The Dallas Cowboys never announced that former Broncos, Giants, and Falcons coach Dan Reeves was joining the franchise.
And now the Cowboys have announced that he won’t be.
“We had two very good days of dialogue with Dan Reeves, and both the Cowboys and Dan had an interest in working together,” team P.R. director Rich Dalrymple said in a statement.  “By Wednesday afternoon, we were unable to reach an agreement on all  of the details of a contract, and both parties were comfortable with the fact that Dan would not be joining the organization.   Jerry [Jones] holds Dan in the highest regard as a friend and a tremendous contributor to the history of the Cowboys and the NFL.”
It’s unknown whether the deal fell apart over money, or regarding the authority that Reeves would possess.
It’s also unknown whether the Cowboys will look elsewhere for a senior-level consultant to help this underachieving franchise improve.


  1. DAMN!!! What a boatload of mischief it would be for Uncle Dan to be looking over little Wade Phillips shoulder. Satan is p-ss-d, we could have head a helluva of a pool down here on when Uncle dan would take over as Head Coach

  2. We are talking Jerry Jones here, its not because Jerry won’t pay him enough. It’s because of Jones massive ego, Reeves wants TO gone, and obviously Jones doesn’t !

  3. Reeves is all class, there was NO way this could’ve worked.
    You people who think he just wanted TO gone are shortchanging the situation; Dan probably wanted to clear out about %30 of the locker room (yeah, I pulled that figure outta my ass).
    TO ain’t the only domino that needs to fall in Big D, that much is clear. JJ obviously didn’t wanna hear that though. Damn shame…

  4. Wow, between the ‘duhs and the ‘boys it is like watching two entirely different train wrecks.

  5. The sad part is TO will never get them a Superbowl. He is just absorbing payroll and causing problems and just getting older and losing a half step each year.

  6. The Cowboys would have been to the Super Bowl had it it not been for senile Jones forcing Parcells to deal with drama queen Owens.

  7. Lions are contemplating Shack Harris….We would gladly take Reeves instead. The man has been nothing but football smart and class his whole career

  8. Dan Reeves would have been an asset to the Cowboys and it goes against the grain for Jerry Jones to do anything that might really help the team. Let Jerry stick with signing thugs, malcontents, and players past their prime.
    It will be another decade before they win a playoff game.

  9. I think its great. As a Skins fan my first thought was how he would bring some leadership to the team. That is something I of course do not want to see. Kepp up the good work Jerry. If it ws not for Jimmy Johnson building those teams of the 90’s you would be considered as bad as ol’ Danny boy.

  10. So what happened to his office, why set one up if you haven’t done a deal? Another baseless rumor perhaps?

  11. HAILSKINS says:
    February 4th, 2009 at 9:31 pm
    If it ws not for Jimmy Johnson building those teams of the 90’s you would be considered as bad as ol’ Danny boy.
    Johnson didn’t build them, Herschal Walker did lol

  12. So in other words, Jones wouldn’t give Reeves any authority over how the team would be run, so Reeves said, “thanks, but no thanks.”
    Fine by me. I don’t want anyone in there who might help the Cowboys succeed.

  13. Jerruh isn’t about to hire anyone who isn’t going to tell him what he wants to hear. Kind of like Al Davis.

  14. It’s also unknown whether the Cowboys will look elsewhere for a senior-level consultant to help this underachieving franchise improve.
    Just like Oakland, the Boys already have an under performing senior consultant, unfortanutely they are both team owners. And you thought the only over paid under performing CEO’s were on Wall Street. The gold mine that Pete Rozelle built, and Paul Tagliabue perpetuated hides a multitude of errors by team managements.
    The drama in Dallas continues……..

  15. Bwhahahahhahahaaahhaahahahhahahahaaa….!
    (Oh, sorry…., Ahem.)
    It is unlike Jerry Jones to be so complacent with status quo mediocrity, and so I have to say that I am surprised again by his inaction. I predicted he would pursue a franchise-type head coach recently (namely Mike Shanahan), but no action by Jones followed my prediction. He let an number of assistants walk, he let others interview, and he stuck with Wade Phillips to the surprise of many.
    Now the Dan Reeves discussion fall apart without explanation. That leaves Jerry and Wade still joined at the hip.
    We know the objection was not money related. Dan would command a big sack of cash, but Jerry’s never been shy about paying it out. So the sticking point had to be control.
    If Jerry offered Dan responsibility for the result without the authority to fix the problems his way, then maybe it’s smart for Dan or Jerry or both to say “Thanks, but no thanks!”

  16. Just when I thought Jerry couldn’t mess things up any worse.
    The signal that this sends to other potential “consultants” is deafening.
    Translation: Jerry will bring you in to consult, and then tell you how to consult.
    Al Davis 2.0 is out of Beta and in RC1.

  17. Everyone knows you hire Wade Phillips when you have had enough of Reeves, not the other way around.

  18. This should be the new reality show, not one about T.O….. WHO WANTS TO CONTROL JERRY JONES’ FANTASY TEAM?!… ahem, yeah… no one.

  19. That was a close one!
    I really thought Jerry Jones was sincerely going to make a smart decision.
    But I’m glad to see that Jerry Jones is the same old Jerry Jones who’s not willing to share the executive floor with another celebrity.
    Art Blank must have called just in time and reminded Jones that Reeves was a celebrity in Atlanta and would become an instant celebrity in Dallas.

  20. Great reporting that beat reporter that “Reeves is settling in.” I also noticed that Tony Gonzalez wants a trade… no he doesnt… well, maybe… it depends. The integrity of the journalism profession continues to improve.
    Florio – why aren’t you weeding out these wannabes? They are dragging you down.

  21. Seems pretty clear that the TO show lives another day.
    Jerry cares more about the show than winning.
    He’s got to fill the new stadium some how/.

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