In a Tuesday interview with Chris Myers and Steve Hartman of FOX Sports Radio, Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson hinted that he’d consider taking a pay cut to stay with the team.
“I think it’s warranted being talked about,” Tomlinson said. “Of course, at the end of the day, the organization always feels like they need to make the best decision for their business, and I’m going to have to do the same. I’m going to have to talk to my family and my agent, and make the best decision for my life and my future.”
The decision likely will be based on L.T.’s agent, Tom Condon, “gauging the market.” Though, technically, it’s tampering for teams to talk to Condon in hypothetical terms about hypothetical contracts that might be available to hypothetical former MVPs, hypothetically, Condon breaks no rules by finding out what another team would pay Tomlinson if he were to be available.
And so then L.T. and T.C. will need to compare the best deal that the Chargers will do to the best deal that Condon thinks/knows he can get elsewhere, and make a decision.
Our guess is that the Chargers will be willing to pay Tomlinson more than what his market value otherwise would be, due in part to what he has done for the franchise — and also due in part to the sheetcake that G.M. A.J. Smith baked last week when he mocked Tomlinson’s comments regarding his future with the franchise.
It sounds as if L.T. is willing to overlook the actual or perceived slight. “I don’t have a problem forgiving and forgetting, and moving on,” Tomlinson told Myers and Hartman. “That’s something everybody must do at some point, especially when it comes to your future and the things you want to get accomplished. Yeah, I can absolutely move on. I think things have to be right of course, and everybody has to feel the same way. That would allow me to move on, and them as well.”
But will “moving on” include moving out of San Diego?
“I can’t even answer that,” Tomlinson said. “I’m not sure, I don’t know. Obviously I want to but, no one has indicated my future yet with the organization. No one has said L.T. you will be here, if you want to be here. I don’t know, I can’t tell you.”


  1. If the Chargers let LT walk away on the wrong terms it could be fateful for their franchise. What free agent would want to sign a long term deal to play for a franchise that casts their past prime superstars out the door when they are of no use to them any more? Obviously running a professional football team is the same as running a business but there is a right and a wrong way to handle business for the Chargers sake I hope they handle this situation correctly.

  2. The Chargers should get rid of AJ and make a power move and bring in Matt Millen. He can commute from Allentown, PA to SD and really turn this franchise around like Florio wants it to.

  3. L.T. is the such a professional. Year in and year out a great leader for the superchargers. He deserves every penny they can give him. What a great team player that is willing to make sacrifices. I still think that he has a few great years left. If there is anything they can do in San Diego they should make every attempt to fill his needs and let him retire there. L.T. always said he would leave before he couldn’t compete. Not as early as Barry Sanders I hope but he will gracefully leave the sport he has dominated for so many years.

  4. LT has seen what happened to Shaun Alexander, knows its just right around the corner for him. Smart move on his part.

  5. Taking a pay cut is idiotic. SD’s still going to run him 350 times, he’ll be injured by the end of the season, more than a few clowns will say he doesn’t show up in the postseason, and then maybe the team will buy this nonsense if it’s sufficiently popular and he’ll be gone. Take a raise, run less, and go to a team that knows how to spread it around, and have a longer career less-plagued by the 2nd guessed criticisms of half-witted never-beens.

  6. LT could always opt for a ton of money to go to Detroit and never win another football game the rest of his life. Hmm…Money?…Fun?…

  7. Lawrence Taylor is not a Charger, so why would his name be in the headline. It looks like they are talking about Tomlinson, not L.T.

  8. sportsplaya73188 : “What free agent would want to sign a long term deal to play for a franchise that casts their past prime superstars out the door when they are of no use to them any more?”
    The Pats and Steelers seem to be just fine using the same practice.

  9. Just like seattle, they’ll overpay.
    Pay cut (if no L.A. Dream) or cut.
    Small paycut, if L.A. Dreaming.

  10. “The Pats and Steelers seem to be just fine using the same practice.”
    Haven’t those two teams been to a few Superbowls the last few years? Hmmm… I wonder what makes them so consistently good? Wonder if it has anything to do with those practices?
    You don’t pay a guy for past performance, you pay him for what he’s done now. Look at the flip side, if he’s not making enough money (according to him or his agent) then he’ll often demand a new contract and maybe boycott training. So yes, I think I team is right in asking a player to take a paycut when his performance has declined.
    That said RB is not the glamorous position it used to be, these guys seem to be effective for fewer and fewer seasons as time goes by. I bet if you did the math the average kicker or punter ends up making more than the average RB because their careers seem to last twice as long.

  11. The Chargers could get a lot for LT, but then what? Sproles isn’t an every down back. Michael Turner…? I think they trade LT on draft day and use their 16th pick on Chris Wells or Knowshon…
    AJ Smith will find a way to run ANOTHER Charger great out of SD.

  12. Superboltwhatever,
    It was a joke. Why do people need to say jackhole and personally attack people like that.
    Hey superboltman, stfu and return to stuffing your mouth with my c&@k.
    See was that necessary? No. But it’s true.

  13. You didn’t sound like you were joking.
    But you do now. Saying such things like that.
    my mouth isn’t a fruit loop, so a grain of
    rice doesn’t necessarily “stuff” it.
    Sorry dude.

  14. Actually, I say LT. My best friend always corrects me about it so in case he was on here today I just said that more as an inside joke to him.
    And your last comment was funny. No need to be so dramatic to people in a forum like the first one. .

  15. Interesting. I guess it was all a misunderstanding.
    Oh well. Charlotte is a cool place by the way.
    I might move there next year. Maybe you’ll see me in a bar with my L.T. Jersey. Or I Might wear a Ladainian Tomlinson jersey when the Bolts are on TV, since I don’t like the Giants. Either way, Maybe you’ll see me.

  16. They’ll redo his contract. It would be a bad thing for LaDainian if he left, even if he got more money (unless he gets a ring, but his chances at a ring in SD are about as good as they are on any other team). LaDainian is best served by finishing his career all in one place, especially given how awesome a hometown San Diego is for a retired football star (Diego is paradise; never gets hot, never gets cold, close to everything, with lots of great wilderness to boot. Once you move here you can never leave… unless you get priced out, and LT won’t have to worry about that). Seau going to the Dolphins and the Pats hurt his local reputation a bit, and he’s always going to have to deal with it when he leaves the League and comes back home. Likewise, LaDainian is the highest-profile running back of his day and brings in a lot of revenue to the team. SD’s cash cow, LT’s “retirement community,” they’ll work something out.

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