New England Patriots star defensive end Richard Seymour’s wife, Tanya Seymour, was arrested and charged today with two counts of second-degree lynching following an investigation into an alleged assault at a New Year’s Eve party in Richland County, South Carolina.
According to, there’s a scandalous subplot to why this happened. The Web site reports that Tanya Seymour and her friends were dispensing some “good old-fashioned Southern justice.” That’s because Richard Seymour had allegedly strayed from his marriage vows to his high school sweetheart, Tanya Seymour.
According to another more straightforward report, the arrest of Tanya Seymour stemmed from two victims being assaulted by several people after 12:30 a.m. on Jan. 1. The victims said they were “jumped,” telling law enforcement authorities that they were invited to the party where they got into an argument with other attendees.
Tanya Seymour, 27, allegedly punched the women numerous times in the face and body, according to police reports, with one victim incurring a “busted lip and contusions under her right eye and to her finger,” with the other victim “sustained a bruise to her left arm, scratches to her face and a sprained right wrist.”
A sore scalp was also reported because of some hair-pulling. Seymour was identified from a photo lineup.
UPDATE I: According to Section 16-3-220 from the South Carolina Code of Laws covering Offenses Against the Person, here’s the law governing second-degree lynching:
“Any act of violence inflicted by a mob upon the body of another person and from which death does not result shall constitute the crime of lynching in the second degree and shall be a felony. Any person found guilty of lynching in the second degree shall be confined at hard labor in the State Penitentiary for a term not exceeding twenty years nor less than three years, at the discretion of the presiding judge.”
UPDATE II: Tanya Seymour is free on $5,000 bail, the State (S.C) newspaper reports, and couldn’t be reached for comment.


  1. since this happened in Atlanta ESPN and John Barr will find someway
    to relate this Pacman Jones and create another Outside The Lines
    story tying Pacman to the defendants.

  2. Your second paragraph makes no sense. It says he strayed from his wife to his wife.
    Slow down Mr. Wilson, no point in recycling incorrect info.

  3. Lynching is defined as:
    “Any act of violence inflicted by a mob upon the body of another person which results in the death of the person”
    So, who died? Or is that why it is second-degree?
    And goddamn, those are some mean looking ‘ladies’.

  4. WHAT?! does “lynching” not mean to hang someone? am i missingsomething here or did his wife hang another woman for fooling around with her cash cow…i mean husband????

  5. Yep it still goes on in America. No matter what color you are. (his wife is black)
    It’s messed up how we can take Obama’s presidency so differently.
    Some see it as a way to step up our game others see it as “it’s about time” we can do wtf we want. Side note I hear kids out hear are replacing the n-word wit “Obama”. Amazing isn’t it. This may not be the case it could be just plain stupidity. I saw a quote that played her as a sweet soccer mom. Ain’t this a ______.
    All I can do is better myself as a black person and pray for everybody else.

  6. “Assault”… I get it.
    Somebody help me understand the “lynching” part.
    Did the nice ladies hang somebody or what..?

  7. How do you get lynched and suffer only a sprained wrist? Are there two types of lynchings or something? Am I missing something?

  8. Richard Seymour should just let a public defender handle her case. Keep his hard earned $ from this lousy criminal, 3 years put away might teach her and her cronies a lesson. It’s his get out of jail free card!

  9. Lends a lot of credence that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Richard better call Kobe Bryant for a little advice on this one.

  10. Dude, seriously, the legal updates are awesome. Thank you for doing the research on each of the topics. Possibly, you would pen a recommendation to law school for me?

  11. Gangs are not cool.
    Girl fights are.
    I’m conflicted about how to feel here. Is his wife really fat or ugly? Because that could help sway my opinion.

  12. What a racist she must be. Lynching, seriously? When was that law put in place? 1950?

  13. I would bet that she sucker punched somebody since her husband is a dirty player it probably runs in the family

  14. Not to belittle domestic assault, but how the hell is this a “lynching” in any degree?

  15. lynching in SC (from a legal perspective) refers to more than one person ganging up to assault a single person…
    no ropes were involved, no nooses were made, no white hoods…
    it may have done the PFT crew some good to mention this in the main article, but that would have required responsible journalism and follow-up…
    better to imply that Seymour’s wife was tossing a noose over a tree limb…OK, I get it…

  16. Yeah. Clearly there is a difference between the legal definition and the colloquial one concerning the term “lynching”. I guess the term lynching actually refers more to mob violence, but since it historically involved a rope most people associate the term with hanging. Okay. Whatever.
    It’s just good to see that in this age of true racial equality that these terms can apply to all different ethnical backgrounds and white people aren’t the only ones capable of being charged with it. Whatever it is that “it” actually means.
    But the law was obviously written some time ago. And do they still have hard labor in South Carolina? Wouldn’t that be cool? “Lynching Ladies of the South pounding the Rock!”
    And yep, she one angry looking biatch! Out.

  17. I thought for sure she’d have an Obama shirt on in her mugshot!
    BTW, when is it Microsoft/Firefox is going to update their spell check so as not to include “Barack” & “Obama” as misspelled words?

  18. @ INVAIDUH
    How did your Colts do in the playoffs this year?
    Chocked again, that’s unfortunate.

