Free agency opens a month from today, and the Miami Dolphins are facing the potential loss of one of their up-and-coming defensive players.
Middle linebacker Channing Crowder has completed his rookie contract, and he’s eligible to hit the market.
Absent a contract extension or the application of the franchise tag, he will.A league source says that the Fins aren’t expected to apply the franchise tender to Crowder.  
What’s unclear at this point is whether the two sides will be able to work out a deal.
One of the knocks against Crowder, a four-year pro who played college football at Florida, is that he had a couple of knee surgeries in college.  But he has appeared in 58 of 64 games during his NFL career, and he racked up 113 tackles in 2008.
As we hear it, Crowder’s camp believes that the Dolphins are lowballing him, which could result in Crowder heading to another city. 

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  1. They’re lowballing him along with Vernon Carey, Andre Goodman, Renaldo Hill and Yeramiah Bell.
    Crowder is good but doesn’t make game changing plays. His value will be dictated by the market and I’m sure he won’t break the bank. I see him returning after testing the market.
    Carey is the more intriguing story. He won at every level and has always played within Miami. From day 1 as a kid to now. He does not excel at LT. He’ll be brought back down to earth when the market dictates his value as well.
    I think these lowball offers are closer to the market value compared to what their agents demands are. I’m surprised Bell hasn’t signed yet but with his injury history I’m sure no one is going to overpay for his services.
    With 25 million in cap space before they release the dead weight I’m sure Miami is going to have quite the offseason. Its an extremely desirable situation compared to last season when the Tuna was really the only drawing point aside from the weather.
    Now they’re established and filling holes instead of building from the ground up. After 11-5 and an AFC East championship they face a tough schedule.
    Avoid overplaying for guys like the ones above and it could mean competing for the playoffs again.
    How long until Beck is sent to Dallas for a 4th or 5th rounder?

  2. He’s good but not great, so as long as he wants good money and not great money I’m sure they’ll be able to work out a deal. I’m also sure that he’s expecting Pro Bowl-type ca$h, and anything less and he think’s he’s getting “lowballed.”

  3. Mediocre linebacker, can be widely replaced in the draft
    Hopefully he playes over in England again, so he spouts off more “knowledge”

  4. Hey Channing,
    Call me if you need help packing.
    And to any team interested in signing him… send someone to pick him up. If he flies like he plays defense, he’ll go in the wrong gate.

  5. Lowballing him? what are they offering him- league minimum?
    he should get 3/4 mil maximum with incentives.
    I think the fins can do better.

  6. It will be interesting to see how Parcells handles these free agents and all this cap space. His reputation is to come in, take a bad team that can only get better and work “miracles” for a few seasons, but in the end, destroy his team’s payroll structure. It’s usually around this time that he moves on to another reclamation project. I can’t see this situation being any different. And let’s face it, the only place he’s ever actually won anything was in NY when George Young was making the personel decisions.

  7. Channing Crowder is a darn good player and the Dolphins would do themselves a favor by re-signing him! He is still young, having just turned 25, and was playing a new position with a new staff this season… With that, he called the defensive signals and put up 113 tackles in 15 games. The one game he missed, the Chiefs offense ran through Miami’s D. Those haters out there will miss him if he isn’t back in Miami next season. The next guy isn’t always better. What has Bart Scott done lately? He had one really good season in 2006, but the what about the other six years? And another thing, he’s four years older than Crowder! Re-sign the man!

  8. Crowder laughed at Matt Light, have you ever seen Crowder. He’s a thug, Matt Light wouldn’t stand a chance.

  9. If you knew anything about the situation, you’d know the Dolphins aren’t really that high on him and won’t pay him what he thinks he’s worth. He’s a solid tackler but doesnt make big plays. He’ll be overpaid by someone this offseason, and it’s not going to be Miami.
    The Dolphins aren’t “losing Crowder” – they’re letting him go.

  10. I definitely appreciated what Crowder has brought to the Dolphins, but I think it’s close to a foregone conclusion that he’ll be gone. He’s merely an average to slighly above average linebacker, and I’m sure he wants to be paid like he’s a stud. 113 tackles is nothing to sneeze at, but he’s playing ILB in the 3-4; they’re going to receive tackles no matter what.
    Like a previous comment said, he’s easily replaceable. I don’t see the Dolphins making a big money play to retain him; they’ll offer him a reasonable deal and if he doesn’t take it, they’ll let him walk.

  11. The tricky part is that there is too much anxiety to win now in the market that overpaying is practically inevitable. With the abundance of new coaches, the growing number of coaches who will come into next year on the bubble, and the growing number of teams that are under-performing, someone is bound to see every healthy veteran not named Ocho Cinco, TO, or PacMan as a valuable asset. The players’ shortcomings will be viewed from a “glass half full” perspective and the teams will be offering contracts that inflate the market value of many players. You heard it here first!

  12. Just think, if he signed with the Pats, they could call him Channing “New England Clam” Crowder.
    U see what I did there? 🙂

  13. Chris Nelson hit it on the head – he’s a serviceable linebacker, a good tackler, but not a playmaker.
    you can’t expect playmaker money when you’re just a tackler. I’m guessing he thinks he’s worth more than he is, he walks, and some team with huge voids in their MLB corps will see his tackle #’s and offer him bank. I like the guy, i think he’s hilarious… but i’m not willing to overpay. Leave that to the other teams.
    thanks for your time, channing. wish you well. 🙂

  14. If Crowder’s not looking to break the bank, the Patriots could use an established sure-tackler with 3-4 experience and some playing years ahead of him on the inside next to Mayo (as a replacement for Bruschi).
    I’m pretty sure he and Matt Light could find a way to kiss and make up.
    Just sayin’.

  15. To hunterreed: If moving to a new position was such a huge change, then why did his performance drop off as the season wore on? He was almost a non-factor toward the end of the season.
    I don’t hate Crowder and I like continuity from season to season, but if he wants anything more than $2.5M per, he needs to be replaced…
    Florio called Crowder an up-an-coming player. But he doesn’t improve on performance. He has had really good games since the very start of his career. But he is wildly inconsistent, disappearing for weeks at a time. Zach Thomas was a factor on every play in every game from the 1st game of his career to the last in Miami. Crowder is a shell of Thomas…

  16. Personally I think we still need Crowder, look how we missed him in that KC game… that was pretty bad for them to run on us for so many yards.

  17. I think the cold weather had more to do with the run defense in the KC game. The players clearly couldn’t move as fast, couldn’t hit and wrap up as well.

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