From the gloom of a Super Bowl week chock full of the same-old canned sound bites comes the first juicy tidbit regarding, you know, the game itself.
We’re told by a source with knowledge of the situation that Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger underwent an X-ray on Wednesday on his ribs.
The specific reason for the X-ray isn’t known, and Roethlisberger didn’t appear on the Wednesday injury report.
But Roethlisberger was on the injury report last week, due to an apparent back injury he suffered during the AFC title game against the Ravens. A source close to Roethlisberger tells us that the Wednesday X-ray likely represented an effort to monitor the situation.
So if the injury still presents enough of a concern to justify an X-ray, shouldn’t Roethlisberger at least be mentioned as fully participating in practice despite his lingering injury?
We’ve sent an e-mail to the Steelers requesting confirmation of the X-ray, but we have yet to receive a response.

26 responses to “BIG BEN GETS AN X-RAY

  1. There is the beginning of the number one excuse Steeler fans will use to explain why Pittsburgh lost Super Bowl 43.
    Big Ben is a playmaker of historic porportion it seems. That is too bad.

  2. No mention of that from Florio though. If that was Ryan Clark or someone on the Steelers hitting Joey Flacco there would have been 10 posts about it calling for fines etc. What a joke.
    The ball was long gone from Ben’s grasp and he was actually watching the play after he threw the ball then took a helmet to the rib cage. No penalty, nothing. What a joke.
    Florio go back and look at that tape and see if it was a legal hit.

  3. Hollywood Wags says:
    January 29th, 2009 at 11:16 am
    The reason is because the scumbag Ravens cheapshotted him in the back during the playoff game, those marvelous, wonderful upstanding young men.
    I agree, there was all the hoopla about a dirty(legal) hit on a certain running back by a certain saftey but nobody seemed to mention the fact of a hit on Ben long after the throw was gone. In that instance it certainly seemed that the defender led with his helmet right into the spine. Oh and pretty sure he “launched” himself.

  4. Florio we need a new poll.
    Which ad will you not click on (So we can get rid of that fat ad)
    That Online RPG
    The Fat dude stomach ad
    Sprint ads
    The fat dude stomach ad should get all 100% of the votes.
    Oh and the article, I am rooting for the cards so remember Ben, play like you did in SB XL, you know like crap.

  5. The reason is because the scumbag Ravens cheapshotted him in the back during the playoff game, those marvelous, wonderful upstanding young men.

  6. Yeah yeah, cue the drama queen moron brigade… blah blah blah.
    Here’s the difference (and pay attention Ravens fans).
    Roethlisberger’s injuries are found out only because the media sniffers dig around like pigs for buried truffles. Case in point: the piece above, which admits the lure of making up some “juicy” tidbit to cure the boredom of what’s been a pretty soundbite-less Super Bowl week (Joey Porter, where are you?).
    Note that this information was NOT volunteered by Big Ben or the Steelers.
    Now, contrast that with Suggs, who went on all week about his boo boo, and even donned a sling for Thursday’s media session. This is what I’ve been trying to drill through your thick heads.
    Ben = information has to be found by media
    Suggs = volunteers boo-boo info TO the media
    Got that? Good. Lesson over.

  7. Let the excuses begin. “Big Jen” does it all the time. that way if they lose, it’s because the QB was hurt, and if they win, it’s becuase SHE played through the “injury”. what a joke.

  8. got to love those refs for not seeing that and all the holding penalties on Harrison.
    and yes the rumors are true……I am a Steeler Fan

  9. Hey Hollywood Wags- isn’t that what Cheapshot King Hines Ward calls playing till the whistle? No penalty, no fine, unlike many of Hiney’s greatest hits, why are you crying?


  11. Is he required to be listed on the injury report if it’s certain he is going to play? I thought not, but maybe I’m wrong. Every player has injuries at this point. They aren’t all on the injury report.

  12. drama queen? you’re fools
    Ben didn’t seek attention for this injury…the media sniffed it out. When asked to comment he said nothing.
    This injury is a non-issue. Ben will play, and even if he is injured, he will never use it as an excuse for poor play. He’s never used injuries as an excuse for poor performance (see 2006 helmetless motorcycle accident, followed by apendectomy). Others may use his injuries as an excuse, but Ben has never been one to blame his poor play on anybody but himself.
    get a clue. morons.

  13. Karma don’t play. The Steelers have been deliberately putting opposing players on IR for years and the bill may have come due. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

  14. As I stated, the scumbag Ravens, who can’t seem to keep Ray Ray from being without his Binky for more than two minutes, cheapshotted Ben in the back.
    I guess it’s better that one of the filthy whiny scumbags didn’t also spit on him…

  15. GOD says:
    January 29th, 2009 at 11:29 am
    and yes the rumors are true……I am a Steeler Fan
    I knew it!

  16. Shux,
    That poll won’t work unless you put “e- all of the above” as a choice. The only ad I’ve ever clicked here was the Archuletta book, and that was only to see how rediculous that site was.

  17. ppdoc says:
    January 29th, 2009 at 11:52 am
    Poor Jen, she’s hurt again
    Well look who’s at it again, clueless clint, aka the pp man.
    Show me the quote from Ben where he says this. Show me anything else but a totally speculative invented story.
    Guess you’re still a bit steamy over your boy T-Sissy and his arm-sling drama?

  18. ppdoc says:
    January 29th, 2009 at 11:52 am
    Poor Jen, she’s hurt again.
    You must have him confused with T-Sissy.

  19. ppdoc says:
    January 29th, 2009 at 11:52 am
    Poor Jen, she’s hurt again.
    Enjoy the Super Bowl, pp.

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