We suppose it’s fitting that a team whose primary internal mouthpiece, John Herrera, accused a local writer of having a “smoke pot . . . smokin’ buddy” has a running back on the roster who apparently has a “smoke pot . . . smokin’ buddy.”
In a profanity-laden video at WorldStarHipHop.com, a man calling himself “Yukmouth” visits the house of Raiders running back Justin Fargas while rambling about smoking marijuana and carrying what either is a large marijuana cigarette — or a small baseball bat.
Though Fargas isn’t shown smoking any marijuana, his presence in the video could be enough to get the NFL to begin sniffing around.  Under the league’s substance abuse policy, a player can be put into Stage One of the program if the Medical Director concludes that the player has engaged in conduct that “exhibits physical, behavioral, or psychological signs or symptoms of misuse or abuse of substances of abuse.”
Meanwhile, Michael Phelps says that he thinks it’s no big deal.


  1. Lil’ Huggy Bear is into turkey bags, what a surprise. He parlays a few good games 2 years ago into a big extension. Typical Raider contract, but it’s time to DeAngelo him.

  2. What do you expect from the son of the guy who played Huggy Bear???
    Simpsons episode from 1995:
    At the Ace Awards, Dick Cavett stands at the podium.
    Dick: Well, my time’s almost up here, so, uh, I’d just like to say…I know Woody Allen.
    [a couple of people clap halfheartedly]
    Homer: And now the winner for the most promising new series on cable: “Old Starsky and Hutches”. [funky music starts]
    Announcer: Accepting the award is the son of the guy who played Huggy Bear.

  3. Well, you can go ahead and bank on Justin Fargas getting at least a 4-game ban for that little cameo considering he’s associating with someone who buys multiple kilos of weed and hash at a time. When will these guys learn that cameras are not their friends and stop letting these fools put them in stuff that gets broadcast all over the world in a matter of seconds?

  4. I think if the government were to sell Marijuana it might just be able to help us out of the recession. I think it should only be used for Medicinal purposes though, not if your just some jobless burnout that thinks it’s cool to get baked on your moms couch all day. And as far as Fargas goes, what the hell did he do wrong?? Watch the video, he’s drinking with his boys and then the Yukmouth came in with what appeared to be a chunky “BLUNT” and ask Mr.Fargas a few questions, he didn’t smoke with him in fact the only thing Justin did wrong was implicate himself as a friend of the Yukmouth. I think everyone out there has a friend that doesn’t always follow the rules, but your still friends with them. I don’t know but i didnt see anything wrong with it.

  5. This guy reminds me of Samson Simpson from the movie Half Baked. I WANNA TALK TO SAMSON!!!

  6. It’s a tough blend for professional athletes who are minorities in the sports world. “Yukmouth” is an emcee (or rapper) from the bay area. Obviously I don’t know Justin Fargas but I would assume he was out there hanging out with a local rapper who I assume is a fan of the Raiders. Athletes appear in music videos and things like that all the time usually because their shared fame with these rappers gives them something in common and often become friends. Daunte Culpepper even has a cameo in a “big tymers” video! Check it out Florio ha….these guys just have to be careful hanging out with their friends especially with video cameras being everywhere like CELLPHONES. Nothing wrong with ‘keepin it real’ and hanging out with a friend who’s a rapper and is known to puff on occasion…they just have to be careful, and not ‘partake’ and such.

  7. here’s the link Yukmouth – JTF’s Smoke-A-Thon Entry Pt. 2! “Step Your Smoke Game Up” Hes Got His Team “The Fantastic Four (Snoop Dogg, Devin The Dude, B Legit)

  8. The fact that Michael Phelps smokes marijuana and is also the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time goes to show you how false much of anti-marijuana propaganda really is.
    He’s achieved the epitome of athletic success in this world and smokes marijuana?!? How can that be? Marijuana makes you lazy, stupid, and ineffectual I thought? Or at least that’s what the government tells you.
    Retards who smoke marijuana are retards because that’s just how they are. Good citizens who smoke marijuana are still good people, not demonized terrorist-supporting addicts who are just waiting to get their hands on harder stuff.

  9. How could you be some dumb as to allow somebody to film you for a weed smoking contest video, after having a decent season, talking about how high another guy gets at your house. Then allow the man to show off his weed and talk about buying more at your home while your present. I don’t even let people comment on my myspace page like that cause I know the local cops look at it, and I dont make millions of dollars like Fargas and Im not on tape or do I get random drug tests. If Mercelles Bentley gets fined for rapping I wonder what happens when your in a drug supporting video with a rapper?

  10. How come no one noted that in said video “Yukmouth” clearly states (early on) that Fargas (using slang) doesn’t smoke or light up.
    Based on the NFL policy, since that is stated (though it is stupid for Fargas to be in this video, and in his own home no less) that he doesn’t smoke weed, I can’t see how the NFL could make any kind of case against him.
    In other words, he gets a warning, no fine, and is smart enough not to be in another video like this again (at least with his cooperation).
    He is lucky his pot smoking buddy gave that throw away line in there.

  11. man, west coast hip-hop blows is this cat suppose to be famous? i never heard of no yukmouth but after hearing his bad music i know why

  12. Well it worked for Santonio Holmes didn’t it? If he wasn’t smoking the blunt its no big deal.

  13. this guy says “step your smoke game up” then hits the blunt 3 times and doesn’t inhale? When he finally inhales, he coughs up a lung…haha
    however i gotta admit…those turkey bags look proper!

