Well, the first stupid question of Super Bowl week officially has been asked.
And, fortunately, we weren’t the ones to ask it.
During the initial media availability of Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner on Monday, someone asked Warner about “being older than both head coaches in the Super Bowl and . . . how it is to play for a head coach younger than him.”
To his credit, Warner didn’t respond by saying, “How the f–k old do you think I am?”
Although Warner at 37 is older than Mike Tomlin, the 36-year-old coach of the Steelers, Warner’s boss in Arizona will turn 47 on February 28.
And it’s not as if Ken Whisenhunt looks like a guy who’d get carded if he tried to buy a bottle of Boone’s Farm.
So maybe we’ll ask Kurt today if he looks to guys like George Blanda for any special motivation.
Or maybe we’ll just ask him how long he’s been a black quarterback.