Two days after turning down an offer to remain as defensive coordinator of the Panthers, Mike Trgovac has reportedly been hired as defensive line coach in Green Bay. The Packers haven’t made any announcement, and Rob Demovsky of the Green Bay Press-Gazette says they probably won’t until they’ve filled out the rest of Dom Capers’ staff.
Before becoming the Panthers coordinator in 2002, Trgovac had spent 16 seasons as a defensive line coach at the college and NFL levels. One of those seasons, 1999, was spent in Green Bay as a member of Ray Rhodes’ staff.
Trgovac’s move would add a twist to discussion of the Packers as a potential landing spot for Julius Peppers. Peppers has made it clear that he wants to play in a 3-4 scheme next season. When Capers announced they’d be running his customary 3-4 next season, the Packers became a possibility. How hiring his old coach will affect Peppers’ destination, or if Trgovac’s departure puts the Panthers back in the hunt, will be worth watching.

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  1. Reg Peppers to the Packers, your logic makes perfect sense except you forget to factor in Tightwad Teddy and his propensity not to spend on FA’s. He is tigher than a duck’s asshole and doubly so on older players.
    Mark my words, if Peppers ends up in GB, it wouldn’t be because they are the highest bidder or even close to the highest bid. It has about as much chance of happening as Childress getting a MENSA membership card.

  2. Hopefully he forgot everything that he learned in ’99 w/Rhodes in GB.
    A nice addition to the staff – I like what the Pack is doing to address last years disappointing season on defense, now we’ll see what they do to address the personnel on the field – Peppers is an intriguing option – Thompson opened up the pocketbook for another vet defender in getting Woodson – maybe he’s due to go there again.

  3. Peppers has good stats, but his salary demands is probably not worth it. GM Thompson should know this.

  4. Am I the only one starting to hear a faint version of Herman and the Hermits singing “Something Tells Me I’m Into Something Good”?

  5. Peppers to Green Bay just became a more realistic possibility. I’m going to have to see it to believe it.
    In any case, hiring ex-D coordinators to fill position coach slots is good business. Looks like Ted and Mike aren’t messing around with unproven/inexperienced coaches in this defensive coaching staff.

  6. @ Johnny2k – That is possibly the gayest post ever on PFT. (BTW – it’s “Herman’s Hermits.)
    @ Dan at Marquette – Yes, hire a bunch of ex-coordinators with their aspirations of the next coordinator job, and their egos. Sounds great to me. Keep hiring Turbovacs. Ted Cottrell is available, too.
    @ Green Bay fans – Again, how did Bob Sanders go from a God to a bum in one year? It was the players, not the coaching.

  7. Forget about Peppers. Suggs is more ideal since they are gonna look at a 3-4 more. Focus more on him rather than Peppers who is about to be 29.

  8. Yea, Peppers would be great. I have to agree though. Thompson is a tight wad. I don’t see it happening. The Woodson thing was the best thing he’s ever none in Green Bay, but it seems to be a fluke.
    I’m still waiting for Thompson to trade Jennings for 40 more draft picks, LOL! Sadly that seems more likely!

  9. Um excuse me Florio, aren’t you the one who suggested Carolina get rid of Trgovac if that meant keeping Julius Peppers. Also that Peppers felt Trgovac’s system was holding him back. So why would he come to Green Bay and play under the man he just got out from under?

  10. i think old teddy is trying to do what ron wolf did to make himself a legend in green bay and to all the packers fans. he went out and got himself a talented young unproven qb, favre for ron and aaron for tt, and an all pro defensive stud for our defensive line with reggie for ron and julious (pipe dream so far but it’s looking like a real possibility) for tt. if tt is able to bring in peppers, i think those of you who were calling for his head last year should give him a nice big kiss right on his arse. one thing many people don’t realize is that peppers is younger than reggie when we got him. it is starting to look like we aren’t going to have to wait another 30 years for another championship after all.
    ps vikes fans, if we had to, i would root for my team for another 30 years between championships because when you do earn a championship, it is worth every bit of heartache for the previous 30 years just because we can rub it in your faces.

  11. Dear Packers,
    In exchange for your ninth overall pick and your second round pick, we will send you a player who won’t play hard on every down and who wants to be the highest paid player in the history of the NFL. Please advise.

  12. you guys need to cancel the rachel ray diet ads on this site… seeing the “before” and “after” pictures of a girl’s gut on here is gross – seriously almost lost my lunch

  13. All the TT haters… attempt to understand that there wasn’t much out there the last 2 yrs of free agency. Yes guys like A. Faneca and A. Thomas were, but they were way overpaid. This year, like 3 years ago, is an excellent class of free agents. As much as you want to bitch and holler ‘Favre’ while you seethe at how bad a GM he is… I would expect to be surprised by his moves this year.
    But then again you’re the same people that bitched non-stop during the 13-3 year, and can’t appreciate a re-vampted young promising roster with excellent salary cap space either.

