Lagging Pro Bowl ticket sales could trigger a television blackout in Hawaii if 5,000 remaining tickets aren’t sold 72 hours prior to the NFL’s annual all-star game to be held Feb. 8.
A struggling economy and reduced tourism in Hawaii are listed as the primary reasons behind the steep decline in ticket sales, the Associated Press reports. Traditionally, the game is sold out weeks before the game.
“Pro Bowls are usually sold out by now,” NFL senior vice president of events Frank Supovitz said. “That’s why we’re particularly concerned.”
The NFL is hoping that many fans simply didn’t know that they can still buy tickets, the cheapest of which can be purchased for $45. Aloha Stadium, the site of the game, has a capacity of 50,000.
In 2010, the Pro Bowl will be held at Dolphin Stadium in Miami.


  1. Yeah the Hawaiians are really gonna start writing to congress about this one.
    Do me a favor, black it out in my area(Earth City, Missouri) so I don’t accidentally turn that crap on and give them reason to keep playing this waste of time and money.

  2. The Pro Bowl is really the pro bowl, it is a joke to watch. Would be better if they took the pads off and made it flag football game. $45 tickets? Not worth it.

  3. Hmmm. Maybe the lack of a sellout has something to do with . . . “In 2010, the Pro Bowl will be held at Dolphin Stadium in Miami.” Ya think, NFL?

  4. This could be a good opportunity for the NFL to give back a little being that the economy is struggling so bad. Hawaii’s economy is based off of tourism and you know that has to be down right now. There are a lot of families that would never have the chance to attend a pro sports event and it would be nice for the NFL to step it up. Purchase the tickets in their honor and invite them out for the game and lets say a community bbq for the total tailgate experience.

  5. this is why nfl is moving the site and date of this game. it is and has always been the most irrelevant of all the pro sport allstar games.

  6. I’m sure ESPN is concerned as well. It would be a huge blow for them to lose those 580 viewers in Honolulu.

  7. Looks like the beginning of the end of the pro bowl!!! the 2010 pro bowl will be a joke too cus not all the eligable players will be able to play cus of the super bowl!!! AGAIN, way to go Goodell, run the NFL into the ground with stupidity!!!

  8. I wish they’d blackout the game entirely. Golden Girls re-runs would be more exciting than that farce of a game.

  9. 1) It’s not a real game. The only reason football fans watch it is to see their own home-team heroes in it and because there’s no other football on tv.
    2) Black it out? Are you kidding me? Go ahead. Make my day.
    3) It’s in a remote, expensive area. If you don’t put it in a region that could reasonably generate the ticket sales on its own without relying on people having to FLY from the continent to get there, then don’t be surprised when sales slump.

  10. I don’t understand why those crazy Hawaiians aren’t more committed to the NFL, considering how committed the NFL is to them…

  11. This will only create a blackout in the local Honolulu market right?
    Hardly a big deal, but also possibly another sign of the worsening economy…

  12. @MNFANINAZ :
    We have had it since 2005, but give us credit, we didn’t know what the hell electricity was until 1997.

  13. When you kill tradition the thrill and fun are gone.
    No suprise that ticket sales are not what they were last season.

  14. the game should be in a neutral stadium otherwise every team should have the right to host the game and make money off it, not just the Dolphins and other southern teams.
    I’d bring the game to Los Angeles for now.

  15. I think that there will be more people at the game then are actually watching on television.
    The only way to get people to watch would be to hold the event during a period of time where people are football starved…

  16. jmclarkent says:
    January 29th, 2009 at 12:30 pm
    “I think that there will be more people at the game then are actually watching on television.
    The only way to get people to watch would be to hold the event during a period of time where people are football starved…”
    Then, move the game to Detroit and play it during the regular season.

  17. No way, never happen. If nothing else the league will announce that some sponsor has stepped forward and bought the remaining tickets, which will then be given away to locals.
    I have been to a probowl game before. Got great seats and didn’t pay a dime for them. I was there already over the time they were playing the game. Scalpers weren’t even there because no one was paying for any of the tickets. Hop off the plane and get a lei and a ticket to the probowl.

  18. “arosen36 says:
    January 29th, 2009 at 11:36 am
    they should dump the pro bowl altogether and have skill competitions, that’d be fun to watch”
    Same here. I seem to remember ABC doing something like that back in the 80’s.

  19. bcwriter, you really should know what you are talking about before saying it or you will look like a idiot. The Pro Bowl has been sold out every year since it has been played in Hawaii, people here are huge NFL fans, the Pro Bowl is not here for the benefit of NFL fans in Hawaii but to sway players to participate in a game they don’t want to play in by giving them a free trip to an exotic place, put them up in a five star hotel, free food, earn extra money from autograph sessions and other marketing outlets and than they get paid a huge chunk of money for playing a game they don’t care to play in. The only thing Hawaii benefits is a joke of a game (which I feel is a slap in the face for us Hawaii fans) and the additional business the the Pro Bowl brings. I mean why do you think Hawaii has not put up much of a fight to keep the Pro Bowl here?
    As for the dude who says the Pro Bowl should be played in Vegas….Are you nuts? The NFL already has a hard time keeping its players out of trouble and now you want to put the kids in the candy store?

