On the same day that a former Broncos coach made a big stir by unexpectedly arising as a candidate for offensive coordinator in San Fran, another former Broncos coach is also potentially resurfacing in an unexpected place. 
On Thursday, we pointed out that there were increasing rumors and reports of the Chiefs possibly hiring former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan.
The rumors and reports were knocked down in various circles.Now, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that the Chiefs are close to a deal with Shanahan. 
Unless the Soul Man exception indeed applies based on Shanahan’s spray tan, the move would necessarily mean that the Chiefs interviewed at least one minority candidate and possibly other non-minority candidates under one of the tightest lids that ever have been kept on a multi-candidate coaching search.
Shanahan was unexpectedly fired by the Broncos in December after 14 years with the team.  If the deal goes through, the Chiefs will be the third AFC team that Shanahan has coached.
Assuming he has no desire to run the show in Kansas City, it’s possible that the foundation has been laid for tremendous success.  
After all, Shanahan the coach was always having to overachieve due to the screw-ups of Shanahan the G.M. 


  1. Rumor has it since Shanahan cant be GM, VP, and HC he opting to run the entire team by himself without any other coaches.

  2. debo says:
    January 23rd, 2009 at 5:37 pm
    Shanahan without Elway and Terrell Davis I’m not impressed!
    Come on! He can have LJ spit drinks at all the defenses!

  3. Shanahan with Pioli, you have to be impressed… Unless you’re a Bronco’s fan?
    Pioli + BB 3 SB’s
    Pioli + Shanahan ?

  4. what if they hired him as OC, then promoted him to Head Coach, does that circumvent the rooney rule?
    …absolutely, 4 chances a year to stick it to the old bosses, i can see the appeal for him

  5. Oh eff the Rooney rule. Listen, when you are replacing a black head coach it seems awfully silly to be forced to interview black head coach based on a rule.
    As for Herm Edwards, he may be a nice guy, but he certianly has been given more leeway then a white head coach would have. This guys career record is 20 games under 500. When you have coached in 128 regular season games are 20 games under .500 and have only 1 division title [coming 6 years ago], you have proven you can’t coach. Guys like Fassell, Mariucci and Billick are being shut out for coaches of color without the credentials. It is great to try to provide opportunities, but taking away opportunities based on color or age, is not taking steps forward.

  6. So he traded a partneship with BB for a partnership with Shanahan? I though he wanted to “run the show.” Does he think Shanahan is going to subordinate himself? I can’t imagine that happening. Be that as it may, I think it makes it much more likely that Cassel’s on his way to KC under Shanahan.

  7. Not just third AFC team, but third AFC West team. Has any other coach in history ever coached three teams in the same division?

  8. I’m sure Pioli has complied with the Rooney Rule!! He’s only one of the best front office guys in the league!

  9. Tr Rooney Rule doesn’t mean that they must interview a black person, just a “minority”. They could interview a white woman. An hispanic. An Asian… a Martian… doesn’t have to be a black person.

  10. lol…
    i am gobsmacked
    & kind of conflicted that i may root for Kansas City for the first time in my least when thay arent playing the Broncos…

  11. As a lifetime Chiefs fan, I think this su-cks.Come on, bring someone new in, a young up coming guy. Geez!!

  12. Rooney Rule (Dennis Green Sighting)
    On a Chiefs Crowd Forum someone had posted that they saw Dennis Green at Ruth Kris Steakhouse in KC this week. Don’t know if this is related to the a Chiefs interview or if the sighting actually occurred.

  13. Think its time someone kept a scorecard on the breaking news updates… I’d bet Mort and Co. at ESPN would be just around the Mendoza line for accuracy.

  14. Shanarat won 8 playoff games. 7 of them in two years time when he had Terrell Davis at his MVP best. Without TD, 0-5.
    Over Rated

  15. “JSpicoli says:
    January 23rd, 2009 at 8:27 pm
    Shanarat won 8 playoff games. 7 of them in two years time when he had Terrell Davis at his MVP best. Without TD, 0-5.
    Over Rated”
    Funny, he made it to the AFC Championship in 2005 without Davis…

  16. Is “soul man exception” a racist term? I’m not saying it is. Maybe it just seems like it is to me? I don’t know. Is it?

  17. @eddie drycleaner . . . .
    it’s a reference to the 1986 film in which a white kid poses as a minority by taking a pill that darkens his skin.
    given shanahan’s propensity to visit the tanning bed and/or the spray-tan booth, we thought that some of our readers who are older than 25 might appreciate the reference.

  18. Mike Florio says:
    January 24th, 2009 at 12:14 am :
    …given shanahan’s propensity to visit the tanning bed and/or the spray-tan booth..
    Mike :
    if it helps in your investigation…if you spend 3 weeks or so in the caribbean & get outside a lot the rest of the year you can keep a pretty good tan in colorado year round
    so if it really is Kansas City..we should know by next november if your allegations are true…lol

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