfully decline being put in situations like this.

  11. It would be more impressive if Carson Daly started an interview for once by saying “This may be a bit of a straight moment, but…”

  12. Every moment of Carson’s life is a “gay moment”. He just wanted to test the waters with Matty Ice.

  13. Seriously though, this isn’t Ryan’s bad, so you can’t call him a “metrosexual”. You can only call him that if his response was someting like, “Thanks, you’re not so bad yourself”

  14. Who gives a crap?! So Ryan was marketing something and all of the sudden everyone beats up on him? WTF? Matt Ryan will put up astronomically better numbers than Flacco in the years to come…and will win multiple championships as well as be in the HOF. The kid’s got it!

  15. Matt Ryan and Tom Brady get more and better pussy than Joe Kapp or Johnny Unitas ever got, so they’re winners in my book.

  16. Century Alert! This is the 21st, not to be confused with the “Saturday Night Fever” one. So, let go of your hankie-stuffed groins & face the fact that none of us are as accomplished or talented or wealthy as either Carson Daly or Matt Ryan. And especially, none of us has any more knowledge about or skill in playing football in our entire brains than Matt Ryan has in his ancient reptilian brainstem. Zip it up, guys ’cause theirs are bigger!

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