We’re here at the Tampa Convention Center for the 2009 Hall of Fame press conference.
We’ll be posting information about those who’ll get in — and those who won’t — as the events transpire.
Looks like this thing is going to get started in a minute.
NFLN’s Rich Eisen is at the podium.
Don’t forget that this whole thing is streaming live at NFL.com. So if you have an Internet connection there’s really no reason to follow the process right here. (Doh.)
Eisen is explaining the process. There were 17 finalists. He is identifying them all.
The first course of action was an up-or-down vote on the senior committee candidates, Claude Humprey and Bob Hayes.
The 15 non-senior committee candidates were then cut to 10. And then to five.
An 80 percent positive vote was needed.
Early big news — Cris Carter didn’t make the final five.
Paul Tagliabue didn’t make the final ten.
The finalists are Randall McDaniel, Bruce Smith, Derrick Thomas, Ralph Wilson, and Rod Woodson, and the two senior committee candidates.
Here are the new members: Bob Hayes, Randall McDaniel, Bruce Smith, Derrick Thomas, Ralph Wilson, and Rod Woodson.
(I guess the HOF voters didn’t view Woodson as “soft,” either.)
The enshrinees will stand at 253 once the new class is in.
Bruce Smith will speak after the break. He’s overcome with emotion to the left of the stage.
(The big surprise was McDaniel, who played for the Vikings and the Buccaneers.)
Smith is at the podium.
He’s talking about his father and the sacrifices that he and Smith’s mother made as a child.
“How he wanted me to have a life better than he had for himself,” Smith said, voice cracking. “I just wish he was with me.”
He had a powerful message for all kids watching, and the adults around them — “There’s a special talent in each and every one of you, and it’s up to us as adults [to bring it out].”
Making no apologies for his emotion, Smith uttered one of the more poignant and compelling phrases we’ve ever heard: “I cry because I’m not less than a man. I cry because I am a man.”
The tears turned to laughter when Smith shared a comment from his old coach, Marv Levy: “There’ll be no curfew tonight.”
Replied Smith: “We would have skipped it anyway.”
Smith also gave credit to former teammate Darryl Talley, a linebacker in the 3-4. Smith described his relationship with Talley as “Batman and Robin” (which is always preferred to “The Ambiguously Gay Duo”).
During the Q&A session, Smith talked about the sacrifices that his parents made, working jobs that they didn’t like, so that he could do something he loved.
McDaniel is speaking via phone. He called the election a “shock,” and that “it’s kind of overwhelming.”
McDaniel mentioned Sid Hartman of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, who presumably made the case for McDaniel to the other voters.
Eisen just confirmed that the Titans and Bills will play in the HOF game, as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the AFL.
The Titans will wear the old Oilers uniforms. (And it just occurred to us that, probably for the first time in a long time, both teams will come from the same conference.)
A rousing ovation for Ralph Wilson.
“It’s gonna take a couple of minutes for me to get over this shock,” Wilson said.
“I don’t know what to say. I gotta say something, I know.”
Wilson acknowledged the fans of Buffalo. “We haven’t given them much of a product lately. Since this fella left us,” he said, motioning to Bruce Smith, “we haven’t done so good.”
Chiefs owner Clark Hunt has now taken the podium to discuss Derrick Thomas.
Hunt acknowledged Bob Gretz for speaking on Thomas’ behalf, and Derrick’s mother.
Bob Hayes’ sister, Lucille Hester, is now speaking about her brother’s selection for enshrinement.
She’s reading a statement to read “in case this day came.”
Here’s part of it: “I would like to thank everyone who supported me to get into the NFL Hall of Fame. The Dallas Cowboy organization, all my teammates, and everyone who played for the Cowboys. . . . Thank the committee who voted for me, and also the ones who might not have. . . . Tell all my teammates, I love them.”
He made sure he left no one out. “And just thank everyone in the whole world,” Hayes wrote.
“It didn’t matter how long it took,” Ms. Hester said. “Today is here.”
NFLN has gone to commercial. Up next — Rod Woodson.
Eisen is getting a little verklempt in talking about Woodson.
“Rich is like my mom,” Woodson said, referring to Eisen getting emotional.
In the Q&A session, Bruce Smith said that Marv Levy or Ted Cottrell will present him for induction.
Woodson said he’s thinking about two gentlemen from Fort Wayne, Indiana, who have nothing to do with the NFL.
Mr. Wilson says he hasn’t thought about who’ll present him for induction.
Woodson wasn’t inclined to focus on any one team for which he played — and he even had trouble listing all of them, forgetting for a moment his time with the Raiders. “Too many concussions,” he said.
Great question near the end — are there any players in tomorrow’s Super Bowl whom you think will join you in the Hall of Fame?
Woodson mentioned Kurt Warner and Troy Polamalu.
“I can see a couple guys from each team finding their way into the Hall of Fame,” Smith said.
Smith explained that it’s not about having three or four great seasons, but ten or more. Smith mentioned Warner, Edgerrin James, and Ben Roethlisberger.
Looking at the other classes of inductees, it’s been two years without a running back, and three without a quarterback.
Mr. Wilson made a passionate plea late in the press conference for the Bills to stay in Buffalo, pointing to the emotional connection between a city and its franchise.
“I have voted against all relocations,” he said. “All.”

