On our post about Dan Reeves interviewing with the 49ers, a commenter posited that Reeves going to San Francisco equaled Michael Vick going to San Francisco. It makes some sense, Reeves was the Falcons coach when they traded with the Chargers to make Vick the first overall pick in the 2001 draft and the 49ers aren’t set at the quarterback position.
Adam Schefter of the NFL Network is having similar thoughts. He points out that Hue Jackson, who interviewed for the offensive coordinator job on Friday, worked with Vick during his year as the Falcons coordinator and that the Niners have also expressed interest in Mike Johnson, who worked as Vick’s quarterback coach for three seasons with the Falcons.
It bears mentioning that Jackson was hired as the Falcons offensive coordinator in January 2007 and news of Vick’s involvement with the Bad Newz Kennels broke in April of that year, effectively ending his association with the team. The other two men, however, had longer, relatively successful relationships with the quarterback.
Their signing of cornerback Jimmy Williams on Thursday shows that the team doesn’t have a problem taking on players with sketchy pasts. And, as you might recall, Williams and Vick share both an alma mater and a history with the Falcons.
Due to be released from federal custody on July 20, it’s unlikely that Vick could step in and win a starting job with the 49ers or anyone else in time for the start of the season. The 49ers have made no public statement about interest in Vick at this point, but their quarterback need is big enough that they’d be among the teams most likely to consider giving him a shot.


  1. I am a die hard 49er fan and if they sign this piece of garbage, scumbag I will never root for them again. I always thought my worse nightmare would be the Cleveland Indians signing Barry Bonds. I was wrong this is way worse. Die hard 49er fan since 1982 and it all ends in 2009 if they sign this thug.

  2. Vick got reeves and mora fired.
    And I am sure his poor work habits and the throwing of the second half of 2005 and 2006 are well known.

  3. A law abiding football player who suffers a serious injury outside of his control can be prevented from playing football for life. That’s sad and I have much empathy for them. Vick was in control of his circumstances, and should be banned for life. That’s not sad, and I have no empathy for him.

  4. Why is it every time an NFL player with a disreputable past is mentioned, he is called a thug, a piece of trash that no one would root for, but Leonard Little’s name is hardly ever mentioned?
    If Mike Vick gets banned from the NFL, so should that piece of crap. What Vick did was wrong but what Little did is unforgivable.

  5. I understand that mv7 messed up pretty bad, but does no one believe in second chances? we can all endlessly ridicule him but no one on the planet can say that the guy wasn’t entertaining on the field. he is a heck of an athlete. though the guy made some terrible choices, we all enjoyed watching him on the field. he is a player that every team he faced feared. its alot more than we can say for shaun hill and alex smith. i say give the guy a chance. if pacman got another chance (which he blew) why can’t mv7? its not like the guy was killing people. i am in no way condoning what he did to those dogs, but does anyone think that he didn’t learn his lesson?
    also hurting him is that contract!!!! he would have to rework it and prove himself before anyone gives him 10 million let alone 100 million

  6. Yeah, bring Vick to San Francisco where people with pets are by law referred to as “pet companions” not “pet owners.” The fans there will just sit quietly and wait to see what he does on the field.

  7. Seriously, lets stay in the relm of reality. You actually think Singletary would let Vick within 100 yards of his facility??
    I know it’s a lean time for news but jesus christ gimme a break

  8. Vick is in the only home he deserves.
    They have Alex Smith, they don’t need another mediocre quarterback.
    Beyond that, Vick’s 2nd chance is getting out of jail and being free. He doesn’t deserve to play in the NFL.

  9. Ca’mon 49er fans ! I hate the 49ers but seriously u put vick in the back field with gore,it would be nice !

  10. This “story” is just speculation. There’s no substance to it. No quote or any ground other than imagination to rest it on.
    That said, I could see it happening. We are talking about San Francisco here.

  11. I can actually see this happening. Vick gets out of jail… fights the whole reinstatement thing… and if he wins, well someone will sign him. As a die hard 49er fan myself.. I would love to see that happen. Come on, how much respect will Singletary command when Vick shows up and he picks up Vick a few times smashing his head into the ground demonstrating a blocking technique? No one will be upset, and NOONE, even Vernon will ever back talk the Coach, Mr. Singletary again!

