Somehow, we made the pool report from Steelers practice on Thursday.
After quarterback Ben Roethlisberger oddly declined to comment on our item that, on Wednesday, he underwent X-rays on his back, coach Mike Tomlin addressed the topic at practice, according to Peter King’s exclusive pool report.
Per King, Tomlin answered the question of whether the X-rays had occurred by saying, “Not that I heard.”
Again, we might be too close to this one because it was our report, but when something is flat-out untrue, folks doesn’t use equivocal phrases like “not that I heard.” They say “hell no” (or words to that effect).
The phrase “not that I heard” could be interpreted as cover for a guy who wants to deny something without accountability. Then, when it’s confirmed that Ben indeed had an X-ray (if, for example, when Ben admits it while articulating reasons for posting another 22.6 passer rating in the Super Bowl), Tomlin can say with a semi-straight face that he didn’t lie about it.
Really, why in the heck would Ben not deny that he’d had an X-ray if it didn’t happen? And why wouldn’t team spokesman Dave Lockett, who responded fairly quickly to our recent question about whether Dan Rooney sent a letter nearly three years ago to a fan who complained about the perceived bad calls in Super Bowl XL, not respond to my e-mail providing the organization — not Coach Tomlin — the opportunity to confirm or deny.
Though King asked Lockett “if he knew” of any X-rays (and Lockett obviously said no), the better question is not for Tomlin or for Lockett but for the organization itself.
In civil litigation, the rules governing the pre-trial discovery process permit a party to find out what an organization knows, since otherwise individual employees could pass the buck throughout the organizational chart with a shrug of the shoulders and a “not that I heard.”
For matters like this, it would be nice to have an effective way to get a straight, unequivocal answer from the organization.
Then again, the lack of a straight, unequivocal answer to a pretty simple it-happened-or-it-didn’t question likely tells us everything we need to know.
Indeed, King reports that Roethlisberger “at times appeared to be trying to stretch his mid-torso region.”


  1. “if, for example, when Ben admits it while articulating reasons for posting another 22.6 passer rating in the Super Bowl),”
    Yeah because Ben made an injury excuse when the Steelers won their last SB right? Florio, your hatred for the Steelers is sad. You need help.

  2. It’s interesting that Florio would intimate Big Ben would use an injury as an excuse for poor play. When has Roethlisberger ever done that? Even when he played subpar the season after his motorcycle accident, he never used that as an excuse. Hell, he even admitted he sucked in his first Super Bowl because of his lack of experience. He didn’t come up with some BS excuse or even try to justify his play. He flat out said he sucked. He’s a stand-up guy who has always been honest and critical of his own play.
    Sounds like Florio just loves to badmouth or make up stories about players and/or teams he doesn’t like. I guess blogging means you don’t have to be objective or knowledgeable.

  3. Florio, You’re about to break the record for the most times “tooting” ones OWN horn in a 24 hr period!!!

  4. The Super Bowl mind games have begun and Florio is relishing the fact that he gets a major role this year. Get it into Arizona’s heads that they can come heavy with a blitz to knock Roethlisberger out of the game, when really he is fit as a fiddle and hoping to dissect all of their blitz packages.

  5. Blllllaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaa.
    Where is that Douche Frank Burns now? What did I say? Tomlin would say he doesn’t know anything about it. Typical Little Jen drama queen stuff. Everytime he leaks a rumor that he’s hurt and his coach knows nothing about it because….. drumroll please……….. he’s not actually hurt and makes the stuff up because he thinks it makes him look tougher. What a puss.

  6. Hey Florio, you idiot, if you said you had not heard of it and you have it is a lie. Therefore, my intellectually challenged friend, if Tomlin knows of this x-ray as you suggest, he is then lying and has no cover.

  7. Have you considered hiring Brian Billick? I think he is the only one that can say alot about nothing more than you can.

  8. What if they did give you your “straight, unequivocal answer”? Will you be happy? No of course not. Big Ben, Mike Tomlin, and the whole Steeler organization is in a lose-lose situation. Whether it’s flat out admitted or flat out denied, nobody will catch any flack, so it seems to me that “no comment” is the best response they can give, at least until the pads are on and the hitting starts.