78 responses to “HALL OF FAME OPEN THREAD

  1. It’s a complete shame, and a sham, that Shannon Sharpe didn’t get in on his first year as a finalist. I’m glad to see Derrick Thomas made it, though.

  2. Glad to Rod get in , its look like a great class . And also the first player from Virginia Tech to get in and represent . GO STEELERS AND HOKIES

  3. Why is it a surprise the Cris Carter didn’t make the list?
    Its not like he was on a Superbowl winning team. Oh, that’s right, the Vikings never won a Superbowl.
    Its not like he lead his team to a NFC championship, despite two tries where the Vikings were favored in each game. He might have been good but the HOF is for great players.

  4. Hey there’s MDS talking on NFLN. He looks like a cross between Dave Matthews and Quentin Tarantino.

  5. I’m glad Thomas got in.
    And congrats to everyone… all those guys deserved it. Maybe not McDaniels lol

  6. well if chris carter didnt make it then the HOF class is debacled, meanwhile Randy Moss is quietly laughing somewhere.
    oh and btw Florio my Xbox received the dreaded ring of death today so in my best imitation of John Gruden, I dropped a couple of F bombs.

  7. I know this is corny, but I always look forward to these things. Many times I look at athletes and think they could give a s**t, and then I see how much it means to them, and it gives me hope that they aren’t all in it for the money. Also, two Buffalo people making it makes me happy!!

  8. While Carter was a phenominally consistent player, and definitely one of the best in the history of the game, I had a few encounters with him when I was younger and had a small job in the Vikings locker room. Biggest two-faced sonofabitch I’ve ever seen, even to this day. He was considerably more arrogant than even Jeff George, and that says plenty. Rude, standoff-ish, and not at all the way the media represented him for all those years. I’m actually quite happy he gets embarassed like this. He’ll get in eventually, but he’ll never be known as elite.
    Randall McDaniel, on the other hand…you won’t find a classier player or person in the league, then or now. Genuinely decent, very professional, but very human.
    Best player at his position for well over a decade. My congratulations and sincere happiness for he and his family.

  9. Cris Carter not making it on the first try was a shock. Now, not even making the final 5 in his second year, is a joke. I understand he doesn’t have a Superbowl ring, but honestly, he’s a for-sure Hall of Famer.

  10. McDaniel Didn’t play for the Cardinals. He was drafted by the Vikings in ’88, played there until ’99, then played with the Bucs for two years.
    I’m surprised he made it and Carter didn’t. My guess is that they would only take one Viking and Carter would be a lock in the future, while McDaniel might’ve got thrown on the back burner.

  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!!, Ralph Wilson…………….His foresight (and money) helped the league become what it is today.

  12. You’re telling me that the second leading receiver in catches in NFL history when he retired is not worthy of the Hall of Fame and that the tight end with the most catches when he retired is not worthy either. The voters are on crack. I just can’t fathom their stupidity.

  13. Get a clue. McDaniel was a no-brainer and it was a blight on the voters resume.
    Don’t think so? Let’s look at McDaniel and Gary Zimmerman. They actually played next to each other in Minnesota for five years (1988 to 1992.) In those five seasons, McDaniel was an All-Pro for four years and made four Pro Bowls. The only year missing from his resume was 1988, his rookie season. Zimmerman– a worthy Hall of Famer by the way — made two Pro Bowls and was named All-Pro once.
    McDaniel went on to start 12 consecutive Pro Bowls in his career — an NFL record — and is one of the top two or three guards ever to play the game. The two players remain great friends to this day and Zimmerman would be the first to admit McDaniel was the better player.
    Tice called McDaniel the closest thing he has ever seen to a perfect player.
    So why did Zimmerman get the call before McDaniel? Simply put, Jeff Legwold of the Rocky Mountain News is well-liked. Sid Hartman, the Vikings representative, is not.
    That’s why things are tough for Carter and will be for John Randle. Heck, it took Paul Krause, the all-time int. leader, over a decade to get in.

  14. Congratulations to this years class…a great group of players. Wish I has seen Bruce Smith’s speaking….

  15. Just wish that Thomas and Hayes were still here with us to see this day…and Glad that Ralph Wilson was here to see it.

  16. I really can’t understand how people can talk about Kurt Warner being a HoFer, when Cris Carter and Shannon Sharpe can’t seem to get in despite being in top 5 in many of the big stat categories at their position.
    And you can’t use the Didn’t win a SB for Sharpe, since he won 3 superbowls.
    It truly is a QB/RB world for HoF voters it seems.
    Though it’s nice to see Rod Woodson get on the first try, further proving Michael Irvin knows nothing.

  17. The voting is insane. How the hell does Shannon Sharpe not get in? These writers are a bunch of jerks.

  18. The hof voters are retards plain and simple. Having Cris Carter wait is only feeding their egos. The older I get the less I care.

  19. Congrats to the Thomas family. As a citizen of Kansas City thank you Derrick Thomas for everything you brought to the Chiefs. I still have my #58 jersey that you signed for me.

  20. phreak says:
    January 31st, 2009 at 3:15 pm
    About damn time Derrick Thomas got in.
    RIP, bro.
    You’re Derrick’s brother!? Cool!!!

  21. Just guessing here, Carter didn’t get in because he’s a jerk. And Shannon Sharpe’s issue is that Bill Romanowski, while in Denver, always wore EAS supplements gear and advertised for them, all the while he was actually just using steroids to get that physique. Ed McCaffrey and Sharp also had cartoon like bodies, and also used EAS.

  22. McDaniel was a no-brainer. Should have been on first ballot. Carter is a sure thing, but I have no problem with him waiting.

  23. The HOF voting is a sham. The voters are all just bitter pricks who punish the players that mistreated them as reporters. What a joke.
    Sharpe should be in, and so should Chris Carter. And I hate both them as players, but facts are facts. And dont give me the ring factor either with Carter because Sharpe has THREE rings and he didnt make it either. The bottom line is that these players werent always nice guys to the press.
    Then you look at the numbers of some guys who made it – What the heck is Lyan Swann doing in the HOF?????? Horrific career numbers. Great – he has 4 rings. There are a lot of guys with a few rings and BETTER numbers than Swann who should be in!
    Like I said it’s all politics and pathetic. I once read PAul Zimmerman write that he would never vote another Raider into the HOF. That’s the kind of bias Im talking about.

  24. Cris Carter isnt a 1st or 2nd ballot hall of famer. Stats dont tell the whole story. He didnt revolutionize the position, He didnt win a Super Bowl, He was a cancerous player in the locker room (Despite that not being held against him) and he was never the best WR in the game during his tenure.
    If Art Monk and Michael Irvin werent 1st ballot hall of famers then Carter isnt. Id take any of those guys before Carter. Especially Irvin whom revolutionized the position and won 3 super bowls on a run first team.

  25. How does Bob Hayes get in, when Haven Moses is never even thought of? The stats:
    Bob Hayes (1965-75)
    Receptions: 371
    Yards: 7,414
    TDs: 71
    Haven Moses (1968-81)
    Receptions: 448
    Yards: 8,091
    TDs: 57
    What do you guys think?

  26. It is just plain wrong to continue to exclude Richard Dent from the HOF. He is more deserving IMO than these current members:
    Randall McDaniel
    Harry Carson
    Andre Tipppet
    Warren Moon
    Lee Roy Selmon
    None of the above except Carson played on an NFL champion and not just any NFL Champion one of the best teams of all time on one of the best defensive units if not the best of all time. He is one of the all time great sack artists and has earned his right to the HOF. Its about time some of these so called NFL experts give him his due.

  27. Streetsmart says:
    January 31st, 2009 at 3:48 pm
    While I disagree heartily that Michael Irvin revolutionized his position, you are making great points about everything else. Well said!

  28. Edgerrin James? Big Ben? Hall???? Not bloody likely!
    I am soooo happy for Randall McDaniel. His induction should not be a surprise; he made the Pro Bowl for 12 straight years. Most Hall of Famers haven’t come close to that, I think. And it’s about time Derrick Thomas got in. His family must be very proud. Averaged over 11 sacks per season.
    And Chris Carter and Shannon Sharpe have nothing to worry about. They’ll get in with time. My one beef is that Richard Dent needs to start getting recognized. He belongs, too.

  29. Well, it was about time Derrick Thomas got in. RIP. This is a very deserving class. I am glad that Rod Woodson got in. 🙂 I do agree with those who are annoyed that Shannon Sharpe did not get in. I could not stand him, but I realize he is one of the best tight ends in the league who ever played. Should have been first ballot. Oh well. Cris Carter I am on the fence. He will get in though I am sure.

  30. i think its great that the second best #80 didn’t make it to canton. he was a hypocrite. he was an ass hole. i met him as a young kid and he was arrogant as anyone ive ever seen in my life. he chastized/s randy moss to this day and he is no better than moss. with the exception that moss actually made it to a superbowl. (i’m not a big fan of moss, but he has more class than cris ever had). carter is like my x wife. he plays behind his supposed new found christianity chastizing anyone that is not exactly like himself. but when he sins, it’s just him speaking the truth. threatening to kill people is not a christian thing. i hated everytime he knelt to pray when he got a firstdown or a touchdown like it was this great religious moment he had. i didn’t just hate it because he was a viking, i hated him bringing his religion to the field. i don’t care what religion he claims to be. he should keep the shit to himself. go bang your bible at home you. i said the same thing about reggie white. keep your religion to yourself. i don’t want to know what someone’s religion or sexual orientation is/are. just play the damn game the way it was meant to be played. i hated this about reggie white. i respected the football player, but he was a prick as well. your team pays you to play the game, not bring your cult to the field. if you want to preach and tell people how they’re supposed to live, go to a f–king church with all the other hypocrites.
    in the end, i’m sure carter will make it even though he was only consistently descent. he never scared defenses. he never took over a game. he never put the team on his back. he never united teams. he never…., you get the point.
    maybe someone will put a cap in his ass. i only hope it is before he gets enshrined in canton ohio just like reggie.

  31. I can’t possibly stress my hate of the Vikings enough, so to see Carter get snubbed does not break my heart. I have a strange feeling that Moss will get in before Carter will, that would be hilarious.
    On the other hand, McDaniel was a complete stud, and I’m sure that everyone will complaining that he isn’t as worthy as others, but he was one of the most dominating offensive linemen in the league for many years. I believe he is a top 5 guard all-time.
    I am utterly shocked, however, that Shannon Sharpe was left out in the cold, I don’t know what else I guy can do to get in on the first ballot. To have the statistics he had, and to have contributed to Super BowlS as he did, shocking to be left out.

  32. How the heck is Cris Carter not in??? I was shocked that he didn’t get in last year and I’m now disgusted he’s not in this year. And this comes from a Packer fan.

  33. I thought McDaniel deserved to get in, but didn’t expect that he would, at least not this year. Of course, I’m a little surprised that six got in, it usually seems that they’re a little more conservative. And while I would have liked to have seen John Randle join him this year, Thomas was way over due, and Smith was a no-brainer, so the chance of another pass-rush specialist getting in – especialy one who’s probably a half-tier down from Smith and Thomas – was pretty slim.
    I’m a little surprised that Sharpe didn’t make the cut, but he’s probably being punished more for his mouth than anyone’s belief that he didn’t give it all on the field. I would expect him to make it next year.

  34. Hey JimmySmith….YOU TOOL, I see you talking a lot of smack again. But, didn’t see any of your packers on the list of finalist. I did, however, see 3 Vikings.
    Yeah the Vikings haven’t yet won the Super Bowl. But a HOF nimination speaks to accomplishments over a careeer, not just 1 season.

  35. Let’s face it. The HOF voters have a love affair with quarterbacks and consistently slight Wide Receivers (Monk, Swann, Stallworth, Carter, Irvin). I mean why do some of these guys have to wait years to get in when QBs with spotty playoff records (i.e., Warren Moon) get in on the first ballot?

  36. If Cris Carter is a HOF’er, then so is Sterling Sharpe. (note the sarcasm about both) It took Art Monk a looooong time and he was ten times the receiver Cris Carter was. Hell, Anthony Carter is every bit the HOF’er Cris Carter was. Who’s next, Terry Allen? Al Noga? Oh yeah, Sid Hartman is a dumbass…he and Bob Lurtsema both suck.

  37. I know Florio must be thrilled about Derrick Thomas….. a man Florio has constantly showered with praise for his charitable causes and work with inner city youths…. HE DOESNT DESERVE AN OUNCE OF LOVE FOR HIS CHARITABLE WORK…… the man had something like 8 kids with 7 women and played no role whatsoever in their lives…..barely giving their mothers child support while he was alive…. so while he was busy making children’s lives for whom he had no responsibility better he was making his own biological kids lives a nightmare….. is he a hall of famer for his play? borderline sure….. but the idea that he got pushed over the edge because he is just such a nice guy is a disgusting thought…..

  38. What happens to Tim Brown? He was a MUCH better WR than Carter or Andre Reed. He went to a SB (didnt win though) and went to a couple of AFC Championships. He was a probowler as a PR and KR as well as WR. And he is either #2 or #3 on many of the WR lists.
    To top it all off – Look at the QBs that Tim Brown had on his Raider teams. HORRIBLE QBs. Schroeder, Hobert, Marinovich, Evans, Hoss (he was good for a few years in oak), Beurline, George, Klingler, Gannon finally a good QB), Tuiasosop, etc… Probably the worst QBs ever to throw to a HOF WR. Yet he still got the job done year in and year out.

  39. What I dreaded has happened: Shannon Sharpe is being penalized because of his loathed brother, Sterling. The media still holds a grudge against Sterling – and not voting in Shannon on the first ballot is their way of sticking it to Sterling yet again. The media are a bunch of immature jerks for this – o.k., not liking the PLAYER is one thing, but to deny someone because you don’t like the player’s BROTHER?? Get a life, pencilnecks.
    And when Shannon announced that his brother would introduce him – that sealed the deal. Shannon was not getting in – not this year.
    What makes it such a huge trav-sham-mockery is that a case could be made for STERLING being in the Hall – if Sterling were better-liked by the media, he might have gotten the Gayle Sayers special dispensation. But now, Sterling’s “offenses” are being held against Shannon – who has indisputable Hall credentials. Ridiculous.
    And let me take this time to expose NFL Films – whose film workers seem to manifest their resentment of Sterling in petty ways – by editing the replays of certain games in which Sterling appeared to play up his mistakes (for instance – the re-airing of the 1992 Cincinnati vs. Green Bay game – in which they ommitted a lot of things to save time, but somehow found the time to show re-plays of each time Sterling dropped a Favre pass. Never mind the fact that at that time, Sterling was much more accustomed to Don Majkowski’s passes – and, with this being Favre’s first extended NFL action, the Favre-Sharpe chemistry hadn’t yet had a chance to develop. Never mind the fact that Sterling literally broke his ribs to catch Favre’s wild, overthrown passes during that game. And they strangely ommitted a replay of a key pass-interference penalty that Cincinnati cornerback Eric Thomas committed against Sharpe – when a replay was in order because the infraction wasn’t shown in “real time”. Yet – NFL Films’ petty editors found the time to include extended footage of Tim Krumrie reaching inside of his pants to scratch his testicles on the Cincinnati sidelines. Bizarre.)
    Get over yourself, Steve Sabol.
    The EAS-Romanowski theory is an interesting one, though.

  40. McDaniel getting in is shocking??
    The dude made 12-straight Pro Bowls…..He should have gotten in last year.

  41. Derrick Thomas was a punk who had like 8 kids with 7 women and barely gave his kids child support let alone his time….. so regardless of his charity work the man was still nothing more than a deadbeat dad with a good press agent….. now in his death hes a candidate for saint hood….. disgusting

  42. Is Wilson the only white guy to get in? They will become non existent in the not so far away future I’m afraid. Except for QBs and kickers of course…lol

  43. The 2009 HOF game will mark the first time that the Titans have worn Oilers throwback jerseys since the team rebranded itself as the Tennessee Titans more than ten years ago.

  44. The 85 Bears really ticked off a lot of players on opposing teams and their friends in the local media. I believe its collective jealousy against this highly respected team and its world class defense that has kept Dent and other Bear players of that team from being elected to the HOF. This scary bunch dominated teams, made QB’s defecate in their drawers, and generally rubbed their superiority in the faces of the opposition. Not exactly the way to win friends and influence people but boy was it fun to watch it all. However their bold nasty ways are apparently is costing Dent and others their due.

  45. I see the Sharpe situation as being a little like the Art Monk situation. Both were the first of a new breed at their respective positions.
    Monk was one of the first posession receivers that ended up with a tonnes of receptions, but a pedestrian # of yds/catch…by the time he was eligible for the HOF, it was pretty clear that there were going to be lots of WRs with similar stats one day, so voters start to question whether those stats proved greatness.
    Sharpe was one of the first of a new breed of TEs that was more of a WR than traditional TE. Again it’s looking like there will be a handful of guys with similar stats at that position in the next few years alone. Makes you wonder if it was greatness or just a new direction being taken by the position.
    I feel he probably belongs in, but I can see why it hasn’t been easy.

  46. Hey hesawinner – I just remembered that I was looking at some photos of Shannon Sharpe while he was playing at Savannah State (the Savannah Morning News dug into their photo files this week). These photos may contradict your EAS-Romanowski conspiracy theory. Look at this slideshow – and play particular attention to the old photos of Sharpe. I, for one, was surprised to see that his physique wasn’t much different at Savannah State than it was during the height of his EAS years, or than it is now. These photos support the notion that the Sharpe boys are just genetic freaks with “country strong” physiques (they also are/were weight-room maniacs). Or did “EAS Supplements” make their way down to the Savannah marshlands and that small, Div. II school?

  47. I’m happy for The Derrick Thomas family! And was really impressed with what Shannon Sharpe had to say about him. I thought for that alone, he deserved his own nomination too. I believe Shannon calls it like he sees it, thanks for being classy, Shannon. You were no slouch as a Tight End! I’m rooting for him next year! It will be the first time I root for a Bronco in history!

  48. What about Rickey Jackson #57 of the Saints:
    A six-time Pro Bowl selection (1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1992, 1993), Jackson recorded 10 or more sacks in six different seasons and led the NFL in fumble recoveries in 1990 and 1991. He finished his career with 136 (8 unofficial in 1981) sacks and 8 interceptions, which he returned for 68 yards. He also recovered 29 fumbles. At the time of his retirement, his 28 defensive fumble recoveries were the second most in NFL history behind Jim Marshall’s 29.
    Jackson won a championship ring with the 49ers in Super Bowl XXIX one year before retiring.
    He has been on the ballot for 8 years and has never made the final ballot for the HOF.
    Will he ever get in?

  49. No Tight End has ever made the HOF on the first ballot. None. Not Ditka, not Wislow, not Mackey. That’s the reason Sharpe didn’t make it year one.
    And McDaniel was clearly the top OL, one of the top lineman of all time. He went to a record 12 straight Pro Bowls for a reason.
    Smith and Woodson (lol @ Irvin) were surefire first ballot guys. Woodson has the INT record, remember? And he was a hitter.
    I was a little suprised Wilson got in over Carter, but not too much. No doubt Buffalo would’nt even have a team without him.

  50. Cris Carter has no class…LOL! I am so glad most of you got the opportunity to meet him. The only two things holding Cris back are his attitude towards media (I have no sympathy for media) and the fact that the Vikings never won a Super Bowl. Cris will get in so I am not worried, but he is HOF material.
    Claude Humprey should’ve made it today.
    Either Clark Shaughnessy, Tom Flores, or Don Coryell should’ve received some attention.

  51. I also think that the baseball HOF is incredibly unfair to players that don’t get in right away. It’s unfair to say after the few years they allow them to be considered to be told, sorry, you’re not eligible now! I’m glad The NFL is more fair in that sense.

  52. Bob Kuchenberg… All I can say is this 5 Superbowls, played in more games than any other Dolphin (Until Marino), Absolutly schooled both Carl Eller and Allen Page, Played w/ a broken arm, 6 Pro Bowls, was amung the least flagged linemen of his day, played ALL the positions on the “O” line, was NEVER helped off the field EVER…
    The reasons why they wont vote for him even though he got the ONLY personal endorsement from Don Shula is his mouth and his standing against the union… Very opinionated and not afraid to call out what he sees as “Whats wrong” in sports today and I will never forget a pic of him standing on the sideling by himself in the early 80’s as the NFLPA members all went to midfiled as a shown of union strength.
    “Kooch” deserves it and all the grunts that get no love playing the “O” line should only hope to play 1/2 as well or 1/2 as long as he did.

  53. Ralph Wilson should have been forced to wait considering his horrible ownership of the Bills in recent years. Bills are lucky. Jim Kelly did not deserve to get in that early. He was soft in the multiple SBs. Hell, I would have made even Thurman “where is my helmet” Thomas wait a year before he got in.
    Dermontti Dawson was the best center of the 90s. How does he not make it?

  54. Some of these posts are cracking me up. I do think Carter belongs in the Hall. He will get there one day. How exactly did Irvin revolutionize the position of WR? I liked Irvin, but I don’t see how he revolutionized the position like a Rice or a Bob Hayes. I guess you could say that Irvin revolutionized how to push off and get away with it consistently.
    McDaniel was a great players. Wohoo another Buc gets in! And the person who thinks Dent was better than Selmon obviously did not watch Bucs games. Selmon was an absolute beast against the pass and run. And watching him in the Pro Bowl decimating the AFC Pro Bowlers was always fun to watch.
    Comparing Haven Moses to Bob Hayes?? Please. Bob Hayes forced teams around the league to go to zone coverage. The guy was a game breaker. He averaged 20 yards a catch. One year he averaged more than 26 yards a catch! This is before the rules were changed to help the offense and the passing game out. The DBs used to be able to maul the receivers all the way down the field. That is why you can’t exactly compare receiver numbers from the 70s to today’s receiver numbers. The game was a lot different.
    Glad that Wilson got in. He probably doesn’t have much time left on this planet, so it was good that he got in before he died. He was so instrumental in the formation of the AFL.
    I actually like the system they have to elect Hall members for the NFL. You talk about each player and the player has a person from their city speak on their behalf. I just like it better than the baseball system.
    I believe it is laughable that Sharpe got snubbed because of his brother. Come on now. I would think that Sharpe would get in because he always had a quote for the reporters. Even though half of time they probably couldn’t understand him.
    Hopefully Kooch gets in one of these years. Peter King says that some people feel he was better than his Hall of Fame linemates Jim Langer and Larry Little. Not sure he was better than Little. Little was great. I think Kooch will get in one day.
    I don’t see how Tim Brown will be kept waiting for too long when he is eligible. Maybe a year or two, but not long after that.
    Woodson and Smith were obvious first ballot choices. Great Players. Even though Richmond Webb schooled Smith routinely when the Phins played the Bills.
    I am glad that the Hall just considers on the field achievements. So D. Thomas deserved to get in for what he did on the field. Yes he sounded like a womanizer, but that should have no bearing on whether he deserved to get in. But we all know that Hayes probably didn’t get in because of his drug bust, which is a shame.
    Congrats to all the new members. All of them are well deserved.

  55. Derrick Thomas was long overdue. It’s a shame that he can’t be here to see the day.

  56. Dermonti Dawson didn’t get in. Sad. I don’t think anyone can deny he is one of the top 5 centers of all time. Guess that is not enough.

  57. JuicyMelon says:
    January 31st, 2009 at 7:36 pm
    Cris Carter has no class…LOL! I am so glad most of you got the opportunity to meet him. The only two things holding Cris back are his attitude towards media (I have no sympathy for media) and the fact that the Vikings never won a Super Bowl. Cris will get in so I am not worried, but he is HOF material.
    Actually, there are two of us on here who worked with or around Cris Carter, and both of us say the same thing about the guy. I don’t know about the other, but I did not work with the media. I was a ball boy/locker room errand runner. I could give you examples of how big of an asshole the guy really is, but I don’t feel it’s necessary. Everyone’s going to have their opinion, but as a person, I found him to be one of the bigger hypocrites I’ve come across.
    As a player, though, is he really as much of a lock for immediate induction to the Hall as he and his supporters suggest? Carter’s best years were when his team was average at best (never made his team better, he was just the only offensive option in a lot of those years), he was All-Pro twice, and averaged 59 yards per game over his career.
    The fact is, he’ll always be compared to Jerry Rice, and Cris Carter ain’t no Jerry Rice.

  58. ncoolong,
    The fact that Carter is compared to Rice should tell you something. However, just like you are bashing Carter for being an asshole, I am defending him for his actions and leadership while he was on the Vikings team that made a lot of playoff appearances, #3 in receptions (Rice/Harrison), and #2 in Touchdowns behind Rice. Now while Irvin and Rice always had great QBs for the duration of their career, Carter had the following combination of QBs, (Wilson, Gannon, Steakboy, McMahon, Moon, Johnson, Cunningham, George, Bouman, and Culpepper). Although some of them are pretty good QBs, they are not Montana, Aikman, or Young.
    I am not worried because Carter will eventually make the HOF, but based on numbers alone, Carter should’ve been in first ballot or at least today. The voters are using their personal opinion based on attitude to throw their weight around and it’s sad. I am not saying that the members today didn’t deserve to be elected, but it’s a shame to not have Carter in.

  59. Jerry Kramer is LONG overdue…without him on the Packers, the Packer Sweep couldn’t have happened.
    Cris Carter – just a matter of time
    Shannon Sharpe – agree that next year should be his year
    Claude Humphrey – fingers crossed for next year also
    Dermontti Dawson – another that should be in
    Bob Kuetchenburg – I’d hate to see the wait, but there are people who remember how “abrasive” he was against the NFLPA
    One thing to bring up – some have said negative things about Ralph Wilson – the man is one of the AFL founders, and actually loaned some of his money in the early years of the league to keep some of the teams going. He was another one of the players behind the merger (along with Al Davis and Lamar Hunt). He may not be one of the best owners, and the Bills have had some hard times lately, but listening to him this afternoon, you can tell that he loves the game. I’m glad to see that he went in, while he is still with us.

  60. Congrats to the new class, but a few observations:
    Cris Carter and Shannon Sharpe are going to have a hard time coming up. There is a guy named Jerry Rice who is supposed to be a lock first ballot HOF’er, so when they decide to compare CC and SS to Jerry, Jerry will cancel them out every time. Sharpe may get in because his numbers for a TE were excellent.
    In the coming years, great players up for selection=Marshall Faulk, Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice
    Good Players=Jerome Bettis, Curtis Martin, Tim Brown and others who were statistically great, but do not really stand out. This is where Cris Carter and (maybe ) Shannon Sharpe would fall in.

  61. BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE! that’s all I got to say #78 is in, it’s a great class, a little shocked that Ralph made it this year, but kind of figured he probably doesn’t have much time left on this planet, might as well have him enshrined now. As much as probably people don’t like Ralph, he deserved this. I think next year will be Andre Reed’s year and hopefully Steve Tasker also

  62. Whose boots are Sid Hartman going to have to lick to get Cris Carter into the Hall of Fame, that guys articles in the Star Tribune are so Homerlicious it makes me sick!!!

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