The coaching turnover in New England continues.
According to the Boston Globe, the latest member of Bill Belichick’s staff to leave is tight ends coach Pete Mangurian.
The Globe points out that a factor in Mangurian’s departure might have been that Bill O’Brien, who was promoted from wide receivers coach to quarterbacks coach, could take on some of the play-calling responsibilities left behind by Josh McDaniels.
Mangurian was considered a candidate to fill that void. He was the only member of Belichick’s staff with previous offensive coordinator experience in the NFL, having served that role with the Falcons in 2003.
He is expected to join Raheem Morris’ staff in Tampa Bay. When Mangurian was the head coach at Cornell from 1998-2000, Morris served there as an assistant. [Editor’s note: It’s unknown whether Mangurian or Morris ever hit the tizzown with Andy Bernard after the Hofstra game.]
The Patriots have lost McDaniels, Mangurian, Dom Capers, and special teams coach Brad Seely this offseason. They have vacancies on the coaching staff at tight ends, wide receivers, special teams, and the secondary.
Per the Globe, New England will almost definitely fill one of those positions from the outside. And that could mean adding former Broncos special teams coach Scott O’Brien, who worked under Belichick with the Browns.


  1. They also have an opening for offensive coordinator. McDaniels was both the OC and QB coach.
    It could add to the Gruden to ND rumor if the Patriots are waiting on Weis to fill that position.

  2. If they aren’t a dynasty why do teams want to hire everyone who works for them.
    “The Boston Globe reports that Scott Mayo, the Quality Control Coordinator for the New England Patriots has been hired by the New York Jets to be their Director of Stadium Operations. Accompanying Mayo will be the entire custodial staff for the Patriots.”
    Anyone still sniffing around Jason Garrett? Anyone?
    Buehler? Buehler? Buehler…

  3. None of those coaches will be missed. I’ve been a N.E. fan all my life, and was never a fan of any of those folks. I was happy to see Josh go. His play predictability and lack of skill to make quick adjustments cost the team some pretty important games. Now if we can just find a way to show Dean Pees the door and allow Romeo back in, we’ll be a much better team for it. Onward and upward. Next!

  4. Oompa loompa, doompadee dawesome, Mangurian is now gone, which is totally awesome. Why was he gone, he was such a nice guy. No, he was not, he was a total douche. Doompadee doom.

  5. Who IS actually going to call the offensive plays in New England next season? O’Brien, Brady, Belichick, Bela Lugoise, Bela Fleck?

  6. Good riddance! as a pats fan I must say I was very UNIMPRESSED with the TE play this season.. maybe the new tightend coach can teach watson how to carry the ball and help Dave Thomas understand what personal fouls are…

  7. ha ha…yeah, i was going to crack a joke about the Jets hiring the dude that changes the urinal cakes in Gillette Stadium away from the Patriots… it never ends.

  8. I’m guessing that the list of team that have NOT had substantial turnover on their coaching staff is probably now shorter than the list of those that have.
    Anyway, interesting about Mangurian. He was TE coach 2005-08. ’05 and ’06 were that last two years of a great run in which Pats TEs played a major role in the passing offense. In ’07 and ’08, TE receptions, yards and TDs were less than half what they’d been on average during the previous six years. Coincidentally (or not), 07 and 08 were the two years that McDaniels was the OC.
    Mangurian was also TE coach for the Broncos under Reeves from 1988-90 coaching such “stars” as Clarence Kay (who was actually pretty decent), Patrick Kelly and Orson Mobley and then moved over to O-line coach for a couple of years just after Shannon Sharpe’s unremarkable rookie season. Haven’t been able to track down who the TE coach was during Sharpe’s breakout in ’91/’92.

  9. For a second I thought Florio made a reference to a TV show that’s still airing new episodes. Then I saw it was a different writer. Oh well.

  10. No problem losing Mangurian. Pats tight ends have never played up to their ability including Daniel Graham.A great blocker but could hardly hold onto the ball.
    The OC is going to be Belichick this year. This is the same thing he did the year before McDaniels was named OC.

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