  12. This rumor is flat out ridiculous. Look at the area first off, anybody who thinks the people of SF would do anything other than protest and picket is out of their mind.
    Secondly, a marijuana bust is far different from fighting, brutally killing dogs, and high-stakes gambling.
    Singletary would not want him, I and Scott McCloughlan is not an idiot, he wouldn’t touch him. The Niners will not sign Vick…to think of it any other way is silly. I generally like the rumors on this site, but this is way out there.

  13. you know ill probably catch some flak for this position. I really don’t have a problem with vick coming back without a suspension. remember he was suspended indefinately when this dogfighting news came out. so not only has he been suspended by the league but the guy has served his time in the clink already. not only that but it seems(from the evidence of no media reports) that he’s been behaving in the state play pen.
    id give the cat a short leash and an even tighter collar. but why not?
    if the Adam Galaga Jones can get 5+ chances then a guy staging dog ufc matches should get one last go round. doesn’t make it right and I don’t condone killing animals but at least he’s not acting like a don and ordering thugs to shoot up scrip clubs.

  14. The wing nuts in SF would rather have George W. Bush play QB for the Niners. While actual Niner fans might go for it because MV7 has to be better than Hill, all the lefties, dirties, hippies and animal lovers who step over homeless people in the gutter everyday in SF would make it their mission in life to make sure a animal abuser never played there. Because in the end, it’s more important how animals are treated than our fellow man. And I say that not because I condone what Vick did, but because it saddens me how much more attention he gets than the players that have beat their wives/girlfriends, dealt drugs, raped underage or unwilling women, killed innocents while driving drunk, etc, etc.

  15. Since 1986, I ceased being a 49er fan for only one season – when they signed Lawrence Phillips. This would be the second.
    There are worse crimes, yes, but Vick has been classless throughout his whole ordeal. Like was said on Dan Patrick today and I think it’s true (referencing PETA/Vick and a PSA deal withdrawn): “Vick is not sorry for what he did, he’s sorry for getting caught.”

  16. If they sign Vick my allegiance is gone. Forever. Having said that, Florio and his crew are solidifying their spot in the “real media” with dopes like Josh Alper comparing possession of marijuana to murdering of dogs.
    “Their signing of cornerback Jimmy Williams on Thursday shows that the team doesn’t have a problem taking on players with sketchy pasts.”

  17. You mean the same Vick that didn’t support Reeves when asked if he’d like the coach to stay on? Oh, you’re talking about that Vick that was pissed at Reeves because Reeves made him play almost a full quarter of a preseason game against the Ravens? Or maybe you’re talking about the Vick that refused to return to the field until he was 100% because he was pissed at Reeves for playing him in a preseason game resulting in his injury?
    Oh yeah, Vick will never be allowed to play in the NFL again because at least half of the NFL fan population hates the guy. Although the actual number is probably closer to 85%. Dog fighting will keep him out.
    If somehow he squeaks by because of dog fighting, the illegal gambling convictions will be plenty to keep him away from San Francisco.
    If somehow he bypasses all of those unbypassable hurdles, Reeves might remember how Vick couldn’t hit the ocean if throwing from a boat. If for some reason Reeves forgets about that, he’ll remember that when Vick was on target he’d throw it 120 mph from 5 yards away.
    If Reeves has gotten alzheimers and forgot about all of that, he’ll still remember all of the off-field issues he had.
    If the Alzheimers is in the final stages just before death, then I guess it’s possible he’d be interested in Vick. Of course then Reeves would have his supervisors reminding him of all of these things. Unless of course they too forget or just don’t know.
    My personal opinion is that as soon as Vick gets out he should buy a lottery ticket. That is, of course, assuming he’s smart enough to count to six.

  18. One more thing I’d like to add:
    This would be an absolute PR nightmare. Let’s take a notorious dog killer and put him in one of the most dog loving cities in america…brilliant! Not to mention the fact that the Bay Area is filled with activists that would picket and riot outside the 49ers facility.

  19. “I understand that mv7 messed up pretty bad, but does no one believe in second chances?”
    For that piece of filth no. It was not enough for that vermin to get paid enough money so he and the next 10 generations of his family would never have to work a day in their lives. It was not enough that he played in front of stadiums full of people screaming their love for him every week. It was not enough to have possession known to man that he wanted. It was not enough to be essentially a king among men. No the only way he could entertain himself and get happiness was in one of the cruelest ways possible, reveling in the pain and suffering of defenseless creatures.
    Fu*k Vick and anyone who thinks he deserves another chance in the NFL. Save the pit bulls and euthanize the humans who force them to fight for their entertainment.

