In a Tuesday interview with Sirius NFL Radio, former Buccaneers defensive end Simeon Rice told Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan of Movin’ The Chains that Rice believes former Bucs coach Jon Gruden is a “scumbag.”
“You get what you deserve,” Rice said. “That’s what Jon said. He got it now. Everybody gets what they deserve. . . .
“You look at what he did when Chris [Simms] damn near died on the field he wanted to release him right when he got injured. I get hurt, my shoulder’s torn off the bone. This dude releases me. You know what I mean? I’m your guy. The list goes on. Keenan McCardell, that situation was a debacle. Keyshawn Johnson, another situation [that] was a debacle. Joey Galloway, which was his man, was in the dog house all year because he got injured, broke his ankle or whatever. Brad Johnson, that situation was bad. Brings Jeff Garcia in here,
oh, he’s going to change things. I helped recruit him [and he] released me, kept Jeff and then put him in the dog house. Gets rid of Brian Greise, brings him, starts a controversy. It was chaotic. I’m giving you facts.”
And then Rice gave opinions.
“How I feel personally? I could tell you that, too. I think he’s a scumbag,” Rice said. “I think he’s a scumbag personally. That’s when he’s telling you one thing and… You know what he told me? ‘Simeon you’ll be here in the next five years.’ I got injured [and] this man’s never said one word to me. I won a Super Bowl for you. I got 13 sacks, 12, 15 every year for you. I balled. I got injured [and] you let me go like it was nothing.”


  1. Did thye get on Camera? Damn, while reading this, I immediately thought of the Coors Light commercial.
    On a serious note, I believe him, I think Gruden was not the most likeable coach-MUCH WORSE than Coughlin. He’s a total douche and treated his “star” players like crap.
    With that said, Rice did get cut by another team after TB because of that shoulder, so take what he says with a grain of salt.

  2. No one can understand Jon’s ways until they have to deal with them in their town. I pity the team that hires this man. He will ruin whatever he can,for no reason. No direction and NO class

  3. With all of these stories coming out about Gruden after his firing, it will be interesting to hear his response when someone finally gets around to asking him. Also, at this point I’ll bet he wishes he would have thrown his hat in for that Tennessee job. Good luck getting a high paying gig like that now.

  4. More so then all the unflattering comments coming out about him after his firing, I’m more interested in seeing if this hurts his chances of getting another job. I wonder if he goes the OC route to massage his reputation ALA MArtz or someone actually hires him as a head coach.

  5. “delintz says:
    January 27th, 2009 at 9:06 pm
    No one can understand Jon’s ways until they have to deal with them in their town. I pity the team that hires this man. He will ruin whatever he can,for no reason. No direction and NO class.”
    Sounds like a return to Oakland is in order

  6. Maybe he is a “scumbag” but looks like Rice is a “crybaby”. Without the “scumbag” Rice woudldn’t have that nice Super Bowl ring.

  7. Rice is scumbag so he should know. The things he said about Pat Tillman on Rome’s show were atrocious.

  8. Gruden does need to take the Dale Carnegie course. He is a brilliant X’s and O’s coach,and a motivator but his people skills are retarded. As a Buc’s fan it has been embarrassing at times the way he evaluates and treats players.
    I don’t think it’s intentional, but definitely a character flaw. He may best be suited for the college game where long term relationships are not the key. He could then collect QB’s to his heart’s desire.
    As far as Simeon, he was hurt to the point of career is over. Who knows what happened? Perhaps Simeon would not except their evaluation and they had no choice but to cut.

  9. I don’t know if Gruden is a scumbag or not, but if he is, there is a franchise in Dallas that has a boat load of scum bags already on the roster so Gruden should head down there for a marriage made in heaven.

  10. Sim Rice is going off on Jon Gruden. Rice was an idiot to not take the offer Allen gave him. Now he is throwing Gruden under the bus. Hey, Sim, was it Gruden that sent you home from the Pro Bowl? No it was Gruden who sent you home from SanFran for missing meeting (that is what NFL pro players do, go to meetings, you couldn’t be bothered and were sent home).
    Jon Gruden respected you, as long as you could play, when you couldn’t play, because of injury or not, then Gruden INDEED HAD NO INTEREST in YOU…and that is the way of the NFL. You went to another team and they CUT you AZZ as well.
    So, Hey Sim, sober up and face it. Jon Gruden advanced you career and you got hurt and now are trying to blame it on Gruden…that is sour grapes. Please SIM…be a man and just STFU!

