Maybe Kurt Warner should pay attention to another graybeard quarterback as to the appropriate approach for putting the screws to a business that will pay up to $124 million in labor costs for the coming year.
Both Warner and Kerry Collins are due to become unrestricted free agents. Both of their current teams clearly want them to stick around. But where Warner is saying that he wants to return to the Cardinals, Collins is being coy about coming back to Tennessee.
“I think there is desire on their part to bring me back but a lot depends on what happens with the contract negotiations,” Collins said Tuesday, according to the Tennessean.
“I think Jeff wants me back,” Collins said. “In no uncertain terms did he say that I definitely was going to be the starter, but the desire to bring me back is there and it just depends on what capacity they want to being me back. A lot of it is going to depend on how they are wanting to treat the negotiations.”
Translation? They can say that they want me around. But being wanted is only part of the equation; indeed, flattery never paid a single bill. Collins is making it clear that, if the Titans are serious about keeping Collins as the starter, they need to pay him accordingly.
Or they need to make other plans.
“I’m at a point in my career where I want to start and personally I hope it works out with the Titans,” Collins said. “But I have to be ready to explore other possibilities, too.”
Maybe Warner should do more than mimic Collins — maybe Warner should hire Collins to be his agent.


  1. Lesson #1.
    Don’t take a QB in the first round because they have great measurables and were good in college. If you do, you might find yourself having your nuts squeezed by a QB who has been tossed on the scrap heap by multiple teams but is better than your $20M first round pick.

  2. jaxdolfan wrote: “Don’t take a QB in the first round because they have great measurables and were good in college.”
    I told myself that I would stop mentioning this altogether because this information really was ill-gotten (and scrutiny should have focused upon the jerk who leaked it rather than Vince and his agent) – but that 7 Wonderlic score wasn’t such a great measurable.

  3. Kerry Collins is mediocre at best and he’s like 37.
    And now he’s demanding that he not only be handed the starting job without any competition, but that he also be paid top dollar?
    Are you kidding me?

  4. I believe that ideally, the Titans would like to re-sign Collins with a 2nd string QB contract, have him battle it out with VY in training camp, and let the best man win. Whether VY is ready to take the reigns or not I have no clue, but the Titans do…If VY is ready, I think they would like to start him week 1 and keep Kerry as an insurance policy. However, Collins wants the starting job awarded to him for hiding behind a great 0-line and handing off to Chris Johnson. So, what Tennessee SHOULD do is either pay Collins what he wants for one year, but still let him know that he has to earn the starting role. Or they can release him, re-sign / rehab Chris Simms, bight the bullet, and throw VY back to the wolves and try to win a Super Bowl. Personally as a Titans fan, I don’t have full confidence in any of these guys. Whether it happens through the draft or free agency, the Titans are a QB acquirement away from being a legitimate super bowl contender.

  5. Agree with ten-a-key, the Titans will start VY. Sounds more and more like Collins will have a starting job elsewhere i.e. the Jets. I just don’t think Tennessee is going to give Collins starter money much less a starting guarantee when they’ve got the $25 million dollar guy behind him.

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