  20. You have a short memory.
    Vick hated Reeves, that’s why Reeves got fired in Atlanta. That’s why they hired someone young and stupid (Mora).

  21. I really dont care anymore. What Vick did is between him and his god and thats the only one who can judge. Whatever we say really doesn’t matter, you can hate him all you want, but if you guys are the christians you all protray to be then you have to forgive.

  22. I seem to recall Vick and Reeves having a falling out that contributed to Reeves getting fired. As I recall Reeves was wanting Vick to come on back from the broken leg but Vick went on this rant on how he wasn’t coming back until he felt he was 100% ready instead of the doctors saying he was 100% ready. Anyways I’m not so sure that they’d work so well together because I remember at the time folks were saying that Vick didn’t want to come back because he wanted Reeves to get fired.

  23. If anyone can get Vick back on track, it will be Reeves. May be the only man Vick can trust these days. I am a Falcons fan here in Atlanta and saw how it all began to fall apart. Reeves still believes Vick should get a shot and believes he can still play.
    Whether Vick gets another shot in the NFL is hard to say. But with the 49ers potentially getting Reeves, I see the writing on the wall…

  24. I don’t the ‘Niners would take on the Bay Area PR nightmare that a Vick signing would entail… better that he resurface somewhere where dog fighting is not as big of a deal.

  25. You can’t murder a dog you can only murder a person… Murder is a legal term that refers to a specific kind of killing otherwise it is just killing.
    I know saying “murder” makes it sound more shocking and terrible but in reality Vick murdered no one….he killed a couple of dogs.
    Should that get you banned from the NFL? Who knows but the reality of that situation is the NFL is a company and they had a high profile employee make them look bad. Part of the NFL’s profitability comes from goodwill and reputation so I can certainly see them not letting him back.

  26. While i do not agree with what vick may or may not have done (i don’t think he physically killed any dogs) one would have to agree he was made an example of because he is famous dog fighting goes on all the time all over the world and no one would care if it was joe blow.He has served his time and deserves another chance any of you idiots out there heard of leonard little de for the rams he killed a woman while driving drunk you figure that would wake him up but what does he do gets another one (dui) a couple of years later wow! and he’s still in the league.So i say give him a second chance.

  27. Yeah, I am sure Vick’s skills have improved in the 2 years away from the game. The QB position is like that. You can just take a couple of years and pick it right back up. Not to mention Vick at his best in the NFL makes Tavaris Jackson look like Joe Montana. If you do not remember, Vick either drilled the ball so hard into the ground that the grounds crews had to dig it out between plays, or he through it into the 7th row. He sucked then and he will suck even worse now. Not to mention, that ankle jewelry he will be wearing will cut down on some of that speed he has/had. Oh and let’s not even begin to talk about the humongous protests that will follow the team from the wackadoo’s. Not to mention every press conference being about Vick instead of the team. And one last thing, The turmoil in the locker room from players not appretiation all of the unwanted attention will equal so little chemistry it will make the Cowboys look like the 70’s Cowboys.

  28. I’m a niners fan and if Vick shows up and this worst family operation in the league keeps up their bumblings they’ll be worse than the lions.

  29. “Die hard 49er fan since 1982”
    That is a very suspicious remark…all by itself. I live in the Bay Area and I am consistenly sujected to these so-called ‘die hard’ 9er fans drone on about, “I’ve been a fan since the Kezar days” yet every time I see a clip of a game at Kezar the place looks like a cemetary.

  30. They have nothing to lose in bringing in Vick. if he sucks they cut him and if he is ok they can have him behind Hill until he gets back into it. Yes he messed up but he has done his time. Atleast he was not trying to hire people to shoot at someone he didnt like, Pacman. Singletary will keep him inline and Vick will want to prove himself and change peoples minds about him. All of you so called die hard niner fans that are saying they would stop being fans are not fans to begin with so go slerp the cardinals.

  31. … and as an added bonus, San Francisco’s large Asian community is bound to be more tolerant of Vick’s outlook regarding our canine friends.