  11. Simeon Rice was given the opportunity to stay if he took a pay cut and he didn’t want to, so he can screw off.

  12. Gruden may be on his way to join the NBC crew!!! Gruden is made out to be some one he is not a “GOOD COACH”, i do not know why people go all gaga over this douche, he is allegedly a offensive guru, but in his tenure with TB they never cracked top 10 in offense, neither did he groomed the next Brady, this douche is so over rated that it is unbelievable, he at best is college OC!! & that is a stretch too!! good for Simeon & to hell with this scum dog millionaire !!

  13. a couple of years ago there was a show, maybe nfl network, maybe espn, kind of behind the scenes type thing. it was about gruden and the guy came off as such an ass, i don’t know how anyone could work for him. it showed him during the games, cussing players, assistant coaches, screaming acting like a total jerk! and they had his assistant coaches sitting behind him while interviewing, gruden just thought he was the coolest guy in the world after showing the clips and his asst. coaches ALL of them you could tell were embarrassed, humiliated, grown men, screamed at and cussed at by this little piece of human excrement. after watching that, all i felt for this joker was total failure on his future endeavors. good riddance and good luck to any team that would actually hire him again.

  14. Welcome to the NFL, Simeon. Go polish that SB ring that Gruden delivered to you (you know, the one that Dungy could not deliver to Tampa) and shut the eff up.

  15. gruden is clearly and a$$……i don’t care about the he said she said bull….we all know gruden is an a$$ and have known it for sometime….i honestly believe that man would eat his young…..

  16. Let’s state facts instead of intrnet blabber. Simeon (if any of you idiots who write have even met the guy) is a MORON. He hurt his shoulder then didn’t do the rehab, then reported to camp injured, then didn’t want to redo his contract. So he was released. Who’s fault is that? That would be Simeon’s. So he goes to two other teams, plays poorly and is cut by both teams. So three teams in the course of two months. Then! – he decides he is going to make his own “greatest comeback” video/reality show. he has a film crew follow him around rehabbing (which he didn’t do the first time) and working out. Unbelievably – NO ONE CARES. he’s done, finished. No one wants to buy his dumb egotistical show and he’s shocked. (Kevin said it above – they don’t care). People who have worked with him know what this loser is all about – HIMSELF. Period. You people who agree with his opinions and have never met him or Gruden – well, maybe you should actually meet both men before you base your useless opinions on the crap you read on the internet.

  17. Hey Sim – hope you saved your money….oh that’s right I forgot…’re right, you get what you deserve. And you did.

  18. It takes one to know. Rice is ideally situated to call Gruden out. He played for him in Tampa and Rice is a major scumbag. The classless way Rice crapped on Phoenix after he bailed on the team is legendary here. He didn’t try hard and he didn’t play well at the end. Then in Tampa he’s all-pro again and he craps on the city. Worse he took cheap-shots at Pat Tillman after he died for his country. Rice can rot in hell for all we care. Memo to Rice: When Gruden lied to you and then cut you, he gave you exactly what you deserved you P.O.S.

  19. I only wish it would’ve been more candid.
    “big_pat11 says: With that said, Rice did get cut by another team after TB because of that shoulder, so take what he says with a grain of salt. ”
    How much bigger grain of salt do you need? Most would’ve choked on that one.

  20. Shame on Bruce Allen, to allow this to happen. He’ll never have the respect he deserves by following Gruden. The difference is Al Davis runs the show and he has great respect for players and never would have allowed Gruden to pull “those strings”. Just another example how Mr. Davis really runs the show and WHY he has the ultimate authority over such matters. Young, pompous, upstarts just don’t get it. Further examples as to why Al still has the pulse of “today’s” NFL, contrary to many opinions and published reports to the contrary. To be a Raider fan is to be a fan of Al Davis; you can’t have it both ways. Just another example…

  21. I like how none of these critics had the balls to say anything about gruden while he was a head coach because they(there balls) were always in their mouths

  22. Let me reiterate what others have posted. What did you expect Simeon for the Bucs to pay you while you didn’t perform? This is not the National Welfare League but the NFL, which stands for NOT FOR LONG. The Broncos provided a great opportunity to prove you had anything left in the tank and you bombed. So grow up and show some class!

  23. I’m just glad some of these NFL players are finally airing out the darker side of the biz….big ups to Rice

  24. Gruden is a good coach. I bet many coaches say the same things to get their players ready to play. Happens all the time in the NFL. Stop hatin Rice. Still though, Rice was the shit in Tampa. Go Bucs.

  25. what come around goes around, u just can’t keep on treating people like a their garbage. as the old saying goes be careful how u treat people those same back u climb to get to the top will be the one u will will see when u hit the bottom. gurden was obsessed with himself especially after taking dungy’s team to the super bowl, afterwards could not regain his so-called offensive guru touch.

