Apparently in response to our call-it-like-we-see-it suggestion that U.S. Representative Jim Moran (D-Va.) outed former NFLPA president Troy Vincent as the person who instigated a Congressional inquiry of the NFLPA as a way to help preserve the employment of Moran’s daughter, Moran has attempted to clarify his intentions.
Writes Daniel Kaplan and Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Journal: “, the first outlet to report that there was suspicion that Vincent may have spurred the congressional inquiry, earlier today suggested Moran went public in order to save his daughter’s job. Moran denied that that was the purpose of his investigation.”
Moran’s daughter, Mary, is the NFLPA’s Director of Human Resources. According to the form LM-2 filed by the union in May 2008, which we found online tonight, Ms. Moran’s total annual compensation was $199,088.
Moran tells SBJ that he wasn’t trying to block Vincent from becoming the next NFLPA Executive Director, but that Moran hoped to preserve the legacy of the late Gene Upshaw, former Executive Director who died in August 2008.
Moran didn’t explain — and we frankly can’t figure out on our own — the connection between blowing the whistle on Vincent and protecting Upshaw’s legacy.
We suggested that something fishy was going on based on the SBJ report from earlier in the day that Moran investigated the matter at the behest of his daughter.
“It was entirely appropriate for my daughter to ask me why the letter was sent,” Moran said.
Fine. But it was entirely inappropriate, in our view, for Moran to take steps to publicize the person who might have prompted the letter to be written, especially when at least one member of the NFLPA Executive Committee has said privately that the person responsible for getting Congress involved in the union’s search process will be disqualified from further consideration.
As SBJ has pointed out on numerous occasions, “many of Upshaw’s most loyal supporters at the union will quit or be fired if Vincent gets the job.” Since Mary Moran occupies an executive-level role, she likely would not be part of the Troy Vincent regime.
And as a result she would have to find a different $199,088-per-year job in a down economy.
Thus, the whole thing stinks to us. As we predicted just a day ago, the effort to smear Vincent has commenced. Moran’s comments suggest to us that those who want to keep Vincent out of the job has opened with a haymaker — and already might have delivered the knockout punch.


  1. what do you expect from this assclown demoncat politicain, he can’t even spell his own name correctly, james moron i believe is the correct spelling.

  2. It was totally to “save” his daughter’s job. 100% plane and simple. Any connection with Upshaw’s (Or is it Upmost?) legacy could be because Vincent tried to oust Upshaw.
    In my opinion, Troy Vincent is a total class act. Of course I don’t know him personally but what I’ve seen of him in interviews he’s a total class act and would bring a great benefit to the NFLPA. Without him in the leadership role I think the union will continue to flounder.

  3. He hoped to preserve the legacy of the late Gene Upshaw?
    When a sleazy politician says he wants to preserve the legacy of somebody, head for shelter. That means there is a shitstorm coming.

  4. I hope that there are A LOT of Virginians who remember to bring this up at election time. It would be “entirely appropriate for” his opponent to ask him about this action.
    As for Vincent, sorry brother, I always liked and respected you, but the politician just sold you down the river (shocker). You should have done a little more research on any possible ties to the union before going to members of congress. That is no one’s fault but your own for not conducting proper due diligence.

  5. Wow! A glorified secretary making $200k/year.
    Good for her for being able to knock those dollars down. However, this is a demonstrable example of the level of corruption at the NFLPA.

  6. Well, of course Moran (D. Va) is looking out for his daughter’s well-being. Wouldn’t you look out for the mother of your children?

  7. That’s just plain slimy. How politicians sleep at night is beyond me. The vast majority being lawyers and all.
    Good job Florio. First Vick, now this. You are seriously becoming more relevent than espn every day. Kinda makes up for your whole Holmes TD against the Ravens hissy fit. 🙂 Now, if your dedicated cult members would only learn to spell…

  8. Jim Moran is a complete and utter joke and only gets re-elected because he is a democrat in a liberal district. The man is a huge anti-Semite and deserves to be kicked out of office. One would this would lead to that, but we all know that politicians, especially entrenched ones like this, never leave the scene. The fact that his daughter gets $200k to push papers is a joke. If only the messiah…err, Obama would chastise people like her for taking too much money for their position. Oh, wait. She’s a union member so it’s okay. Scratch my back and the democrats will ensure your job. Unions keep served their purpose and now they just screw everyone else (see Ford, GM, Chrysler, etc). What a complete joke. Troy Vincent, good luck. You deserve it and Jim Moran’s daughter serves to get an unemployment check.

  9. The questions should be whether Vincent sent a letter to this boneheaded dumbo-crat to investigate the issue? And which congressperson provided the information to Moran.
    I believe that a letter sent to a public office is confidential, ie, whistle-blowing, and only documents created in a public office are available to open records requests.
    DOL has every right to investigate the issue if they see fit. Moran’s actions should only advance the request to to investigate, and we should learn who provided the information to Moran’s office.

  10. A few eagle eyed posters have hit on the real problem here. Moran is a Democrat, ergo, a toady for Satan. Not only that, but Moran was also given a liberal rating in the top thirty secondth percentile by the National Institute of Traitor Warning and Tallying Services. As we all know, the higher the rating given by N.I.T.W.I.T.S., the higher the probability of the subject having interaction with the terrorists (formerly known as the communists).
    Great work, people. And don’t forget to keep an eye on those damned meteorologists.

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