In response to rapidly-spreading rumors (we might have had something to do with that) regarding the possibility of a former Broncos and Raiders coach landing with their common rivals in Kansas City, Adam Schefter of NFLN says that there’s no truth whatsoever to the reports/rumors/rumblings/scuttlebutt that Mike Shanahan will be the next coach of the Chiefs.
Per Schefter, the Chiefs and Shanahan have had no contact as of mid-day Thursday.
Of course, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be contact if/when Herm Edwards is fired.  We assume that the Chiefs are spending more time deciding whether to keep Herm than they are lining up his potential replacement.
Especially in light of the Rooney Rule. 
Unless Shanahan’s spray tan falls within the scope of the Soul Man exception, he can’t be hired until after Edwards is fired and at least one minority candidate is interviewed.


  1. Its possible, but considering Shanny’s disposition, he might simply not want the job, be willing to sit out a year, and try and go for a more desirable job….cowboys, eagles, vikings….basically somewhere where he can finagle more control.
    Also keep in mind, that Shanny is a believer in the west coast offence, Pioli, doesn’t seem to have the same disposition on that scheme, so they might not be a good match on agreeing on what kind of players to get.

  2. this one’s too easy. keep herm, let him suffer to an 0-5 start, fire him and put in a coordinator you’d like to see in game situation as a coach. if you like the interim, keep him. and when you don’t(and you won’t because this team is dog breath bad, you can like up for one of the elite coaches available next year.
    Kansas City is a dumb franchise. The previous scenario would solve everything, including the apathy in the town. Let the Chiefs fans be optimistic, then be pissed when the team starts slow, then fire the coach and everyone’ll be happy with whomever the replacement is.
    Fire Herm now, and you’ll get a second rate coach who’ll never succeed with the roster assembled for the coming year. Let an interim idiot fall on the sword.

  3. Who are we kidding, Shanahan is going somewhere hot so he doesn’t have to pay for a spray tan anymore.

  4. What would happen if a team forwent complying with the Rooney Rule? It might take something like that to get the league to wake up and realize that all the rule is good for now is guaranteeing a few minority candidates get some sham interviews every year.

  5. I think Herm can turn that team around i mean last year was a rebuilding year but still they were lossing alot of game in the fourth quarter by a TD or FG.
    as a bronco fan i do not wanna see Shanahan play us twice a year thats a scary thought haha

  6. Good one Florio…any post that references Soul Man and the Rooney Rule in the same sentence is good by me! How bout a Pepsi?

  7. great scoop as always. wrong in the morning, correcting in the afternoon.
    integrity. thats how PFT does it baby!

  8. So “finagle” is the new “snarky” huh? cool. I’m gonna go finagle me something finagle-y!

  9. wrong again florio…. it doesn’t matter if they interview a minority candidate… the rooney rules means that they must interview one Black candidate… big difference there

  10. Good.
    I think he’s a good coach, but as a diehard Chiefs fan, it just would’ve been too weird! I can’t go from hating (figuratively) a guy to liking him just because he takes off an orange shirt and puts on a red one.

  11. I don’t think it would be all that difficult for Pioli to get Romeo Crennel in for an interview even if its all smoke.

  12. The real reason Shanny isn’t coaching this year is that he and Reche Caldwell are working on a buddy film about guys who ALWAYS look like their dog just stepped on their nuts as a picture was being taken.
    It is called “the unblinking eye”.

  13. This would be the PERFECT place for Shanahan. The Chiefs are the Raiders arch rival. Shanahan loves sticking to old Al, and if he waits around a year to comeback, it might be too late to stick it to him because Davis ain’t got long left.