  20. A blackout makes the mistake of assuming anyone’s actually inclined to watch a meaningless exhibition of the players who weren’t smart enough to make excuses not to be there in the first place.

  21. 80% of the reason players go to the Pro Bowl is to give their families a Hawaiian vacation. What happens when the SB goes back to Minny or Detroit? They may have to sign Jeff George to steady QB the game.

  22. I can’t speak for the rest of the country, but a pro bowl black out will probably occur on my television.

  23. @arosen36 – Great point. I’d watch a skills competition. They used to do a skills competition with QB’s.


  25. Since the Pro Bowl is officially a “lame duck” in Hawai’i why would people come out to support it? They’ve had the pro Bowl out there for 30 some odd years now, and out there thats one of the biggest events of the year. Now the NFL is taking that away in an attempt to make it more “relevant” by playing it the week before the Super Bowl in the stadium that’s hosting the event.

  26. God I hope they dont black out the probowl. I am having all my buddies come over for a Pro Bowl party. I am also calling Vegas to lay down my hard earned dollar on the game. I the like AFC and give points and I always take the OVER on the over under. Pro Bowl Hell Yes!

  27. I’m gonna watch it. It’ll be my last chance to sit on my couch, eat chip w/ salsa and drink beer all day until September.

  28. I’m suprised the Pack fans haven’t chimed in somehow blaming the lack of ticket sales on the Viking fans, necessitating moving the Pro Bowl to LA.

  29. They still play a Pro Bowl? hahahahaha – Black it out here too. I haven’t watched it for a zillion years.

  30. yes!!! play it in the colleseum, no one is really using it anyway!!! but who cares??? it is a popularity contest anyway so no one will be watching it before too long anyway!!! Goodell is a joke, why make it for the fans???

  31. Let’s see, after freezing my ass off all winter, I’ve made it to Hawaii. The weather’s beautiful, the women as well, and I’m pretty liquored up. Should I go to see a BS football game played by guys who for the most part don’t deserve to be there because 14 year old morons voted for the emblem on their helmet or should I try to lose the wife and head to the beach? Pass the Coppertone, surf’s up!!! Bartender, I’ll take $4o worth of beer, please. Keep the five.

  32. purpleguy says:
    January 29th, 2009 at 3:10 pm
    I’m suprised the Pack fans haven’t chimed in somehow blaming the lack of ticket sales on the Viking fans, necessitating moving the Pro Bowl to LA.
    That’s actually a great idea! Maybe the Vikings could borrow old unis from the Lakers and save some money on that as well. Same colors, they both play indoors. There’s a possible symbiotic relationship there.

  33. This game means a lot to Hawaii and its fan. Kids and adults on this Island don’t have the luxury of a hometown team to root for every week. We can’t cruise from San Diego, to Arizona, to SF or Oakland Times are a bit tough this year, but the game will sell out before the deadline. We depend on tourist to support the local economy, and with 20% less folks traveling, everyone is trying to save for the day when things really get tough. The players are dreading to have to be invited to a Pro Bowl anywhere in the planet besides the beauty and warmth of Hawaii on a February Sunday. I’ve got good tickets on Stub Hub for sale, look for the single tickets and enjoy our Aloha. I will buy you a Mai Tai or two, if you make the trip, bring your buddies and help the local economy…

  34. Hawaii 654 says:
    January 30th, 2009 at 1:08 am
    This game means a lot to Hawaii and its fan.
    I’ve got good tickets on Stub Hub for sale, look for the single tickets and enjoy our Aloha.
    Not to rip on Hawaii or anything, but… Maybe it’s fan should find a few friends. And if the game means the much, I don’t know.. go to it?
    Don’t get me wrong, I was in Hawaii twice and I had a blast both times. But I think it’s unrealistic to expect that game to sell out. And honestly, the NFL doesn’t play it up anyway. They dumb down the rules, they allow players to bypass it. It’s kind of a joke.

  35. OK, I’m sorry, but I just cant wrap my head around the concept here.
    A blackout of the Pro-Bowl broadcast is supposed to assist ticket sales? I can’t think that fans of football would view a potential pro-bowl blackout as a threat. Its about as threatening as going to bed without desert.

  36. I think we should blame the Vikings fans hell they have alot more pro bowlers than a team that can’t even win a playoff game should have.So they should show their support in the same lopsided way.I know the weather has been lousy in Minnehaha this year(big suprise)but come on instead of spending your money on moose dung for your fires in your caves in the iron range you should have the foresight to hoard it all year and have some cash to escape.Don’t worry the big shiny birds won’t eat you they are actually a way to move from place to place.So save some get on the big bird and goes where it is warm.Honolulu or wherever it is going to be held from now on.Remember big shiny bird friendly warm place GOOD relatives with horns on head (just like the animals you mate with) move to warm soon

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