  19. “jkr says:
    January 29th, 2009 at 11:39 pm
    I would bet that she sucker punched somebody since her husband is a dirty player it probably runs in the family”
    a) You’re thinking of Vince Wilfork. Richard Seymour is, as far as I know, quite well respected and b) Things can’t “run in the family” between people who aren’t genetically related (although, it IS the south….)….you might as well say “The apple doesn’t far fall from the tree” or “Wow, she has her husband’s eyes.” Makes about the same amount of sense.

  20. I wonder how Big Sey feels when it’s time to go to sleep?
    She must have been livid, I think this is the first time in years I’ve seen her name in the paper. I think the Lynching charge is a reach and it’ll probably be reduced to a mis-demeanor.
    Isn’t the Lynching statute reserved for racial crimes? I think all involved were black, no?

  21. to equate and even use the term “lynching” in incidents such as any described when everyone knows what lynching of people really was and by what people to what people is like spitting somemore into the faces who were the victims.
    doesn’t south carolina still have the stars and bars on its state flag?

  22. How are you people commenting and not actually reading the article? It didn’t take place in Atlanta(truwarier) , he violated his marriage vows TO(not with) his high school sweetheart(finsider) , and second degree lynching is defined as NOT resulting in death(Brenton). Read ALL the words, the rest of the class will wait for you to catch up.

  23. Wait, hold up here folks. I’m confused.
    When that Golf reporter (Tiger Woods’ friend), made a joking reference that the rest of the PGA tour should “lynch him” if they ever wanted to win anything, there was out rage.
    All I heard, was that lynching refers to white people, hanging black people from trees. NOW, we find out that lynching COULD mean hanging someone, but what it really means, is a large group of people, attacking a smaller group of people (or one person).
    Given this new information, it appears to me that the whole comment about “lynching Tiger Woods” was in no way a racist comment, and it was 100% accurate. If the PGA tour ganged up on Tiger, beat him up, and made it so he couldnt play in the tournaments (I know, it wouldnt happen, but it is funny that people got mad), it would have absolutely been a lynching.
    I am getting sick and tired of everything turning into a racial argument, any time anyone decides that they want to perceive someones intentions, in a racial manner.
    Cant we get over it. It is 2009. We have a bi racial President (for the “Obama is black crowd”, he is also white, making him not the first black President, but the first bi racial President, but I suppose that is another argument). We have come soooooo far, yet, every opportunity to perceive racism, and America jumps on it.
    Think about it: not all black people are criminals, not all white people are racist, not all asian people know karate, not all Irish people are drunks. Lets move on

  24. His wife is FUGLY, no wonder why he slept with someone else. Or maybe it was another FUGLY!? Either way he milked the COW alittle toOOooo much. HAAHAA

  25. So, a drunken brawl erupts at a New Year’s party and results in lynching charges?
    Gotta wonder what the charges might have been had the brawl escalated to a hockey game.

  26. buhbay1c says:
    January 29th, 2009 at 9:32 pm
    Does anyone else wish the south was a seperate nation?
    Yes, the south does so we would not have to deal with your liberal northern politics and unions. How’s the economy up there?

  27. “@shuxion.
    Ima Raiduh fan stoopid.. ”
    Is that a proclamation or an attempt at sarcasm I can’t tell the difference.

  28. Think about it: If you were a big fat ugly woman, and you managed to catch a millionaire husband, wouldn’t you get a little wrapped around the axle if he was fooling around?
    Kobe bought his wife a 3 carat diamond ring after his escapade. When she’s done her 3-20 of hard labor, and comes out looking like a black Rambo, Seymour better have a ring for every year. Or he can hide in the badlands of Pakistan.

  29. Now, now, you can’t say “lynching” – it is racist and conjures too much ill will among people who have never been “lynched”!

  30. “@shuxion.
    Ima Raiduh fan stoopid.. ”
    Nobody said Eagirls fans were smart. I mean with a name like INVAIDUH, who woulda guessed? heh oh and hey shuxion, “Tex” is a Cowboys fan and “KevinfromPhilly” is another Eagirls fan. I’m not 100% sure but I think Fillyfinatic likes the Dolphins because he never talks about horses. Oh, and “Brokeback Vox Veritus”? Well that’s clearly a fan of ME!

  31. they were high school sweet hearts. therfore she is NOT a golddigger.
    that women got what she had coming. whores stop messing with married men, this is what will happan to you. is a few gifts, a lolli pop, and a few phone call really worth it? (smh)and, as for mister nfl player, is all of this worth it. what about you children? im sure they attend school and will hear about this SMH. men today are extremly weak, pathetic and selfish. if you dont want to be married get divorced. then fuc your brains out without hurting your family. DUHH!!!!

  32. At Brokeback Vox Veritas:
    Obama isn’t the first Bi Racial President, he’s the first Hoodsie Cup President.

  33. What she should of done is strung up her darling hubby’s balls and them h and watch him squeal like a pig. Now that’s lynching.
    Don’t bother with hubby’s lady friend deal with the cheater and divorce his ass and get all his money. All women rule the court, especially a rich cheating husband. I’d be celebrating my ass off.

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