  14. “The Soul Man Exception”. I like that! Florio, you got a gift! Can I use it? Sounds like more fun than “Rooney Rule”. Maybe it’ll take the edge off. People like exceptions better than rules.
    Exception aside, Edwards is toast! Does he have a winning season as a head coach ever? Why bank on him going on a win streak now? He’ll make a nice assistant again somewhere. Aren’t we hearing Indy?
    Meanwhile, Shanahan seems to be in no rush. (Does he really us Tan in a Can?) KC’s in no rush either. Maybe it’s a match….. Great Steaks in KC Coach!

  15. Shanahan wouldn’t go to another AFC West team. His relationship with Broncos owner Pat Bowlen might be a little “strained”, but I don’t think he’s so vindictive that he’d stoop to coaching the Chiefs.

  16. is florio white or black? he seems to hate rooney rule. if he’s white, is he feeling his kind is being left out? if he’s black, does he hate rooney rule like most successful black people hate that law that requires certain amount of minority hirings (I can’t believe I can’t remember the name of the law… it just completely blanks me at the moment) because it causes backlash in the workplace and casts doubt on their actual qualifications and ability.
    not trying to start anything, just curious because I read rooney rule bashing all the time. I do agree the thing is not necessary anymore, as all it does is mock black people with sham interviews.

  17. While Shanahan is fake baking and earning $7 mill this year, Florio is busy playing with little boys.

  18. How come Shanahan won’t comply with the Rooney Rule? His rat-like appearance and qualities keep him out of the majority here in KC. This isn’t NYC.

  19. Pioli left New England to get out from underneath Bill Belichick’s shadow. I can’t see him brining in Shanahan, Parcells or anyone else who will cast just as large of a shadow.
    So there it is label me the winner of the big Pepsi thing….you know the big package!
    That’s what she said!
    and speaking of labeling, the Label Baby Junior, and the Super Bowl, I promise not to re-gift the Pepsi Super Bowl gift pack.

  20. Although the 2002 “Report on Black Coaches in the National Football League…” is largely responsible for the Rooney Rule, the language in the rule itself is “minority,” not “black.”
    And what’s with the moaning and groaning about the accuracy of Florio’s rumors? You can get the news a day later and 100% accurate or hot off the whatever and maybe a little squishy. Your choice.

  21. Hey Florio , I liked the soul man reference. but i think you should refer to his as Mike ShanaTAN for now on . I’m sure if he doesn’t end up coaching in 09 he could always run a chain of Hollywood Tans. Coach Shanatan could cook the dinner, and at least shop for the groceries there.

  22. Pioli has absolutely no connection with Shannahan. Belichick and Pioli worked well together because Pioli knows what kinds of players Belichick wants. He will want a coach whom he knows coaches a style that will work well with those kinds of players. If he can’t find a Belichick/Parcells type of guy, Herm sticks around for another year. As for the Rooney Rule, he will want to bring in Pepper Johnson to help the guy out and give him more exposure. Maybe Johnson’s next step up is as a DC.

  23. Hey Mike Maher,,,,
    Wake up and smell the Orville Redenbacher Popcorn, man.
    PFT Dot Com is a Community Service!

  24. >>Kansas City is a dumb franchise.
    You don’t explain why in your opinion Kansas City is a dumb franchise.
    So what exactly about the Hunt family is dumb (because if you are calling an entire franchise dumb, I can only assume you are meaning the owners because they have final say over a franchise).

  25. Rat face may want to prove he is still the “Mastermind” and KC has some young talent to build from so he may consider the position.
    For the rest of us AFC west fans, not to worry, his coaching ability is overrated, his players dont respect him and if it wasnt for a Champ Bailey pick in the end zone, he would be 0 fer the last 10 years in playoff victories.

  26. Adam also said that Scott Pioli was not coming to kansas city. I take what he says with a grain of salt.

  27. For those that have been asking…
    No, Shanny does NOT use spray-on tan, nor does he use a tanning booth. He doesn’t need to. The Man has a beach inside his house – complete with sand, palm trees, an ocean and a sun.

  28. Shanaratatatan is weird.
    He will go to an established contender who needs discipline.
    There is one in tarrant county, texas…

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