  26. When one player rags on his coach, OK, it’s a bruised ego. But when you hear the same story from a number of players, there’s probably something to it. Even if the players aren’t exactly high-character, odds are there’s some truth to their tale.
    If Gruden is indeed such a a-hole, then re-uniting Chuckie with Alsie in Oakland sounds fun. But if he really is a king-hell d-bag, how’s about sending him to Cleveland as Benito’s OC. Then let the Browns trade for TO, pick up Pacman off waivers, and sign Lord Favre to carry them to glory. And then … “nuke [Cleveland] from space, it’s the only way to be sure.”

  27. Thanks for the great years Sim… But alll of the players that you mentioned (And he did not mention Lynch) did NOTHING after the were free of the hell in Tampa. If you were so wrong and you had so much more time left on your career… WHY ARE YOU OUT OF THE LEAGUE?????

  28. Not a Bucs fan or live near florida so I don’t know much about the situation down there. The problem with Al Davis isn’t how he pays treats his players it is that he has no stability in his coaching. I also never understood some of his free agency spending.

  29. I remember that show about Gruden, and he did appear to be a little douche bag who thinks his poop don’t smell bad.

  30. Steve: I know al is too old to type, so you have to be typing this for him. al so has the pulse of the nfl that he signed javon walker and deangelo hall last off season. he fired baby kiffin after hiring him: he got a year and a couple games.
    he wouldn’t let kiffin fire rob ryan, which would seem to make ryan a loyalist, but as soon as he could, ryan got out of there and went to work for mangini. he hires and fires coordinators like other owners change socks. currently, the only people who want to coach there, he doesn’t want apparently. i guess once he has completed the assistant coaches, he will hire a head coach to do what he tells them.
    al davis was a great leader of men at one time. sadly, many of the same traits which made him so now prevent him from recognizing that he has lost his fastball (curve and changeup too). Instead of allowing others to take over the day to day operations of his business, al sends out his minions trask and herrera to offer denials of reports most of which turn out to be true. this has eroded the base of all his accomplishments and will turn out to be the most memorable thing about al to a generation. that is sad.
    To use an example from your era, al, Joe Louis was a great champ. No one would deny, however, that Joe stayed too long and was a shell of himself in the last few money-driven fights. No one else Al Davis denies this is the case with the raiders, so do yourself a favor, call parcells or someone you respect and ask them off the record if this is true.
    regarding simeon rice, i don’t believe him about the stuff about himself. i do believe him about galloway, simms and griese and garcia (and he wanted plummer). i also believe that gruden is a driven disingenuous a-hole that give no thought to the side effects of his actions, and that he would recruit his grandmother one day and cut her the next without even speaking with her if he thought it would improve his team.

  31. As a die-hard Buc Fan….I see thing both ways. Gruden had his good points and he had a heck of a lot of bad ones. Simeon Rice was right, they should have kept him, but also Simeon should have taken the pay cut–he was injured and not really ready to play (he went on to not one team but two–Denver Broncos and the Colts). I wish them both the best, including Bruce Allen; it was time to move on though. Simeon, I would welcome him back to the team for 09 but he will have to be reasonable about the money….he hasn’t played in almost two seasons. I would definitely take him over Kevin Carter; then get some young gun in the draft.

  32. Older players get cut when past their prime and unwilling to accept that or a pay cut.
    If u don’t rehab yer injury, who will?
    I agree, gruden is difficult.
    But he got that team of underachoevers to win a championship. Saint dunghole, mr. Players’ coach, sure didn’t.
    Simeon rice? A matador on run plays. One dimensional.

  33. This is comical. Sure there was trouble with other players…prima-donnas. Everyone knows the cancer that Keyshawn can be…what did MeCardell do anywhere else when he was traded from tampa? Simeon is just bitter because he got hurt and was forced to retire. He got one year off making +7Million. He was still hurt the following year and asked to take a paycut and be paid 5 Million without even being able to play that next season. He refused and was cut. He signed on with Dungy in Indy, I believe and was cut a week or so later. This is the NFL there are no guaranteed contracts…if you can’t play, you won’t be sitting on the sidelines making $7 million for the next 5 years, Simeon.

  34. I think Rice is a scumbag for the comments he made about Pat Tillman. Rice is not half the man Tillman was!

  35. 12, 13 sacks you did were for paycheck, not Gruden. You are not amateur – getting paid is what you play for. Gruden did for you what he’s been done to: no result – out you go.

  36. I think Rice is a scumbag for the comments he made about Pat Tillman. Rice isn’t half the man Tillman was!

  37. I always liked Gruden, but who knows, there must be something to what’s being said…… That being said, Simeon Rice is a loser. The guy got sent home from the Pro Bowl years back by Andy Reid for showing up 2 days late with no excuse!! The same guy told Jim Rome that Pat Tillman did not get his respect because he was a below average player – – with no regard to what he did off the field. Simeon Rice is a scum bag himself.

