Now that the Monday after the Super Bowl has come and gone, we can declare a winner of the second year of our patent-pending Turd Watch.
And the prize goes to . . . the Denver Broncos.
Denver, with 31 points, edged out the Lions by one.
Under the rules of Turd Watch, teams receive three points for each misdemeanor charge levied against a player or team employee, and seven for each felony. The same points apply to any conviction or guilty plea or plea or no contest or any resolution implying guilt that occurs during the period covered by the “game.”
The Giants finished third with 26 points. The Titans notched 25 points, putting them in fourth place. The Eagles had 22, good for fifth.
Fourteen teams landed between 10 and 19 points, and 13 had less than ten.
Only two teams had no incidents during the Turd Watch year — the Rams and the Redskins.
The Dolphins, Jets, and Ravens had only three points each.
For the Fins, new V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells made good on his promise to avoid “thugs and hoodlums.” Miami won Turd Watch I with a whopping 77 points, making the 74-point swing almost as impressive as their ten-game improvement on the field.
The Final Standings and the full Police Blotter for Turd Watch I are right here.

22 responses to “BRONCOS WIN TURD WATCH II

  1. Just one more indication of how the rat’s ego got out of control.
    Now just imagine him going to Dallas with Jerry Jones.

  2. Isn’t it ironic that the Steelers, one of the “classy” organizations in the league, win the Super Bowl thanks largely to the contributions of two players (James Harrison and Santonio Holmes) that have had off the field incidents this year? How many times has that been mentioned? Not once. Why? Because “journalists” like Peter King are too busy being buddy-buddy with Dan Rooney to point this out.

  3. Are you sure the Rams had 0?
    Isn’t it possible they may have had a ton of arrests and no one noticed because….well….they are the Rams?

  4. Maybe the Jail,bad character jokes will stop about the bengals..Being that AJ was cut and Wilson wasn’t even on the team when it happened…then chris henry 😐 was a minor traffic violation that was pretty bs….

  5. florio, wtf are you talking about. the lions have 0 points on your stupid scale, yet you say they almost won????

  6. Oh my gosh! The Bengals are not in the top half of thugs this year! Kudos to them for only getting misdemeanors this year. Maybe there is hope. But wait, the draft is only two months away. We still have a chance to find some guys with good skills but questionable reps to beef up our reputation. Good luck Marvin.

  7. joebee78 says: “Isn’t it ironic that the Steelers, one of the “classy” organizations in the league, win the Super Bowl thanks largely to the contributions of two players (James Harrison and Santonio Holmes) that have had off the field incidents this year?”
    Yeah, for slapping women around no less. If it makes you feel better, they did cut the 5th-string WR who was charged with assaulting his girlfriend, so they have taken a pretty strong stance against all non-Pro Bowl, non-1st round draft picks who beat women.

  8. Cowboys had more than 3? (Sounds like funny math to me.) There still needs to be somethign done about the image of the NFL player. I can’t take it anymore. NHL and NCAA Football is where I am going. Atleast the NCAA kids don’t have a voice. I mean, the news prints who Plaxico and Santonio says they are voting for? Those idiots can’t count to 3 and are kids listen to them.

  9. … and why do people think stern tried to clean up the nba’s image?
    most people dont care for hip hop and the “basketbrawl” incident.

  10. you are aware neither marcus thomas (possession) nor brandon marshall (domestic assault) were actually charged with anything right? if youre not charged, there is no way you can be convicted. see florio, in america, you are INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY. not until florio says so.

  11. Florio,
    Please post your interesting point scale and the timeline for each “season” on the Turd watch. Have it as part of the available choices under your Turd watch tag.

  12. Florio — you are a doooosh.
    Give a break down. I can’t even think of any charges on the broncos this year:::
    Marshall McD incident — NO charges
    Marcus Thomas — Mistake on part of DA — NO charges
    Someone please enlighten me because I don’t remember. The only explanation is that Florio is counting all the stuff from Marshall when the guy was in college because it got mentioned this year.
    Try to PROVE your stats Florio. King turd.

  13. What are the tie breakers in Turd Watch?
    Felony convictions
    Felony arrests
    Misdemeanor convictions
    Misdemeanor arrests
    Couldn’t go through the tiebreakers and list teams in order by the whole league as there are no “playoffs” for a “Turd Bowl”

  14. Florio, are you a hack or an idiot? Marcus Thomas’ case was a no-file, if you don’t know what that is perhaps you should some real research before spewing nonsense like this. Brandon Marshall wasn’t charged, either. I’m sure the rest of your selections are based on weak arguments, most of which lack facts to back them.
    Do some actual research before pretending to be a journalist.

  15. i thought it must have been Travis Henry that propelled the Broncos
    to their win…that gets my vote for Crime of the Year
    or a perpetual honor for signing Dale Carter in 1999
    but the worst i saw on your list was Kircus & Sauerbrun..who along with Henry & Carter are long gone…so if Denver wins it was must have been a quiet year for crime in the NFL…
    congratulations Broncos!!!

  16. Where’s the Steelers’ fans crying about the Ravens being full of thugs???? Oh wait, they quadrupled our score. One of the most classless organizations in the league, and yes i’m looking at you James Harrison. ‘Piece of thuggish trash.

  17. Some of you have not read the rules of Turd Watch. Points are awarded under a simple system; even if charges are dropped.

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