  14. considering the “marty b” video that came out last week, i’ll give fargas a pass here. it’s not smart, but this video ought not to merit a suspension in and of itself.
    of note; under state law, nothing illegal happened here. a guy with a prescription for (and in possession of) marijuana went over to a friends house and used it for his own personal consumption in the form of a hand rolled cigarette.
    the upshot of this is that fargas has a friend who smokes turkey bags of pot and acts the fool. there is nothing here that proves that fargas consumes marijuana or drugs of any kind. there is no smoking gun (bong) photo ala michael phelps.

  15. If they could find a way to test to see if you are high at the moment, they would legalize it. They would tax the crap out of it and treat it like alcohol. No driving, working, operating heaviy equipment, etc. Until then, you are going to get in trouble for associating with people like this, whether they are friends or not, and everyone has a cellphone with a video and/or still camera, so you will always be at risk. There will be people out there more than happy to sell you down the river for money.

  16. As soon as big business “lobbies” the politicians to legalize, then it will immediately become as moral and legal as was done for alcohol.

  17. Far be it for me to be all judgemental because lord knows I’m not perfect. In fact I dont even have a problem per se with the weed and even hip hop because I listen to it. Well, REAL hip hop anyways. its just the way everyone was acting. I suppose at one point were all young and have our punkass/dumbass phase in our lives. But some people remain dumbasses and never grow out of it. Me personally I would never be associated with all those hood talking undistinguised assclowns..And those would b the kind of girls you would attract to. No thanks. Just because you have a lot of dinero it doesnt mean itll get you intelligence/class/maturity

  18. I’d love to comment but I have no clue what he said. Something about Thanksgiving maybe?

  19. A drug policy cannot prevent drug use, period, because random tests are not actually 100% random.
    A player knows the likelihood of a random test. Given this, the player has a window of opportunity to use. After a player is tested a window of opportunity opens because he’s not going to be tested the next day or the day after or the day after that. And drug testing is seasonal. While we believe that a player is holding out from mini-camp or preseason because he wants a new contract, could it be that he’s literally buying time for the drugs in his body to flush out? Although he pays a fine for reporting late, it’s better than entering Stage 1.
    About Phelps: He should start watching Cold Case Files or Forensic Files. He could have said that he was baited into placing the device up to his mouth but wasn’t using as evidenced by the lack of smoke anywhere inside or outside of the device. I would have believed him.

  20. It’s time for the whiny potheads to quit repeating their mantra all the time, “Duuuh, it’s time to make weed legal.”
    This is the same loser mentality that has infiltrated our schools and has many of our young people in a permanent state of I-Don’t-Care-About-Anything-itis.

  21. While I think that marijuana should be legal, I’d pay a decent amount of money to watch this guy get the living shit kicked out of him.

  22. Willie McGinest is longtime friends with Snoop Dogg and he never gets talked about choosing who his are. At least hes not Rae Carruth or Ray Lewis or OJ Simpson and putting themselves (or rumored to be) in situations that can actually hurt other people and cause harm. So you can’t be friends with people who do anything wrong? You suspend Fargas then you might as well start suspending players for speeding tickets too…after all breaking the law is breaking the law.

  23. First off ActionJackson, that’s not the “official” Raiders message board. It’s a fan site.
    Second, it’s well documented that Fargas is/has been involved in the Hip Hop business as an artist and producer. Bad choice of a cameo, absolutely. But as someone else pointed out, it was said that he doesn’t smoke.

  24. “This is the same loser mentality that has infiltrated our schools and has many of our young people in a permanent state of I-Don’t-Care-About-Anything-itis.”
    That didn’t stop me for getting my Masters or my wife from getting passing the BAR. This statement is an inept argument from keeping a harmless leisure activity from becoming legal. People who have that mentality have it whether or not they smoke.

  25. as soon as some big and well connected bidness figures out how to patent it, yes it would become legal.
    hemp etc is a very useful plant. george washington among others used to grow it.
    instead… we get to keep the corporadoes going.

  26. I’m an ethnobotanist and that thing he’s holding appears to be a sprig of the Rhododendron Pentanthera.

  27. There goes his endorsement deal from “Mel’s Pawn Shop” of Compton and the “World Series of Dice”.
    Old Huggy Blunt is hurting now.

  28. Nothing should come of this.
    Also, and I hate to say it, Hip Hop culture’s glorification of weed has given it an even worse reputation over the years. This group of people and their stupidity towards the subject, has set organizations like N.O.R.M.L. back by a good ten years.

  29. Was he holding a 40oz.and a flashing piece? As in, I’ll pull my piece out and pop a cap in your ass.
    Carring less than a oz. of weed, pot, cannibis or maryjane is now legal in Massachusetts.You’ll only receive a $1oo ticket, if they decide to write you a one.
    I wonder how this will play out in the NFL. If a player is caught smoking a big fat blunt in Massachusetts and since the law is not nationwide, and it does goes against the NFL policy, what happens? Who has precedence over this? I think the state takes precedence.

  30. Fargas has got to be a real fool to even hang out with idiots like these guys.It is unbelievable to me that Fargas would risk his career and reputation by hanging out with such low life trash.

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