Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer signed a contract extension today to remain with the New York Jets, the Newark-Star Ledger reports. 
According to the article, Schottenheimer had one year remaining on a contract with a nearly $1.5 million salary.
Now, Star-Ledger beat writer Dave Hutchinson writes that Schottenheimer has inked a two-year contract extension that will boost his salary to nearly $2 million for the 2009 season.
Schottenheimer interviewed for the head-coaching position as one of eight candidates to meet with the Jets’ brass, but the 35-year-old son of former NFL coach Marty Schottenheimer was beaten out by Rex Ryan for the job.
It’s expected that Schottenheimer will have more autonomy over the offense than he enjoyed under former coach Eric Mangini. Mangini reportedly “micromanaged” everything. (Did he even debate the equipment manager on what kind of cleaning detergent to use on the players’ socks? But we digress.)
Depending on whether quarterback Brett Favre, who’s pondering retirement, returns, Schottenheimer may have to dramatically alter the offense. 
During his introductory press conference, Ryan has made it abundantly clear that he’s an advocate of a smash-mouth, ball-control offense.


  1. schotty will really hjave to open it up. His offense was stale and predictable…,run,pass,punt…

  2. Crazy how these coordinators are making $2-3 mil nowadays. I remember Mike Tice coaching the Vikes for a cool mil per year. Hell he’s probably making more money in Jax now than he was then.

  3. Not exactly…Ryan said “all-weather” offense if I remember correctly. You could argue it’s the same thing, but I don’t think it is.

  4. Article only dopey Jet fans could like.
    Had to give him more cash to stay.
    No way he stays past one year.
    If he sucks he gets fired, if he is good he gets a head coaching job next year.
    Spags contract with the rams was only for 2.7 mil per year, he should fire his agent.

  5. keeping schotty is the right move whether fans think so or not. Too many coaches and coordinators are hired/fired hastily. coaches, just like players, need time to develope. just a year ago, jets fans were begging schottenheimer not to take the miami job cause we were worried he’d realize his potential with a division rival. now, after a collapse that has more to do with #4’s nine INT down the stretch than schotty’s playcalling has everyone calling for his head. what do you wanna do? scratch everything and hire scott linehan?? c’mon.
    we are gonna win this season with defense, not offense. trade our first round pick for nnamdi asomugha, who will be franchised by oakland, and then take a RB (shonn Greene, PJ Hill) with our second round pick.

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