The mystery has been solved.
As we recently surmised, former NFLPA president Troy Vincent was a source (and, possibly, the only source) of the prodding that resulted in Congress expressing an interest in taking a look at the union’s ongoing search for a new Executive Director.
According to Liz Mullen and Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal, Vincent spoke with at least two of the four Congressmen who sent a letter to former U.S. Labor Secretary Elaine Chao.
Vincent was outed by Jim Moran (D-Va.), a member of the House of Representatives.
And Moran explored the matter at the behest of his daughter, Mary Moran, who serves as the NFLPA’s Director of Human Resources.
It’s widely believed that Vincent, due to his falling out last year with former NFLPA Executive Director Gene Upshaw, would institute sweeping changes if Vincent gets the job. And since the position of Director of Human Resources occupies a fairly high spot on the totem pole, Mary Moran might have a strong interest in keeping Vincent out.
Even if her own job would be safe, Mary Moran has an opportunity to curry favor with the current leadership of the union if her father’s efforts will prevent Vincent from getting the job.
Indeed, we’ve recently reported that at least one member of the NFLPA Executive Committee has said that, if the person who sparked the Congressional probe also is a candidate for the Executive Director position, the candidate will be disqualified. We also reported that there was a school of thought that an effort would be made to pin the blame on Vincent.
Beyond merely outing Vincent, Jim Moran also has characterized Vincent as claiming that he was Upshaw’s hand-picked choice to succeed him. While that might have been true at some point in the past, it wasn’t true as of March 2008, when Vincent allegedly launched an attempt to oust Upshaw.
Of course, it remains to be seen whether Moran is telling the truth about what Vincent said to Representative Gregory Meeks, and what Meeks then said to Moran.
Frankly, the timing of the disclosure by Moran is curious. It comes only one day after interim Executive Director Richard Berthelsen and NFLPA president Kevin Mawae met the media. If it had come a day earlier, Berthelsen and/or Mawae could have been asked questions regarding whether they commissioned Ms. Moran to use her ties to her father to expose Vincent as the culprit.
It’s our opinion based on the SBJ report that they did. And we think it’s the next step in a broader effort to keep Vincent from getting the job.


  1. “Vincent was outed by Jim Moran (D-Va.), a member of the House of Representatives.
    And Moran explored the matter at the behest of his daughter, Mary Moran, who serves as the NFLPA’s Director of Human Resources.”
    What a dick move. Not voting for that shithead again.

  2. I unfortunately am stuck with that wacko Jim Moran as my Congressman, because here in the People’s Republic of Arlington, unless you are a a flaming liberal, terrorist sympathizing, big spending Democrat, you can’t get elected.

  3. So the union’s hiring is controlled by a congressman’s daughter, and this daughter may be beholden to the interests of the status quo? Shocking.

  4. in light of this story,it seems that the dark
    forces are out for mr.vincent.
    this is why i want him to win,he’s the guy shoveling
    shit against the tide.

  5. “Vincent Outed By Congressman”
    I thought this article was going to be about something totally different

  6. florio, i often give you a hard time for sloppy work, but this is great reporting and analysis far above any other coverage of the issue. you should write a good summary and send on to NLRB.

  7. I have a few questions:
    What’s the opinion of the average NFL player about the process? What do they think the folks that running the process?
    Haven’t heard any comments on here or at any of the other media sites regarding this. I would’ve thought that some reporter would want to be on the front line as this will have a major impact on the sport with the CBA negotiations coming up…
    Why is this such a low key topic with the reporters specialize in this sport?

  8. This is just more of the same BS from that assbag. he is completely lacking ethics, which I suppose is part of how he got elected.

  9. everything we needed to know was after his name and before the state he represents, “D”!-typical demoncat in action.

  10. Did Vincent want to make this about race?
    Maybe it’s time for some new blood in there who hasn’t
    been so deep in it the past like Vincnet, Upshaw, etc…

  11. Mr. Florio,
    To gain some perspective on this, i.e., consider the source (Congressman Moran). What PhillyFan said about this guy is way too kind. Considering the father, I’d say there is a great chance the daughter (probably a daughter from one of his first 3 or 4 marriages) is lying. I suggest that your folks do some quick research on Rep. Moran. When I was living in Northern VA in the late 90’s/early 2000s, there were numerous published incidents concerning the congressman, one I recall was in a very posh section of Old Town Alexandria, to include drunk and disorderly, domestic abuse complaints, lying to police and investigators, (as I recall the excuse given by his suppporters at the time, was that he was mentally unbalanced) with a previous history of blatant adultery, lying in divorce proceedings, more drunken incidents . . . well, you get the picture. Moreover, he was guilty of some real shennagins in the House of Representatives, to the point that some of his esteemed colleages there actually seemed embarrassed by his conduct.

  12. I’m embarrassed by all polititions conduct. They’re all scum.
    Sounds like Vincent is too…

  13. Wasn’t there an episode of “The Wire” with a similar plot?
    Just when you thought Congresscritters couldn’t get slimier.

  14. people saying they hope that vincent doesn’t get the job because of this are idiots. vincent went to congress because they have oversight of nfl based on the defacto anti-trust exemption the NFL has and because the NFLPA is trying to fix the election to have another NFL yes man like upshaw. vincent should be applauded for actually trying to represent the players. if anything, the “outing” should make you want vincent to get the job–unless, of course, you’re a team owner or just beleive that the owners should make 100 million or so per year while the average player makes under a million and risks his health on every play.

  15. Im more pissed off at the fact that the NFLPA Executive Committee said they would disqualify anyone who talked to Congress. Like Florio said it makes you think that they have something to hide if they are that mad at someone for getting Congress involved. I see nothing wrong with Troy involving Congress if he did. He was getting the sense that he wasn’t going to get a fair shot at the job so he did what he had to do. Its a catch 22 if he doesn’t involve congress hes not going to get a fair shot, and if he does hes going to get disqualified. That shows whats wrong with the NFLPA .

  16. Moran is a jerk… he’s the only person whose has assaulted another memeber of congress since the civil war. what a low stoop to protect his daughter… why must congree be involved in this anyway dont they have better things to do

  17. And it turns out that little Ms. Moran was paid $199,088 as Director of Human Resources in 2007. Never mind that they all got BIG raises on top of that in 2008. They’re planning to post the entire 2007 Dept. of labor LM-2 Union financial report for the NFLPA on Dave Pear’s blog early next week. Everyone will be able to take a good look at just how much of the retired players’ retirement money they’re squandering even as they complain about how they can’t pay benefits.
    So I wonder how she got that cushy job? She’s better paid than some of the staff lawyers!
    Unqualified and inexperienced staffers put in place by Upshaw & Co. had better be counting their money and days right now because it looks like the free ride will be coming to an end really soon!

  18. *spoiled princess – tears streaming down her face and snot coming out of her nose, runs to where Daddy’s sitting and climbs on his lap*
    “Daddy, Daddy – that big bad man is gonna take my job! *sniffs and bats eyes* Can you work your magic and make it all go away?”
    What a dirty business this sport is. All of this backstabbing and congressional meddling does nothing for my skepticism.

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