Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, who navigated his team through a crippling schedule to a 12-4 record an a berth in the Super Bowl, received not a single vote for the Associated Press coach of the year award.
But Tomlin has been named the 2008 Motorola Coach of the Year.
More than 521,000 fans voted for Tomlin on from January 7 through 21. And so, unlike the AP system influenced exclusively by regular-season performance, Tomlin’s candidacy undoubtedly was buoyed by the team’s playoff run.
The other finalists were Tom Coughlin of the Giants, Jeff Fisher of the Titans, John Harbaugh of the Ravens, Mike Smith of the Falcons, and Tony Sparano of the Dolphins.
Smith and Sparano received most of the votes for the AP version of the award, with Bill Belichick of the Patriots and Jeff Fisher of the Titans receiving one vote each.


  1. Tomlin is responsible for bringing defense to Pittsburgh. Oh he’s not? Maybe he’s turned the offense around. Oh they still don’t score much?

  2. Good! Tomlin got got gipped by the AP. For the season he helped pull off, he should have at least gotten one vote.

  3. Obviously I wish Mike Smith would have won it, but congrats anyways Tomlin. We didn’t see Arizona coming…maybe you will.

  4. WalrusCP:
    “The season HE pulled off”???????
    When was the last time Pitt had a losing season? I rest my case.
    Let the “injury this and injury that” whining begin in 3, 2, 1…..

  5. Why is everyone so negative everytime someone wins an award? Yes, HE pulled off the season. It’s the COACH of the year award. He’s being honored for his coaching. And it’s not about him bringing defense or turning the offense around. It’s about how he could maintain the standard for Steelers coaches and keep the team winning.

  6. Motorola must observe the “Rooney Rule”. The Steelers are loaded. My preseason favorite to win the Super Bowl, but hey I also predicted Tom Brady would not play this year. (I do have witnesses.)

  7. Inheriting a Super Bowl contender
    is one of the toughest coaching assignments
    in all of football.

  8. He definetly deserves it… he did lose his starting quarterback, half his defense, his starting running back this year… oh wait… that was a Belichick… nevermind. Should’ve given it to Sparano or Smith for their turn arounds… or even Whisenhunt.

  9. Hmmm. I guess talent level and sucess doesn’t play a part in
    the award, huh ? I guess it’s which coach is the most popular.
    What a sham.

  10. I bet all the people saying negative things are fans of sucky teams that didn’t even make the playoffs

  11. motorola rigged the vote in favor of the coach with the team that has the logo most similar to theirs

  12. WTF?!? Brad Childress didn’t get any votes?!? The man is a genius of a football coach. Just check out the books he wrote: “My Kick-*ss Offense — How I Turned 4 Red Zone Drives Into 3 Points Against the Vaunted Detroit Lion Defense”; “The Art of Play-Calling — Rely on the 3-Yard Dump-Off Pass When Down By 12 With 90 Yards and 1 Minute To Go”; “The Key to Successful Press Conferences — Deliver Monotone Half-Baked Banalities and Inanities to Keep ‘Em Befuddled”; “The Zen of Clock Management — How To Call 2 3-Yard Dump-Off Passes When Down By 12 With 90 Yards and 1 Minute To Go”; and “Optimal Player Utilization — Sitting Your Superstar Running-Back When Down By 12 With 90 Yards and 5 Minutes To Go”. They’re written in crayon.

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