  14. It gets old seeing everyone bash Thompson for not overpaying for free agents. You guys seem to conveniently forget doling out big money for Woodson who is one of the few free agents that was actually worth it. If you take a look at history, it shows that most of the times the best signings are the one’s you didn’t make. People seem to get all crazy for a big name players, but how many players end up being worth overpaying for? Not many.
    I’d rather build through the draft, add players in free agency that make sense (ie. Woodson) than over-pay some stiff like Bernard Berrian who has never had a 1000yd season and make him the 4th highest paid WR in the game. That said, I’m sure he will be more active than previous years when the goal was to stockpile the roster with young talent.

  15. To the guy who said this:
    “The Woodson thing was the best thing [TT’s] ever done in Green Bay,”
    Yeah, Ted Thompson sucks big time. He brought in Woodson… Oh wait…
    “I’m still waiting for Thompson to trade Jennings for 40 more draft picks,”
    Yeah, Ted Thompson sucks big time. He drafted Jennings… Oh wait…
    Sorry, fella, but you haven’t exactly convinced me to hate Ted Thompson. LOL, indeed!

  16. No to Peppers. He’s talented, but lazy. He had a terrible year last year before improving this year. Also no to Haynesworth in Tennesee. Same thing applies. The Pack needs to draft a legimate Nose Tackle in the first round, and look for 3-4 ends and linebackers in the draft. TT will get players in free agency, but he does it the right way. TT waits until the first free agent spending frenzy is over and other teams have overspent on overated talent. Then he gets the player he needs at the right price. That’s what he did with both Pickett and Woodson. He’ll spend the money to sign Jennings to a new deal.
    Go Pack!

  17. as much as i want peppers, and i do, TT prolly wont do it, remember ppl this man is the tight wad who wouldnt trade for gonzalez

  18. favrewillplay4ever:
    Wolf’s team won the Super Bowl the year after losing the NFC Championship. Thompson’s Packers managed to go 6-10 after losing the NFC Championship game. Wolf went out and added key players in order to improve after the loss (Sean Jones, Andre Rison, Eugene Robinson), while Thompson got rid of key contributors (Brett Favre, Corey Williams, Koren Robinson). Thompson would have difficulty managing a KFC, it’s no wonder he’s overwhelmed running a pro sports team.

  19. Um, Peppers is leaving Carolina to get AWAY from Trgovac. Peppers absolutely will not being joining him in Green Bay.

  20. As to the Ads, the stomach pics are GROSS! And the chick in the white tank top is gonna marry some guy soon, and the poor bastard is going to have the one in the red shirt in six months TOPS! No way Peppers in GB, to pricy and old, even if he is younger than Reggie, he couldn’t carry Reggie’s jock. Bust the bank for Haynesworth instead.

  21. It’s sounding more and more like Peppers’ problem is with John Fox, not Trgo – who is (was) merely Fox’s puppet. So I wouldn’t count out the possibility of JP landing in GB.
    And, yes, please lose the fat-chick ad.

  22. Geniuses, Trgovac is the d-line coach. Not D-coordinator. His system in Carolina will not be implemented in Green Bay, so this would in no way dissuade Peppers from going there.
    He said he wants to play in a 3-4. Green Bay has a 3-4.

  23. i’d take terrell suggs, a young guy who can play in the 3-4 inside out, rather than an aging 4-3 end who last year was supposedly washed up.
    this is all contingent on TT realizing that a change in defensive philosophy will require a more active presence in free agency. maybe go after a free agent or two and look for quality players where they drafts instead of trading down so often.

  24. @jhitchins1 says
    KRob was a key contributor? WOW. I know he wasn’t “key” on the field, and sure wasn’t the months he missed from suspension. WOW.

  25. texasPHINSfan:
    I think it’s pretty clear that the D-Coordinator (Capers) and the Head Coach (McCarthy) have said that the Packers would run a base 3-4 with some 4-3 mixed in. I don’t think a d-line coach will “bring the 4-3 to greenbay”
    I think that Peppers should be sought after, but let’s not go crazy here. From what I understand, teams can draft an outside 3-4 backer and make them pretty big contributors without spending big. DeMarcus Ware is great, but how many of the Steelers OLBs are high draft picks?
    As to the hire, I like it, and agree with a poster above – the Packers are doing a good job getting experienced coaches. It worked pretty well when Jim Bates was in for one year.