  32. If anything keeps Vick out of the NFL on a permanent basis, it’ll be the gambling aspect. Vick financed(!) an illegal interstate gambling ring. The one thing NO professional sport tolerates is gambling. Bad game? Hmmm….No player impacts the play of his team like the QB.
    Dogfighting/killing is just the icing on the cake. Add in the fact he lied to the commissioner about his involvement in the dogfighting allegations, and sat next to Goodell at the NFL draft, only to be arrested shortly afterward. Toss in the failed drug test while awaiting trial for good measure. To me, that means Vick never plays in the NFL again.
    I think one thing that distinguishes the Vick case from others is that Vick set this operation up the day he signed his NFL contract. He willfully engaged in a long term criminal endeavor, a planned operation. Other NFL players have gotten in serious trouble, but those a generally incidents, things that happen and are not planned. They are human, and stuff happens. But when you make the conscious decision to embark upon a criminal endeavor, especially one involving the slaughter of animals, you don’t deserve a second chance at football.
    And it’s not like he was that great of a QB anyway.

  33. Wow this guy is a scum bag. They should be ashamed of themselves if they sign him. He’s the ultimate dog turd!

  34. Im sure everyone that hates Vick and can’t stand the thought of giving this man a second chance has never ever committed an illegal act in his/hers lifetime. Football is Vicks profession. Is he supposed to be an investment banker or something when he gets out?
    Give him another chance. Jail is hard enough on man as it is.
    The 49ers will need all the help they can get. Seattle is gonna come back strong, the Rams can’t get any worse, and we all see what game Arizona will be playing in.

  35. This is nothing but a coincidence, a stand up coach likie Mike Singletary wouldn’t ever sign an idiot like Vick. If the decition was made to sign Vick it wouldn’t come from Singletary. It would be infuenced by that sleez bag Eddie D. If the niners want to have a chance this year they need to draft B.J Raji and sign an O linemen and a DB off free agency. or just bring back the ONE and ONLY cool Joe. (not flacco like the ravens are dreaming of)

  36. THis is all speculation with no bounds for even printing the rumor. There is no reason to even believe this crap. So 9ers fans, Don’t worry about this until it is in the works. There are a lot of people that aren’t worth pissing on if they were on fire. (But they are worth pissing on if they aren’t on fire. Vick is one of those guys. I still remember him saying, “No matter what I do, everyone gonna love Mike Vick”. He was right if everyone means the black community. Because they are blind to any evil their brethren do until they kill one of their family members. OJ, Jesse Jackson, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama….

  37. As a 49er fan of over 50 years who has followed them thru the 2-14 seasons and the championship seasons the thought of signing Micheal Vick is incomprehensible.Everyone deserves a second chance, but a man who has taken advantage of poor helpless animals can ply his craft with another franchise. The thought of Mr. Vick in a 49er jersey besmirches the names of Title,St.Clair,Wilcox,Montana,Lott and Rice.
    This is all speculation at this point and I hope that is all it ever becomes.

  38. Florio, you should fire Josh Alper since he apparently doesn’t know the difference between his ass and a hole in the ground. This is my reasoning for that statement:
    “Their signing of cornerback Jimmy Williams on Thursday shows that the team doesn’t have a problem taking on players with sketchy pasts.”
    So, so stupid, I have a hard time understanding how someone could write this…does he even know anything about the Niners??? Or the difference in the crimes committed? It’s insane…fire him, he sucks, yyou can do better Florio…God, what an idiot.

  39. Sounds like PFT is backing off their previous notion that Mike Vick will never play in the NFL again faster than Mort backing off his Shanahan to the Chiefs statement.

  40. You know this pairing actually makes a lot of sense the more I think about it…of all players, Vick would probably be most likely to be inspired by Singletary’s motivation tactics of pants-dropping.

  41. The way I look at it is this. Vick has shown everyone the kind of person he is. That’s his burden to bear. He’s done his time, or will be done shortly. And whatever penalty the league serves him afterwards he’ll have to abide by. When all that’s done, and if he is allowed back (and he should be if Pacman is the standard) then it’s up to him how he redeems himself. He should have the chance. Is he persona non grata? Yes. Is he someone most team wouldn’t want? Sure. But his story isn’t done yet and he should have the chance to change it.

  42. So the franchise that gave us Montana to Rice may give Vick to….well, it doesn’t matter who the WR is. Vick won’t complete the pass anyway. Isn’t that the football equivalent of going from making love to all the Victoria Secret models to hooking up with an angry Lorena Bobbit?