  38. Wow. I have never, ever heard multiple former players talk this bad about a former coach. If it’s one guy, maybe he’s disgruntled. But when it’s a bunch of former stars as well as current starting QB, I don’t think you can pin it on the players.
    There are a lot of assholes in the coaching biz, but I think this guy has to be the all-time winner.

  39. Gruden may or may not be a douche (ok he definitely is) but this is a BUSINESS.
    If I can’t do my job for a year, I would be fired. Why should an NFL player have it any differently?

  40. Poor Simeon…BOO HOO……..Welcome to the business side of sports.
    Isn’t it funny..Mike Shanahan dropped you like a fly in Denver-YOU COULDNT PLAY ANYMORE AND YOU WERE TAKING MORE PLAYS OFF THAN STEPHAN MARBURY

  41. Rice is suprised that he was kicked to the curb when he wasn’t effective. Hello? You play to win the game. If you can’t help win the game they get rid of you.

  42. @VBD
    “Maybe he is a “scumbag” but looks like Rice is a “crybaby”. Without the “scumbag” Rice woudldn’t have that nice Super Bowl ring. ”
    No, no, no, no, that was Dungy’s team…Gruden was along for the ride when that team won the SB.

  43. So Gruden isn’t a players coach boo f’in boo hoo. Who hasn’t worked for a SOB? These guys make millions of dollars and their boss (coach) is not nice to them. What boss is? I’ve got more horror stories working for Mr. Hard Ass in the real world than cry baby Simeon Rice has been traded, and mind you he is doing something he loves and that is playing football and making millions, while we fans work for nightmare bosses and get paid pennies on the dollar.
    Do us a favor Simeon Rice and the rest of the softies that played with Gruden, Please SHUT UP! I could give a rats ass.

  44. “No, no, no, no, that was Dungy’s team…Gruden was along for the ride when that team won the SB. ”
    Really? Last time I checked, Dungy couldn’t get it done. Without Gruden there that year, the Bucs don’t win the Superbowl.
    Dungy is a good coach, but he can’t win the big one. Even in Indy, they won only 1 SB in spite of his coaching. How do you have that cast there and only win 1 SB?
    Gruden may be a scum bag, but he did win a SB which is a lot more than I can say for a good number of the coaches out there right now.

  45. Rice was absolutely correct! That dude Gruden was a lier… sure he took Tampa to the SB but it was Dungy’s team. Rice played hurt and his production never fell off! He came back to early in my opinion when he left Tampa… his pride got the best off him but that’s the type of player he is… he’d try to play hurt! Give him credit!

  46. No story here, move along people.
    Sim was crying and lying when he was 1st cut and it’s still going on today. Talk about a guy that can;t come to terms with being a washed up self centered chump.
    BTW Sim, hows the shoulder? I though it was 2 weeks away from being 100% yet here we are 2 years later and you still have no spot on an NFL roster.

  47. Simeon Rice is not exactly the finest source of character evaluations. That said, Gruden is a scumbag.

  48. I think there tends to be alot of missunderstanding with the whole gruden situation, in all of his post press conference interviews, he would always say “We are going to do what it takes to win!” and if that means benching a player becuase hes hurt and another player has to pick up the slack, then so be it. there are to many million dollar cry babies in this league!. Gruden is an ol school coach, and it seems like even the players from the superbowl team could handle grudens coaching style, thats why they are bitching. The NFL is all about winning and (money) numbers!

  49. I think all these former players need to get off the ‘Bash Gruden’ bandwagon and have a bowl of STFU. Classless!!

  50. So I guess Tony Dungy is a “scumbag” too for releasing Simeon from the Colts the same year Gruden cut him from the Bucs. If it was just a little shoulder injury & he could play in the future don’t you think another team would have given Rice a chance in the two years since? Sounds like sour grapes to me. Gruden wasn’t the GM as well, he didn’t have final say.

  51. Simeon Rice’s gripe…he got cut when he got injured after he “balled” for Gruden. Did the same to Chris Simms and Joey Galloway. And, I thought to myself…do you think Ronnie Lott and Tom Rathman had the same hard feelings toward Bill Walsh after he cut them? Simeon complains that Gruden went out and got Garcia to challenge Griese, which muddled the QB situation…and it reminded me of Walsh trading for Steve Young while he still had Joe Montana. If anything, Gruden was muddling through QB-crap, and Walsh was working with greatness. Do you think the linebackers like Keena Turner thought Walsh was a scumbag for how he handled that?
    Walsh is a genius and revered…Gruden opperates on the same premise and is a scumbag. I think maybe Simeon Rice is too close to the forrest to see the trees.

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