  26. Why are people not understanding this? Trgovac’s scheme will not be anywhere close to Green Bay. Capers is in the process of implementing his 3-4 as we speak. The question is whether Trgo and Peppers had personal differences with each other. If it’s Fox’s scheme and Trgo was just a puppet, and there really IS no problem between Peppers and Trgo on a personal level, then there will be no scheme related issue to deter Peppers from considering Green Bay.

  27. peppers & trgovac hate each other, why is everyone suggesting they would be “reunited”??
    peppers wanted out of carolina because trgovac was running the 4-3 and peppers works better in a 3-4. if trgovac is bringing the 4-3 to greenbay, why would peppers leave carolina to go where he was trying to get out of in the first place?
    makes little sense to me.

  28. @texasPHINSfan
    Apparently the idiots are out today. So Peppers is better in the 3-4 that he has played in? Oh wait…we can’t compare that can we? Next are you going to say that Peppers wants to be an OLB? A 285lb LB? I know defenses evolve but please put a cap on that shit that keeps coming out of your mouth. Thank you!
    you make little sense.

  29. Don’t worry texasPHINSfan, it was never ‘regarded’, thus no need to ‘disregard’.

  30. Packers would benefit from a 3-4 LB FA as a Suggs, rather than going after Peppers IMHO. The extra $ between the two can be better placed elsewhere to extend current player contracts.

  31. Yes, please send us your 9th overall draft pick and at least one third round pick (ala Jared Allen) for Peppers….. MUUUUAHAHAHAHA
    This is an interesting scenario, either the fix is in and it’s really Fox that Peppers is running from and Trgovac he’s running to, or Peppers just check GB off his list. I have a hard time believing GB would hire Trgovac as the D-Line coach if they thought this was going to automatically eliminate them from the Julius Peppers sweepstakes.

  32. LOL @ kurt37
    January 23rd, 2009 at 4:33 pm
    as much as i want peppers, and i do, TT prolly wont do it, remember ppl this man is the tight wad who wouldnt trade for gonzalez
    There are many things he should be blasted for, but your wrong on that
    you know he had papers ready to fax, but 2 mins before deadline the Chiefs upped the tag to a 2nd rounder and not a 3rd?
    Lets not facts get in the way of bashing Ted..

  33. Trgovac (sp) isn’t bringing the 4-3 to Green Bay. He is going to work under Capers that plans to run the 3-4. I assume that he was hired because they assumed he was a good coach and either a 3-4 or 4-3 would be a good coach.
    I don’t know that TT will get Peppers, but I can see him picking up more people similar to a chillars pick up.

  34. “as much as i want peppers, and i do, TT prolly wont do it, remember ppl this man is the tight wad who wouldnt trade for gonzalez ”
    Thompson was more than happy to trade for Gonzalez, but ten minutes before the trade deadline, the Chiefs’ GM suddenly changed the terms of the deal to try to force Thompson into giving up more than was originally agreed upon. I applaud Thompson for not giving up to such a low-blow business move.

  35. JBitchins my my my… Boy do come off as one the most miserable & uninformed persons.

  36. hrmlss, i agree with you that peppers couldn’t carry reggie’s jock, but that statement is true for every other defensive end in the history of the game with the exception of bruce smith. smith was great, but he would be only carrying reggie’s jock. reggie was thru and thru better than even smith.
    i am a packers fan that wants to see the team improve and i would welcome haynesworth to town with open arms. i think peppers is better suited for a 3-4 than haynesworth though. he could play the rush linebacker on passing downs and drop back on running downs so he wouldn’t be tied up to make tackles. though i believe haynesworth would improve our defense greatly, i am still somewhat skeptical since he’s never been the only dt on the line. if you remember he comes from a 4-3 in ten. i know peppers comes from a 4-3 as well but i think most of us could agree that a 3-4 would utilize his skill set more.
    the cynic in me doubts that tt will bring either of them in, but i am still hopeful. this was just like the woodson signing. there were alot of doubts about woodson, but all of us can agree that he has lived up to his contract.
    either way, we can all agree that something has to be done with our d line. and pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee no more justin harrells!

  37. texasphinsfan, you also forgot that we now run a 3-4 defense. capers is installing it like he did with bill cowher.
    does anyone know how capers and cowher’s relationship is? are they on good terms i mean.
    i obviously want the packers to succeed, but if we have another down year and tt & mccarthy get canned, and IF cowher and capers still have a good relationship, how great would it be for the packers to bring cowher? rodgers is progressing better than most of us expected and i think cowher would bring him along even further. plus, he would instill some of that pittsburg tenacity in our entire team.
    probably just a pipe dream though. GO PACK!!!

