With both Bay Area NFL teams looking for and failing to find new stadiums in a rough economic climate, the NFL is asking the 49ers and Raiders to discuss joining forces to construct a new venue to house each team.
“The NFL has encouraged us to explore the possibility of a two-team facility to address the economics” of building a new stadium, 49ers president Jed York said in an interview with MediaNews this week. “I think it’s important you look at all of your options. If that’s a possibility, that’s certainly something we’ll explore.”
There is a blueprint available for a joint stadium venture. The Jets and Giants are currently building a new stadium, set to open for the 2010 season, at the Meadowlands in New Jersey. The total cost, $1.6 billion, is being split between the teams and the venue will use video technology to cover the facility in each team’s colors and logos when they are hosting games.
“It just makes much more economic sense for two teams to be in one building, if you can get through, well, we call it the ‘Blue’ and the ‘Green’ issues,” said Giants CEO John Mara. “Out there, it would be the ‘Black and Silver’ and the ‘Crimson’ issues.”
The NFL provided $300 million to help the teams build the stadium. That’s more than they usually provide for new construction, but the shared burden as well as the enhanced revenue provided by doubling the home dates made it feasible for the league.
The 49ers have been looking into a stadium site in Santa Clara, which could work for both teams. There are direct rail links from both San Francisco and Oakland and they’ve already done a lot of groundwork in terms of environmental impact studies. Those are for one team, though, and the addition of a second set of home dates could raise complaints from local residents, according to MediaNews.
The Santa Clara project is budgeted at $916 million, and it is difficult to see each team being able to finance a stadium at that cost by themselves. Raiders owner Al Davis is notoriously hard to deal with, something that some see as a stumbling block to any potential partnership, but while the Raiders won’t comment on the deal, specifically, they won’t close the door either.
“There seems to be a perception, fostered in large part by the media, that the 49ers and the Raiders have an adversarial business relationship and that perception is wrong,” said Amy Trask, the Raiders chief executive. “We enjoy working on league business matters with the 49ers and our two organizations have a shared respect for one another.”
If the two teams did join forces to build a stadium in the Bay Area, it would be a blow to Ed Roski’s efforts to bring a team to Los Angeles. The developer recently announced plans to build a stadium in Industry, part of Los Angeles County, and both the 49er and Raiders have been considered potential tenants.


  1. Anyone that would enter a partnership with Al Davis,
    would have to be crazier than Al himself.

  2. If they did they would be kicked out and playing in the rose bowl by the 3rd home game of the season. “Just because”.

  3. This is what happens when you pay players (and coaches) ridicules sums of money. The average family guy wanting to take in a game….screwed!
    Will they share cheerleaders as well? Yeah baby!

  4. The 49ers & Raiders sharing a stadium is a realistic solution to the fact that Cali taxpayers can’t afford two new stadiums.
    Who gets the “home team” designation when they play will be interesting (it would only happen every 4 years or so).

  5. If they share players, they may be able to create a team with a winning record. Unfortunately, I don’t think the 49er and Raider uniforms or fans mix well…

  6. Anyone who knows the Bay Area knows that this could never happen. There would be boobytraps left behind for the lovely niner fans, and it could just never happen, trust me.

  7. Further evidence that the NFL is kicking ass with its product: Donation of 1/3 of a billion dollars for both crappy teams with strong fan bases. No wonder that the salary cap is gone in 2010.

  8. Al Davis has sued and screwed everyone he has ever dealt with.
    Just look at how Al screwed over Napa with training camp!!
    The 49’ers are already taxed enough why force them to get ripped off by Al Davis??
    The 49’ers will never move to LA. They have too much pride.
    LA will never take back Davis. They have too much pride.

  9. They should share rosters. Maybe then they can come up with a team than can win a game here and there.

  10. Imagine what the world would be like if the Romans thought stadiums should only last 20 years or so…

  11. Just the thought of being in a business venture with Al Davis as a “partner” is too painful to even think about.
    Roger Goodell apparently has a very mean streak in him even suggesting to another owner partnering with Al Davis, or perhaps he wants to share the grief.
    Al’s attorneys are already preparing the lawsuit, the subject TBD at a later date.

  12. NFL should move one of them to L.A., build a stadium for the other, they built Cleveland a new stadium and that didn’t even remedy a location(L.A.) problem.

  13. Lets see, one stadium in Santa Clara, potentially hosting a team representing San Francisco and one representing Oakland, both playing 45+ minutes away from the cities they represent.
    Sounds like a very stupid idea that will never and should never happen. If Oakland can’t sell out now, what makes anyone think that moving the team FURTHER from its dwindling fanbase is a good idea? Plus, didn’t they spend hundreds of millions of dollars to add club boxes and ten thousand seats (aka Mt. Davis) about 12 years ago? Now thats not good enough? Damn, no wonder this country is screwed economically…Either they should continue to play in the purgatory that is the Black Hole or just move to L.A. and be done with it.

  14. hayward, you are looking at this one-sided. Did you read the article. The proposed stadium in Santa Clara would cost 900 million or more. Neither the RAIDERS or the Niners have a billion dollars to build a stadium on their own. At last count the No Fun League only gives out 150 million towards the building of a stadium per team. Two teams moving in the same stadium: 300 million.
    Look at it like this, the bay area could lose both teams if something isn’t done. 2010 is approaching very fast and both teams leases are up and LA may indeed have two teams to reside in Industry.

  15. i think one of these teams will probably go to los angeles if both teams can not agree on a shared stadium. if that happens, then the vikings or the jaguars will be staying put or moving to san antonio, tx.

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