As the Kansas City Chiefs continue to engage in one of the most secretive job searches in NFL history, some basic information has emerged regarding the process.
According to Nick Athan of Warpaint Illustrated, Chiefs owner Clark Hunt recently told a Kansas City radio station that the team has complied with the Rooney Rule, and that Hunt is “pleased” with the candidates who have been interviewed to date.
If, then, the Rooney Rule has been satisfied, the Chiefs are free to interview and hire Cardinals offensive coordinator Todd Haley without interviewing now or in the future any futher minority candidates.
But it’s impossible to know whether Haley is the leading candidate without knowing who the other candidates might be.
And, apparently, we won’t know any of their names, since the Chiefs presumably told them that, if any of their names emerge during the process, the team will assume that the candidate whose name emerges is responsible for the leak — and that the candidate will be disqualified from consideration.
UPDATE:   Athan has advised us that Hunt didn’t actually say that the team has complied with the Rooney Rule, and that the comments came not during a radio segment but in connection with remarks Hunt made on Saturday, after former Chiefs linebacker Derrick Thomas qualified for the Hall of Fame.  So if the team already has complied with the Rooney Rule, Hunt didn’t recently say so.  Athan has changed his original story to remove the comment regarding compliance with the Rooney Rule.


  1. Sounds shady. If they hire a non-minority coach and the NFL demands to know the names of the coaches who have interviewed and then ask each coach if they did indeed interview, they should deny being interviewed and see how the chiefs like that. chiefs=scumbags.

  2. This is a whole new front office, not sure why it’s so surprising that it’s been this tight lipped.

  3. This is great. I think Pioli is doing it exactly right. In fact, if you are angering sports writers then you are doing something right b/c these guys don’t know nothin’ from nothin’ except the top 10 super bowls of all time or the top ten super bowl moments of all time or the top ten super bowl quotes of all time or the top ten…

  4. Everyone is assuming the job will go to Haley, so it might be hard to get a minority to sit for it. A cynical mind might think that Hunt is lying about the Rooney Rule already having been complied with, in order to get Frazier thinking he’s getting an actual interview, and not a Rooney interview. Good thing I don’t know anyone with a cynical mind(thanks, Florio).

  5. I see this as being a refreshing change. The potential coaches shouldn’t feel all the pressure from the media and such. This would be nice if this was seen in more instances.

  6. What is this? Chiefs day? Go win some games first, then you can be a topic of news. Pffft, Chiefs…
    Cardinals fans

  7. they probably told the nfl the names.
    so if anyone leaks, it is the league office (big surprise!) or a disgruntled minority (big surprise! that NEVER happens…).

  8. As soon as that old fart is dead they need to get rid of the Rooney Rule. It’s horse crap. People get interviews based on their merrits not cuz of some horse shit rule.

  9. shouldnt the fact that you had a black coach exempt you from the rooney rule? you gave minorities “a chance” for years. you should be able to hire whoever you want

  10. what EXACTLY is the rooney rule?
    a minority? or a specific minority?
    Min Star- Tribune
    “TAMPA, FLA. — Doug Williams, the first black quarterback to win a Super Bowl, praised Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney for not only creating the “Rooney Rule” that forces teams to interview minority head coaching candidates but also following through with it by hiring Vikings defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin after the 2006 season.
    Told about Williams’ remarks this week, Rooney basically said thanks but no thanks.
    “Let me say this,” Rooney said as his Steelers prepared for Super Bowl XLIII. “Mike Tomlin was not part of the Rooney Rule. We had already interviewed Ron Rivera, so that fulfilled the obligation.” ..

  11. Haven’t events overtaken the Rooney Rule? There have been a number of minority head coaches in the league, and they got those jobs the old-fashioned way — they earned them. Their record of success speaks for itself. The minority coaches hired in this cycle (both head coaches and coordinators) seem to be in demand for their talents and not simply to check a box in the league office.