  43. You whiny lilttle ladies that say you wont be fans of the team will be replaced by people that couldnt care less about dogs. Idiots. We killed four today caused they couldnt fight (allegedly, lol).
    P.S. BirdWeiserr- Its not 85%, just you whiny message board white folks. Funny how you no longer follow the Falcons since Vick is no longer ther you obsessed b*tch.

  44. are you sure this is remotely legit? you are talking about the franchise that Joe Montana built. not to mention Steve Young, and to a lesser extent, Jeff Garcia. those guys were reputable players, and to bring in someone like Vick, would turn the niners into the raiders, in my opinion. hopefully vick is denied reinstatement by goodell, and in a perfect sense of irony, is forced to take a job as a bark park attendant–cleaning up the dog shit. i don’t care how many public apologies this guy makes, or what acts of contrition he performs. what he did speaks volumes about his character, or lack thereof, and he should never be allowed an opportunity to resurrect his once promising career.

  45. DbleD23 says:
    January 23rd, 2009 at 9:20 pm
    Stop whining b*tches! Vick served his time. His buddioeshurt the worthless mutts, not him. Im gonna love it the next time I read a soldier in Iraq was killed. Their lives are nowhere near as important as these dogs.
    Hey, D, reality check. He financed the operation, kept a dwelling for said operation, those ‘buddies’ that hurt the animals as you say are his friends. ready to connect the dots and make the leap of faith and say that he was ‘hands on’ in the whole ordeal? or should i offer you my login name for your more appropriate use? i absolutely despise the killing of animals, not just dogs, but there is something beyond the criminal act that makes Vick so reprehensible: his complete lack of character and integrity. if he were sincere in his admission of guilt and really apologetic, i’d say live and let live–even if he didn’t because we are supposed to be bigger than that. but he’s your typical greedy, new age village idiot that thinks it’s ok to act like an A-hole, apologize for it, and get back to business. Vick gets something that many of those dogs didn’t, a second chance, but that doesn’t mean that chance needs to be an opportunity to re-enter the NFL.

  46. People seem to forget that although Vick was convicted for killing dogs, his unforgivable sin (in the eyes of the NFL front office) was underwriting a gambling ring. You can do a lot of things and still play in the NFL but you have officially crossed the Rubicon when you get caught gambling.

  47. If anything he should know the trouble Vick brings with him. Remember this isn’t the first time he’s been in trouble, it’s just the most prominent. And the first one where he was actually charged. Should make it less likely for him to be a 49er, not more likely. Not to mention Vick really wasn’t a good QB to begin with. Exciting, but not good. Time away from the game won’t make him better either, and that is one of the tougher positions to keep up with. If he changed positions he may have a chance, but really, who wants Michael Vick as a HB or WR?

  48. Has anyone thought this through? Vick a violent animal killer taking up residence in liberal, animal loving, earth loving, capital of the United States. Towns like Detroit might look the other way, but no way San Francisco will let this happen.

  49. Leonard Little made a mistake. Unfortunately he’s made that same mistake more than once.
    POS VICK did not make a mistake. He and homeboys, sat out and accomplished everything they wanted out side of getting thrown in to prison. He made wrong choices, but he didn’t make a mistake.
    His 2nd chance is walking out of that prison. Something that he should be thankful for.
    His 2nd chance should not include the NFL unless he wants to hit r2 with himself on madden.
    Here’s to him being bent over by Bubba as I type this.

  50. JimmySmith
    Any post mentioning the Rubicon Crossing has my vote for the Pepsi Pack. Well done, sir, well done. Mark Murphy would be proud.

  51. Yes….Vick did not speak out too much on Reeves behalf when Blank purchased the Falcons. But Vick’s blind loyalty to his past prevented him to do so. Vick was loyal to a fault to his past. I believe that if Reeves ends in in San Francisco, Vick will end up there as well.
    Vick will still have that loyalty in him to trust Reeves, the man who drafted him and made the attempt to make a man, and player out of him. Time will tell…


  53. im a true 49ers fan…..michael vick yes made a really stupid mistake but he has major talent….i want wut can help us get back to the super bowls we won in the 80’s, w/e it takes, if michael vick doesnt work out kick him out….im pretty dam sure singletary can put vick in check…..vick,gore,vernon,isaac,willis,clements,spikes hopefully we can get peppers soundz pretty dam good to me

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