Several news outlets, including and the Dallas Morning News, have been pointing out serious problems regarding the letter that Lucille Hester read during Saturday’s press conference in Tampa.
The letter supposedly was written by Bob Hayes prior to his death, with the understanding that she’d read it upon his election to the Hall of Fame.
And while Mike Fisher of has set forth in excruciating detail the case against Lucille Hester, Brad Townsend of the Dallas Morning News points out another major flaw contained in the letter, apart from the obvious conflict between the signature appearing on the letter and Hayes’ “real” signature.
Apparently, the letter reflects a font that didn’t exist at the time the letter supposedly was written.
Specifically, the 1999 letter contains Calibri typeface, which wasn’t released by Microsoft until 2007.
So, absence a damn good explanation from Ms. Hester, one of the most compelling moments from Saturday’s press conference wasn’t real.


  1. Opps…..
    Speaking of letters, anything new on the Dan Rooney letter Florio? I “talked” with Bob Smizik about it and he felt it was a fake. I see somebody paid $600 bucks for it.

  2. It’s def. Calabri font, there is no question about it. Just look at the picture of the letter in the link.
    I’m not a font expert but the Calabri font was a huge hit in my old office when it first came out and only us with new laptops had MS Office 2007. The old computers in the office had the older MS Word and they couldn’t use Calabri font. Anyway, there was a ton of stuff that came across my desk and half was Calabri and half was the old default font (new times roman i think?) and Calabri is very distinctive.
    Also the Office 2007 changes the way documents are spaced. Now you could replicate that on the old MS Word but that would require changing some settings around whereas it would be default in the 2007 version of the program. The pic in that story is the one that reflects the default spacing of the new MS Word/Office program as well as the new, default font.
    The only way that letter could be authentic is if Hayes invented the font before he died. Since this is highly unlikely it is a forgery.

  3. – She invented the font first!
    – She was possessed by the ghost of Hayes and he typed it through her.
    – She copied it from a hand written note that was lost.
    – Hayes is still alive!

  4. So, uhh… Why was this nobody person who read a letter she wrote up reading for the guy, and not some one from his, you know, immediate family?

  5. I am defending whether or not the letter or the lady is fake or not…
    But I will answer the question regarding an explanation for the font:
    It could have been typed on something other than Microsoft Office! It might be the most popular word processing software, but its not the only one.

  6. My theory is this……It was either Vox in drag (or Sunday best) or the word fraud just resonates when Cowgirls are involved……There, I solved the mystery….

  7. Joe 6-pack says:
    February 4th, 2009 at 4:42 pm
    So, uhh… Why was this nobody person who read a letter she wrote up reading for the guy, and not some one from his, you know, immediate family?
    That’s a really good question! Could I just show up at a hall of fame ceremony and claim to be some dead player’s relative and get on stage?

  8. Follow the link:
    “The font used is Calibri,” said Lucas de Groot, a Dutch type designer and founder of LucasFonts of Berlin, Germany.
    How can de Groot be certain it is Calibri? He designed the font in 2003 for Microsoft, though the font wasn’t available to the public until it debut on Microsoft Office 2007.

  9. “It was either Vox”
    Do you ever get tired of thinking about me? You realize that I laugh my ass off at the fact that at least 90% of everything you post on PFT contains a reference to me, right?
    That said, nobody’s going to be able to do a proper analysis from a slanted photo of a document. It’s possible that it was created using WordPerfect or some other text editing software that’s not MS-related. At first I thought it looked identical to Verdana except for the lower case “g”, which is the same style as the one used by Calibri.

  10. Leave it to Vox to offer an alternative theory instead of just admitting that Hester is a fraud and the Cowboys look bad, sort of like their last game of the season when they played themselves out of the playoffs with that 44-6 squeaker.
    The reason people mention Vox is simple; he is a Cowboy apologist and foil for all things Cowboys. He will defend the indefensible (TO mainly) cite useless statistics as something meaningful and argue against what is common sense and obvious. Namely that the Cowboys have a lot of talent on the roster but can’t seem to even win a playoff game. I believe its been over a decade, right Vox?
    My suggestion Vox is to not service as many Cowboys, cut back a little and let them keep their strength for the football field.

  11. eatyourguitar wrote: “Should have used Officina Sans”
    I know, right? I’m partial to Times New Roman myself. But she had to get all grandiose – frauds tend to do that.
    Bill Gates takes another one down!

  12. not defending her or anything. don’t know many details of the story. but couldn’t she have retyped the original letter not wanting to risk taking the original outside?

  13. It could have been typed and saved on a disk in 1999 and then opened in Word in 2007 in any font she wanted. This proves nothing unless she’s stated that it had been printed way back then.
    Is that the case?

  14. So I guess this proves Hayes is not dead. This just in, Bob Hayes is……Dead. Breaking News, Bob Hayes is in fact dead which leave the only other explanation. Bob Hayes is a GHOST. Scareeeey Stuff!

  15. Umm… does the font really matter? Why do we need a font analyzer to realize “Hayes” incorrectly spells the name of the quarterback that threw to him (Staubach not Stauback), incorrectly spells the name of a team he played for (49ers not 49rs) and incorrectly spells the name of the “high school” he attended (Matthew Gilbert not Mathew Gilbert). “He” also refers to the HOF as the “NFL Hall of Fame” in the second paragraph, which is not correct because it’s the Pro Football HOF, they are affiliated but other pro leagues are included. I think these three things alone are the giveaways, not what font she picked in the process.

  16. Maybe she simply copied the original into a Word2007 window for printing.

    It could have been typed and saved on a disk in 1999 and then opened in Word in 2007 in any font she wanted. This proves nothing unless she’s stated that it had been printed way back then.

    OK, Einsteins … then how did the reprinted copy get BOB HAYES’ AUTOGRAPH?!?!?!?

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