  9. Honest to God, Florio, who cares?
    Maybe he had the X-ray to increase the efficacy of the HGH that he has secretly been injecting…
    Or maybe he had an X-ray to see if Whiz’s footprint is still embedded on his derriere, then they could use that as bulletin board material…
    Or maybe he had an X-ray so that he could divert your attention away from the rap video they are making…
    Or maybe the Steelers doctors randomly run tests on Big Ben, because he’s been sacked so many times this year that he has experience post-traumatic stress syndrome and he wakes up feeling like he has been hit…
    Or maybe Byron Leftwich is kicking him in the back every night after the lights are turned down…
    My point is this: even if the X-rays showed that his heart is missing, he will still be playing, so he is not doubtful or questionable or probable, but more like Hines Ward: whatever it takes. So not listing him would be the honest thing.
    Let it go, and give us more details on the important stuff.

  10. Florio, I’m not trying to be a smartass, but can’t YOU question these people while you’re there?

  11. Florio this has been a relatively boring week as far as Superbowl weeks go. For that reason, I’m hoping you’ll keep this story going the next couple of days. It’s a fun story, and Coach Tomlin apparently wants to keep it going, as he has been playing along with it and making sure no one confirms or denies anything.

  12. Oh, no, Bens hurt, Hines is hurt. How can they possibly win? By more than 7, that’s how. Take it to the bank. Tell them Buck Nasty sent you.

  13. Someone needs to tell Tomlin that you can’t really “hear” an x-ray.
    By the way, Steelers organization… you might want to spring for an MRI.

  14. Alright…….what in the hell is going on?!?!?!?
    Usually when there is a Steelers post, there is at least 40 replies. I am seeing 2 for this one and only a handful for other posts….
    MaGoo, Frank Burns, Stiller43…..are you guys out there???
    I even threw some chum in the water on the Flacco post and no one is biting…Are you guys in Tampa???
    Dont tell me you guys are nervous about Sunday….Ike is going to stop Fitzgerald…isnt he???

  15. Hmmmm, Looks like the Steelers may be setting things in place to do some damage control even before the damage takes place.
    If their defense can’t contain the WR’s of the Cards, and the offense pulls a clunker, they’ll have their excuse already in place.
    This is Tomlin’s first go at it…and it shows.

  16. Wow…..this whole x-ray thing and did he or didn’t he is getting blown way out of proportion! Who cares? He’s playing so what does it matter??

  17. im confused as to why there are multiple articles on this subject. Does anyone know if he has actually missed practice or anything relevant?

  18. Ben is a drama queen. He needs attention. Between the AAAAWWW shucks stories about Kurt Warner and Hid Number One Wideout hogging the spotlight with his “I’m a reformed Teenage Drug-Dealer” interest story… Ol’ Benji must be feeling neglected.
    If you guys in Pittsburgh lose, you can always trade for Ladanian T. There is nothing better than looking at his pissy face in the middle of a playoff game and eventual loss. As a Bonus, you get a big ugly tie at the press conference with a windsor knot the size of a fiat… it’s not about losing with grace. It’s about losing in style.

  19. One of my favorites coming into this game:
    “Larry Fitzgerald and Boldin have never faced a more Physical set of Corners…bnlah, blah…”
    Ike Taylor et al haven’t seen the likes of Fitzgerald and Boldin lately. They better hope “Tina Turner hair” Polamalu, can help over the top….
    He should be able to. Does anyone really need to cover Leonard Pope?
    Coverage may actually scare him into catching a ball or two. Leave him alone in this one? Double check your ring size.

  20. Am I missing something here? We’re talking about a QB that took a beating all season and clearly had some type of an issue with his back during the Ravens game. It would be more of a story if he DIDN’T get an x-ray.
    The guy is dinged up, but hes going to give it a go. Of course the team isnt going to lead on that his back is bothering him, even if it should be blatantly obvious to all.
    Wheres the story exactly?

  21. Nice job putting in the Rules of Civil Procedure there. How exactly is that relevant? I didn’t realize they were being sued over whether he had an X-ray or not. Sorry that they don’t answer every question and give the response that you want. As others said, never has anyone in the Steelers organization used injuries as an excuse. As long as they win I am sure that Ben will be happy regardless of QB rating. Be sure to include some other irrelevant legal procedures in your next article. Something about how they ignored your request for medical records or something like that.

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