After reporting that the Chiefs and former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan were close to a deal that would make Shanahan the successor to Herm Edwards and in the face of a strenuous and unequivocal report from Adam Schefter of NFL Network, who once co-authored a book with Shanahan, Mortensen has backed off.
Mortensen is now reporting that the Chiefs have targeted Shanahan as a potential replacement for Edwards.
To his credit, the current version of Mort’s story acknowledges Schefter’s report.
That said, the current version of Mort’s report doesn’t disclose that ESPN previously was reporting that Shanahan and the Chiefs were nearing an agreement.
So the duel has been resolved — and Schefter has driven his Prius at less than five miles per hour into Mort’s leg.


  1. Was there ever any doubt?
    However, ESPN’s report still says a deal was near:
    “One source claims there have been negotiations with Shanahan and that a deal was near but another said Chiefs owner Hunt has targeted Shanahan without a clear-cut result. “

  2. you are a funny man florio… very… very… very… funny. stop by the Bickley and MJ booth (xtra 910 from Phoenix) on press row if you get a chance. we’d love to hear you here in Phoenix.

  3. Not the first time Mort or any one else at ESPN went on air with out comfirming the facts.ESPN never lets the facts get in the way of a good story and this isnt the first kick at the wrong can for Mort

  4. Good for Adam. Never had any doubt. Though I still would like to see Shanny work it out with Pioli and take KC by storm…

  5. EXPECTED. i trash Florio and the rest of PFT on a regular basis but…… SUCK IT ESPN

  6. Maybe mort should have called the chiefs to confirm the story!!! But they lost that privledge…

  7. Afam is dat man everything he says is always true….. I think i have a man crush on him hehehe

  8. I have a hunch that Mort may actually have the story right, but reported the story too soon. He didn’t give the Chiefs time to perform the obligatory Rooney Rule requirements prior to hiring the individual they really want. So, the reporter friend of the person that the Chiefs really want to hire issues the “it can’t possibly be true” story to keep up appearances. “Hey Mort, Ixne on the oopsce!”

  9. CHIEF fan here…
    Listen, I dont think either one of these guys has a clue. I think that Chan Gailey and Mike Shanahan DID NOT work so well in the past, and further, I think there is still another HOMERUN by Clark Hunt in the making. Having said that, If Shanny comes to KC, he will want to call his own plays. That wont happen if they still have Gailey, who has NOT been given persmission to interview elsewhere. I think Scott Piolo, and Clark Hunt want to Keep Chan. So who does that make the next CHIEFS coach? Well Neither one of them are talking about the guy who could land the job. Bill Cowher. Stay tuned.

  10. Florio, there needs to be more blasting of Mort on here. He’s been wrong way too often. Plus anyone dumb enough to go up against Mike’s good friend, Adam Schefter, deserves a little lambasting.
    Besides Shanahan to the Chiefs is so unlikely it’s not even funny. He wants to go to a contender and win a Super Bowl.
    Anyone think the Chiefs are near that level? Naw didn’t thinks so.
    Besides, pass up potential jobs with Dallas, SD and maybe even Minnesota for 2 or more years of rebuilding in KC? Why?

  11. Get out the tape measure: Adam, about five feet tall, Mort, no stats. John Clayton has yet to grow a neck. Seriously. And there’s that rumor about a John Clayton ponytail…
    But really seriously, why would Shanahan go to KC? There is nothing there for him. He can have pick of the litter and he’s going to go – post haste – to Kansas City? Mort, Mort, Mort…HORRIBLE JOB OF REPORTING.
    Jay Glazer getting to you, scoop-wise?

  12. Mort is now reporting that according to a source 2+2=5. Run the scroll on all espoopn channels. Wait-breaking news, Mort is now reporting that 2+2 is eyeing 5 but may now be unlikely.

  13. C’mon guys, lets give Mort a break… the books in his backdrop during TV segments are fake, so it’s not like he could read up on journalistic integrity. I think the only book there that isn’t fake is by ESPN, “Never admit your wrong unless the story is hot, wait what?.”

  14. This was false info. given to Mort. Adam Sheftner was a reporter in Denver for years. I think he knows whats going on in this particular subject. Shanny will not coach the Chiefs! Bank on it!

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