  12. empty1: In the NFL the (disgruntled) minority is the 48-+ year old white male who has paid their time and dues and is now getting overlooked. Now we need the merit rule.

  13. You are still eligible to hire who you want. The Rooney Rule doesn’t force you to hire minorities, all it does is force you to interview them. There’s no harm in that.
    And the Rooney Rule isn’t solely in place for African-Americans benefit. Until we get the Asian, Hispanic, and Arabian communities significantly involved in NFL coaching, the rule should remain in place.

  14. The minority rule is the most absurd rule ever and it’s extremely unfair. Being a good coach has nothing to do with the skin color and why do I have to interview with a “black” coach(not sure if other minorities are included in the definition of the Rooney Rule) if I believe I’ve found the right coach for my team.
    If you’ve a good potential you should land a job regardless of your skin color in this day and age. I’m not racist or anything but I believe black people or other minorities already have enough opportunities to become head coaches and they don’t need extra help from outside.

  15. Two things:
    1) Todd Haley is officially out of the running to become next Chiefs coach. Everybody knows he’s going to interview, which means that he was clearly a leak. That also means that the Chiefs will be disqualifying him from consideration, right?
    2) Isn’t the whole idea of the Rooney Rule to get minority candidates publicity and getting people to start thinking about them as head-coaching candidates? If all this is done secretly, the Chiefs should be reprimanded.

  16. the Chefs (yes,chefs) aren’t going anywhere fast. Buckle up for the Tyler Thigpen era. It will be full of loses and high draft picks for years to come.

  17. It was stated on another site that all of the minority candidates that they were requesting to interview turned them down knowing that they were waiting on Haley.
    The Rooney Rule sucks and needs to be removed from the NFL now.

  18. I agree. The Rooney Rule I think has had a negative affect on minority coaches. Now they are just being paraded around the league and most of them don’t have a real shot at the job. I think the Rams brought in 3 minority coaches to interview but from what I read, it was all for show.

  19. Wow, what a bunch of chump posters.
    Listen. The media made Todd Haley out to be the frontrunner for this job. Not Todd Haley. Certainly not the Chiefs.
    The Chiefs haven’t let anything out of the bag. It’s because they’re not playing their hands to the public and the media. So what? It’s their business to run!
    Finally, don’t think the Chiefs are doing anything out of league compliance. Clark Hunt, the son of Lamar Hunt, and Scott Pioli have both been doing this for a long time and have learned from the best. To assume they’re casually breaking the rules just because you don’t know the details of their business meetings makes you – yeah, you – and idiot.
    This organization, with Hunt now leading and Pioli steering the ship, is going to become prominent very quickly, and those of you questioning why this team is expected to win or why they’re so newsworthy are in for a big surprise in the next few years. Finally, after decades of being shunned by sports media, there will be no other choice but to cover one of the classiest franchises in NFL history.

  20. the_punisher says:
    February 4th, 2009 at 1:18 pm
    The minority rule is the most absurd rule ever and it’s extremely unfair. Being a good coach has nothing to do with the skin color and why do I have to interview with a “black” coach(not sure if other minorities are included in the definition of the Rooney Rule) if I believe I’ve found the right coach for my team.
    Unfortunately, without the rule in place, it had been difficult for minority candidates to get a sniff at a NFL HC job. If the rule had been in place sooner, maybe Tony Dungy would have had a job sooner. Without the rule in place, would the NFL still look like college football does now, with only 6 of 119 D-I jobs currently had by minorities? It may be an unfair rule, but it’s a good rule, because it has allowed previously un-noticed candidates such as Jim Caldwell, Lovie Smith, Leslie Frazier, and Ron Rivera opportunities that had previously not existed.

  21. All you guys that cry and protest the Rooney rule so much are a bunch of mongoloids. You do understand that “must interview” does not mean “must hire”? If they GET the job, it is on merit you fools!
    Someone that is complaining, enlighten us all with how being forced to interview equates to affirmative action. Please. I’d like one logical explanation. Just one.
    I mean really…
    Wake up!

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