The NFL has settled a lawsuit filed by Kelci Stringer stemming from the death of her husband, Vikings T Korey Stringer. Stringer died on August 1, 2001 after collapsing during workouts at Vikings camp the previous day.
Stringer sued the league and Riddell, which made Stringer’s helmet and shoulder pads. She alleged that the equipment was defective and not designed for use in high temperatures and that the league had erred in approving equipment that wasn’t safe.
As part of the settlement, per ESPN, the league will support Stringer’s effort to create a heat illness prevention program for the benefit of athletes of all ages. No other details of the settlement were made public.
Stringer’s lawsuit against Riddell is still pending. A recent study by Lawrence Armstrong, a professor of thermal and exercise physiology at the University of Connecticut, found that “the helmet and shoulder pads were substantial contributing factors to Mr. Stringer’s hyperthermia and ultimate death.”


  1. I liked Corey Stringer a lot, but he died simply because he was taking ephedra pills, while horribly over-weight and running around on a terribly hot day. Riddell makes equipment to help protect players from hits, they don’t make equipment to fix stupid.

  2. “A recent study by Lawrence Armstrong, a professor of thermal and exercise physiology at the University of Connecticut, found that “the helmet and shoulder pads were substantial contributing factors to Mr. Stringer’s hyperthermia and ultimate death.”
    Really? I thought it had more to do with the banned supplement he was taking… you know, the one that’s been linked to deaths and all.
    I hope she didn’t get any money out of the NFL, she’s been trying to milk this thing for the last 8 years.

  3. No wonder little is manufactured in this country.
    Companies are sued for everything.
    Football helmets are safety equipment. Better than the old leather kind. To say Riddell’s equipment killed Stringer is slander.

  4. This is good news for the Stringer family. It must have been a long road and a difficult burden. I really like the idea of heat illness prevention. A round of applause to the Stringer family for making that a focus. It was such a terrible day when I heard the news about Korey Stringer. I couldn’t believe it. I was in shock. This settlement is going to do some good and help protect Korey’s memory.
    Korey Stringer — A great man, a great football player, and a great Minnesota Viking. RIP

  5. Have the vikings not learned from this death??
    BTW you have two other vikings suing to change the rules against using dangerous diuretic and steroid masking agents during training camp this past year. Losing water and sweating in the hot sun would leave them in Stringer’s condition.
    Who failed to ensure proper hydration of players, failed to have medical supervision of players, failed to monitor the supplements Stringer was ingesting, and failed to get Stringer to the hospital in a timely manner??
    The league bears the cost of their negligent franchise. So when some of you complain about league heavy handed rules they are trying to avoid lawsuits brought on by stupid and poorly run franchises.

  6. Geez, just because a product furnished to an employee by an employer is found to have been a significant factor in said employee’s death, the greedy widow of the employee starts suing. What an awful person. Why not just these companies go? They always change their unsafe practices without outside force. Cars always had seat belts, after all…

  7. It figures Bob_Nelson would spew his hate on a post about a Viking who died tragically during practice.

  8. Wow, I didn’t realize that so many PFTers were scientists…LOL! If you don’t know anything about the case and you have not tested the equipment, then how can you comment that the Riddell had nothing to do with this?
    Oh, Bob_Nelson, your posts are always kind of dumb and uninformed (You are entitled to your opinion), but this is one of your worst. Bash the Vikings or whatever you want to do, but when it comes to the death of a person and another unrelated event, do some research and look at the facts.

  9. I’m sorry for the woman’s loss, but this lawsuit is total B.S.
    What the hell do Ridell shoulder pads have to do with a 320lb. man dying of heat exhaustion?
    And to the guy who said “Who on the Vikings was in charge of keeping the players hydrated?”
    Look, moron, you can’t prevent everything. There comes a point where it’s on the player to say “You know what, Coach, I feel terrible and woozy. Let me step aside for a breather.” Especially an established vet like Stringer.

  10. My sympathy to the Stringer family, but let it go. You cannot blame his death on Riddell or the Vikings. He was a grown man and should have kept himself totally hydrated. He shouldn’t need someone to make him do that.
    USE YOUR BRAINS PEOPLE. “If you are outside on a hot day, drink plenty of water. It you work outside be sure to drink plenty of water and take multiple breaks.” How many times have you heard that? How many times does a moron have to hear it to believe it?
    Why did the NFL settle the lawsuit? Because it is cheaper that way, whether you are innocent or guilty the cost of defending yourself if very expensive. If the person and the attorney who files the lawsuit has to pay the defendant’s court costs, attorney fees and a huge penalty for filing frivolous lawsuits when they lose, many of these lawsuits would never be filed. Also, when the people of this country quit awarded money to such people because “insurance” will pay it, we will all be better off.

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