  38. ayell says:
    January 23rd, 2009 at 3:08 pm
    There is no chance the Pack will sign Peppers as long as Ted Thompson is still in charge.
    NOT TRUE. he grabbed Woodson. Went for Arrington the same year and tried to trade for Tony Gonzales (weren’t the Packers 5-5 at that time?).
    He will be in the hunt on this one…
    and to jhitchens1, Sean Jones signed with the Pack in ’94 and Andre Risen went to the Pack when in the middle of the 96 season, their WR core was decimated by injury. (Beebe, Freeman and Brooks were all injured and they were playing Derrick Mayes and Terry Mickens).
    Wolf did have a great find in all three that you mentioned!

  39. Did I actually see a post which mentioned Koren Robinson as a “contributor” in the same sentence as Brett Favre…What are you smoking, Jhitchins1?????

  40. well, if the guy brings peppers with him then great. if TT can get peppers here without breaking the bank, it could be very nice. when kampman had another pass rusher on the other end of the line(KGB) the pack did pretty good at getting pressure. and our secondary is good. i wouldn’t hate it.

  41. I don’t like TT.
    His 2005 produced Collins and Rodgers – also Poppinga (who probably wouldn’t start on most teams)
    His 2006 gave us Jennings. Hawk was a #5 overall – but hasn’t been great. Some average O-linemen and Johnny Jolly, who has been decent.
    His 2007 – aside from Harrell – has been solid and has added depth – Jackson, Rouse, Jones, Hall, Bishop, Crosby, and Wynn
    His 2008 – still to early to tell – Nelson had a decent rookie year and maybe Finley will be a decent TE.
    Woodson was his best free agent signing with Chillar a distant second.
    Aside from how he handled the Favre situation (which I’m a pro-Favre guy), he has made some good calls in building a team.
    We are still dependent on Sherman/Wolf era guys – Kampman, Harris, Tauscher, Clifton, Wells, Driver, Lee, Barnett, Cole, and Jenkins.
    He screwed up in not trading Harrell to Cleveland for a 1st rounder in 07 and 8 because he doesn’t deal in multiple years in trades. Bringing in an above average punter has also hurt the team.
    Dom Capers will be an improvement over Sanders and if he can make a splash with a Julius Peppers, that would go a long way in starting the Rodgers era.
    I like the idea of having more veterans to push the younger players. I don’t think you want to have the youngest team every season.
    Bring in Peppers!

  42. Unless Peppers will accept the veteran minimum, I don’t see him coming to Green Bay. Ted Thompson is into saving money so one day he can buy a personality.

  43. TT brought in Woodson, Pickett, Chillar, R. Grant, M. Manuel (bust), and K-Rob (stop-gap). He tried to land other FA’s or trades; however, not every deal works out. Cut the man some slack.
    I’m more interested in T. Suggs or J. Gross as a free agent acquisition, preferably both!

  44. I agree that TT has made more smart moves than bad ones. The Favre fiasco was really a pissing match the TT won and everyone in Packer land lost. Too Bad, what could have been this seson!?! I am very pleased he is going a new direction with the defense. We have one of the best secondaries in the league and we had a D co. that did not like to blitz and a front line that couldnt get to the QB on there own. Peppers and Haynesworth would be great but both are older and have question marks. Suggs seems like a better option or what about Bart Scott, he is a FA that is available too.

  45. suggs AND gross would be awesome. gross by himself woul make me feel good. i have confidance in our LB crew. i like hawk in the middle more than outside, and if barnett comes back healthy obviusly he would be inside. but bishop is also comin along and chillar isgood enough.
    i think a big free agent signing would go a LONG way towards restoring some faith in TT. and that would not be a bad thing for him, considerng what we went though last off season. i am all for spending money the right way, and not just throwing it at some average guy JUST to sig SOMEONE(cough cough, purple). but there are quite a few “trench warriors” in this years crop of FAs. one guy who is not getting talked about is matt birk. i love him. and besides the joy i would take in sniping a player from the vikes, scott wells is on his last leg, and birk may give our run blocking a shot in the arm.
    regardless of who it is, IMO, thompson HAS to sign some FAs this year.

  46. I never said K Rob put up MVP stats, I said he was a solid contributor, which he was. He had some big catches down the stretch, and was a solid role player. And TT let him go and replaced him with Jordy Nelson, who had similar stats to Koren’s last year. The difference is that K Rob was signed on at league minimum, and Nelson wasn’t paid much more, but they did burn an early 2nd round pick on him.

  47. @zygi milf – seems to me a gayer post would be to correct the name of the group. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

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