Chiefs running back Larry Johnson, whose status has gotten lost in the shuffle of a G.M. search, an evaluation of former head coach Herm Edwards, and an effort to find a new head coach, has reiterated his desire to get out of town.
In an interview on 610 Sports in Kansas City, Johnson made his case for a “clean break.”
He said that Kansas isn’t “a fit for me anymore,” pointing generally to the “environment and things that went on.” 
“No sense of delaying the inevitable . . . I think it’s time for us to break ties,” Johnson said.
The interview began with a quote from the film Scarface, which Johnson specifically requested.
“You’re all a bunch of f–king assholes,” Al Pacino as Tony Montana said in the quote.  “You know why?  You don’t have the guts to be what you wanna be.  You need people like me.  You need people like me so you can point your f–king fingers and say, ‘That’s the bad guy.’ 
“So, what [does] that make you, good?  You’re not good.  You just know how to hide, how to lie.  Me, I don’t have that card.  Me, I always tell the truth, even when I lie.”
So how did Johnson explain the reason for requesting that quote?  “That’s sometimes how I feel when I go in and out of Kansas City,” Johnson said.
“They can easily release me.  They can easily trade me,” