Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger told NBC Sports’ Andrea Kremer that he did have X-rays “somewhere,” which is further confirmation of our report that Roethlisberger had his ribs checked out.
ESPN later confirmed the report, saying the quarterback had a second X-ray this week.
Roethlisberger had previously declined to comment on his health during interviews leading up to today’s kickoff.
Roethlisberger took some big hits during the Steelers’ AFC championship win over the Baltimore Ravens and nearly left the game with backup Byron Leftwich warming up on the sidelines, but managed to make it through all four quarters.
Roethlisberger has been seen stretching his torso during practice sessions this week, but isn’t listed on the official injury report.


  1. Leftwich is better than most starters in this league, he deserves to play in Superbowl and be the MVP

  2. Man I hope the Cards studied the Ravens tackling from the Afc Championship. The tackle on Ward was a perfect form tackle and i’d like to see some more of it. Big Ben needs his torso stretched? No problem.

  3. News flash : A pro football player was seen stretching his torso during practice. Stop the presses.

  4. hard to watch that nbc panel with matt millen sitting on it. he has absolutely no credibility with any fans especially even his wife.

  5. there has never been a more overrated player in the history of the league than big ben. you could put ANY starting qb in the league on that team, and he’d do just as well. if they win their second super bowl in 4 years, it will be because of willie parker and that defense. roethlisberger sucks!!!

  6. Of course he admits it. This is his way of saying, “if I have a bad game you know why. If I have a great game I’m the man!”
    I hope he sucks ass.
    Go Cardinals!!

  7. Clearly, the story here is that Florio’s report was confirmed. Florio believes he will be famous if he breaks a story first. No way, who cares? If he wants to be famous, he could, like, report that Terry Bradshaw is dead.

  8. OOOH, so much aggression out there against so many people!
    Florio, Ben, The Ravens, wow! You’d this this all might really mean something!
    Wake up people and get a life.

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