The fact that the backdrop of Super Bowl XLIII  features a bunch of naked ladies dancing should reinforce Tampa’s well-earned reputation as Florida’s Strip Club Central.
According to the normally staid Associated Press, there are 43 strip clubs in the Tampa region with names such as Lip Stixx, Bliss Cabaret, Diamond Dolls, Bare Assets, the Wild Gentlemen’s Club, Mons Venus and 2001 Odyssey.
Maxim ranks Tampa on its top 10 list of best U.S. party cities, primarily because of the high amount of places where lap dancing, pole dancing, etc. is celebrated.
And the strippers and the clubs are hoping to cash in big-time at the Super Bowl this week.
“Based on what we did last Super Bowl [2001], the numbers will quadruple during that weekend,” 2001 Odyssey general manager Nick Polefrone told the AP.
According to the article, 2001 Odyssey and Mons Venus, which is ranked among the top strip clubs by a Web site called The Ultimate Strip Club  List, are within walking distance from Raymond James Stadium. That’s where the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers will duke it out Sunday for NFL supremacy.
Meanwhile, the strip clubs are competing just as hard off the field.
“Tampa has a reputation for having the most strip clubs and the most girls who are a lot of fun,” said a 25-year-old stripper named Claudia who normally dances in Las Vegas and requested that the AP not disclose her last name for fear of causing “embarrassment” to her family. “It’s so crazy. Everybody is in such a party mood. It’s a whole new level of everything.”
The Tampa Tribune is even listing all 43 strip clubs on its Web site, including cover charge and dress code details.
Of course, the local tourism bureau is quick to point out there are other aspects to Tampa such as its beaches, the high-end Ybor City entertainment district and Tampa’s cigar-making tradition.
Cue those Seinfeld clips of Kramer and the cigar rollers right about now.


  1. 43 strip clubs…Super Bowl 43….?
    Where are those Panthers cheerleaders that were fighting in the bathroom stall or where ever – are they working in the Tampa area now?

  2. It’s official Florio, this is a new low for you in news.
    Maybe you should be a little better when it comes to “What I choose to cover as news”
    You think about it, you’re providing the strip clubs with free advertisement. Just cuz SI has it doesn’t make it national news.
    So if a player does get caught up in a Strip Club incident then who is really to blame?
    By the way didja hear that? I think Pacman just booked a first class flight to Tampa.

  3. Strip club competition is at an all time high as each club lobbies to host the next unintentional self inflicted gunshot wound and/or stabbing.

  4. I highly recommend 2001 Odyssey. Tampa is really funny when it comes to strip clubs. If you want alcohol then you can only see half nude women. If you want fully nude then you cannot drink. 2001 is full nude but then you can cross the street for a drink at a half nude club.

  5. I dispute this report. I am in Tampa and have been searching for scrip clubs in my GPS for 30 minutes, and have yet to get any results.

  6. high end ybor city? thats funny. ybor is ghetto. channelside, south tampa, bay street at international plaza, baywalk in st pete are the “high end” places people should go.

  7. We are in a heap of shit when the Strippers wanna take it to “a new level”.
    Go to Mons Venus.
    Best strip joint in the Galaxy.

    And they will, thanks to one man, one website, and one overlooked beer tap at Raymond James Stadium.

  9. If you plan on a follow up story, or doing some research on the subject personally, check out Mons Venus…you won’t be disappointed.

  10. So I noticed this story, almost word for word appeared on espn earlier, because I read it around 7:30 AM CT…not that I am backing espns journalistic integrity, but this seems a little bit like a copy

  11. As if there’s any other possible reason to go to Tampa. With the money it would cost me to get in to the Super Bowl, I could have a real night to remember at Mons, and have money to spare. Boobies!

  12. Mundane research. Sometimes keeping the site running is such a drag especially when the offseason is so near.
    Keep up the dull work as it will pay off.

  13. I’m partial to 2001 – it was my first 🙂
    Mons is a little on the skanky side, but damn those girls will do just about anything for a buck.
    Is the Tanga Lounge still open? We used to booze it up there before hitting Mons and 2001 – which was a must after a Bucs-Packers game. Good times.

  14. Ain’t nothin’ wrong wit’ goin’ ta da scrib club. Ain’t a sin ta go ta da scrib club. You just actin’ rebellion Florio…

  15. Mr Wilson, how can Florio continue to make fun of Emmitt Smith when his own writers are using words like “proliferance?” I think that should be “abundance” or “proliferation” but I’ve never come across a proliferance of anything.
    Also, can’t believe no one spoke up about the name of Odyssey’s GM. Anyone who runs a fine establishment of that nature with “Pole” in his last name is the right man for the job.

  16. stripperville usa, apparently
    someone pry florio’s lips off the tap and get some compromising pics of him inside a scripclub!

  17. Hey Florio, Instead of reading about it why don’t you go check them out for yourself. Mrs. Florio will never find out. Also, don’t get arrested because you will have to put yourself on Turd Watch!

  18. Aint nothin wrong with the Scrip Club even if it was Florio who wrote this article, but actually its contributor Aaron Wilson. As a native from Tampa, I endorse 2001 as the Top Scrip Club…. the girls are amazing and friendly. You want to go to a place that is just as fun but girls will go a little farther (wink, wink) go to De Ja Vu on State Route 60, 15 mins away from Downtown. Enjoy!!

  19. 2001 is the place to get freaky.
    Mons is the place to get freaky deaky….
    Mons ruined Dexter Manley once and for all.

  20. 2001 is the place to get freaky.
    Mons is the place to get freaky deaky….
    Mons ruined Dexter Manley once and for all.
    I quote wikipedia “Mons Venus (like other Tampa strip clubs) permits its customers to touch and even fondle dancers, as long as there is no genital contact.”
    How can you go wrong with that?

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