Not only is Jacksonville Jaguars General Manager Gene Smith in charge of acquiring and evaluating talent, he also has the power to cut players from the 53-man roster and decide how much they are paid, according to the Florida Times-Union.
“Any decision that pertains to the roster, that’s ultimately mine,” Smith said. “Ultimately, it’s [owner] Wayne Weaver, but certainly, yes, the decisions on the roster end of it are mine. One of my jobs is certainly to put the proper market value on a player.
“I wouldn’t use the word powerful, but I would use the word meaningful. I think in my defined role, I should know the players the best.”
While Smith has full authority, he said he’ll be sure to use coach Jack Del Rio’s input when it comes time to trim the roster.
“Jack and I have a very good relationship,” Smith said. “It’s rare where he and I have ever been way off base on things.”
Smith went out of his way to not criticize former vice president of player personnel James “Shack” Harris, who resigned while reportedly under pressure in December.
“I really want to stay positive and look to the future,” Smith said. “I don’t want to be critical of the last six years. I want to try to respect the past and what’s been done, and to some, maybe it wasn’t good enough.
“We’ve had some great years here. I want people to embrace the future. I’m sure Shack was trying to do things the right way. Whatever philosophy you have as a leader, you have to employ.”