Despite the mystery surrounding Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s reportedly tender ribs, coach Mike Tomlin was adamant that any injury isn’t going to hamper Roethlisberger during Sunday’s Super Bowl against the Arizona Cardinals.
“Ben’s fine,” Tomlin said Friday. “He’s going to play.
We reported this week that Roethlisberger underwent X-rays on his ribs. ESPN has since confirmed that report, but Roethlisberger still isn’t listed on the official injury report.
Roethlisberger nearly had to leave the AFC title game against the Baltimore Ravens when he took a hit in his back, prompting backup Byron Leftwich to begin warming up, but he stayed in the game.
According to Sports Illustrated/NBC’s Peter King, Roethlisberger has been stretching out his torso during practice sessions this week at the University of South Florida.
As for injured wide receiver Hines Ward, who practiced for the first time Thursday since spraining his medial collateral ligament in his right knee in the first quarter against Baltimore, Tomlin assured reporters that Ward will play.
“Hines is great,” Tomlin said. “We’ll continue to push forward towards Sunday, but our mentality regarding Hines has not changed. He’s intent on playing in the football game.”


  1. Good for Coach Tomlin. Let’s see if he can win the big game with Cowher’s players.

  2. Just because your MCL can regenerate, doesn’t mean a sprain is a tear. NFL injury lists always have sprain down when its a tear, its as common as lower body injury used to be.

  3. Anything this guy has to say must be taken with a grain of salt, remember, he lied about Big Ben’s X-rays.

  4. Man, is Tomlin not one of the most engaging guys out there as a head coach? I just love his mindset and the way he communicates. Somehow even his injury report dialogue sounds like a motivational halftime speach.
    Gawd, I wish Wilf would have canned Chilly and kept Tomlin.

  5. This just in: Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald will be suiting up and playing for the Arizona Cardinals.

  6. God Aaron – WGAS…
    There is no story here – never was – nobody has to be put on the injury list because they had an X-Ray – if they did. It may have been a precautionary move to make sure nothing was going on – but if the results were negative they had no obligation to tell anyone about it – and they are clearly moving on – you guys get in trouble every time you try and be journalists – stick to what you are good at rumor mongering….
    Start the story that you are hearing that Ben won’t be able to go on Sunday – that is what we want from PFT!!!!!!

  7. BaltimoreSports, good one! I guess you’re trying to say that Tomlin only wins because he has Cowher’s players.
    2006 – 8-8 under Cowher
    2007 – 10-6 under Tomlin
    2008 – 12-4 under Tomlin
    20 out of the 53 Active Pittsburgh Steelers in this game, played in Superbowl XL.
    Let’s see, since 2006 there’s been more than 50% roster turnover, improved records in both seasons, and a jump from 20th in the league against the pass to first. Yep, clearly Tomlin’s only benefiting from his predecesor.

  8. Someone tell Tomlin not to wear his baggy coat during the Super Bowl. This the NFL not a G-Unit commercial. Also does he even really coach? He kind of looks like the poor waterboy they feel sorry for……he looks like Radio.

  9. BaltimoreSports says:
    January 30th, 2009 at 4:53 pm
    Let’s see if Tomlin can win the big game with Cowher’s players.
    Let’s see if Harbaugh can win with Billick’s playe….

  10. Guess the Ravens beat them up pretty badly huh? If Big Ben needed yet another xray today,that tells you he’s not healthy and it might be more than ‘tender’. Don’t think Hines Ward is 100% either,so, could be interesting=marked men. Pity.

  11. Hey, superfan99:
    My point was the majority of the key players for Sunday’s game are Squealers from the Cowher era, i.e. Worthlessberger, “Fines” Ward, Polamalu, DUI Holmes, Townsend, etc. Even a bandwagon fan like yourself can hopefully recognize that. So again, since the only Super Bowl Cowher could win was a game in which the Squealers were the beneficiaries of the worst officiating in SB history, maybe Tomlin will actually earn this one using lineups comprised of players from the spitting maniac’s team.

  12. Hey BaltimoreSports:
    Steelers did earn the win in Super Bowl 40, which game were you watching? Yeah, that bad personal call against Hasselback really made the difference in the 11 point win! People like you still believe in Bigfoot and the 9-11 conspiracy. It’s amazing how many stupid people are jealous of the Steelers’ winning tradition. Too bad the Ravens won’t be going to the Super Bowl anytime soon.

  13. Tomlin says Ward and Ben are going to play. No really? I thought maybe they’d be in their street clothes on the sidelines. That is very good info, thank you so much for the update, now I can place my bets.

  14. oooooh Bawl(some) more Sports,
    Harsh words there. But that’s o.k. Let’s see it was 0-3 this year against them.
    Still smarting huh? Go ahead nurse the grudge. Someday you will find when you do that THEY control you, and a grudge is a VERY heavy thing to carry.

  15. I have no doubt Roethlisberger told someone he had his back X-rayed in Tampa. I also have no doubt Roethlisberger exaggerates, I mean lies, about his injuries. After the game Roethlisberger will probably tell someone that he played with broken ribs and dislocated spine.
    I don’t know if he’s a jagoff who thinks it funny to watch people react or if he’s a drama queen who wants the attention.

  16. “Good for Coach Tomlin. Let’s see if he can win the big game with Cowher’s players. ” As opposed to a team that only gets to the SB because their fatman rolls over QBs?

  17. “Guess the Ravens beat them up pretty badly huh? If Big Ben needed yet another xray today,that tells you he’s not healthy and it might be more than ‘tender’. Don’t think Hines Ward is 100% either,so, could be interesting=marked men. Pity. ”
    Our WRs regularly dish out more pain to your players then your D does to us in the games. You are an outphysicaled joke of a team. The felons are 50% bark, 10% bite, 20% cheap and 20% overrated. Arguably the architect of your D is gone, and your coaching staff is decimated. You only won in the playoffs because Chad Pennington still thinks he has an NFL caliber arm.

  18. Non-Euclidean is showing his stripes as a Bengals fan.
    They too hate ( are Jealous) of the Steelers success. He too carries a grudge.
    Well, I live in Cincy too and if he ever saw the wide angle replay of Kimo and Carson – a replay they no longer show in Cincy – he would see that Kimo was blocked into Carson.
    But that’s o.k. – keep that grudge and that hate alive – let it eat at you – let THEM control your thinking.
    Remember – in the big scheme of things – the the downturned economy – in the world where people go hungry – and homes are lost – jobs evaporate – it all means NOTHING!!

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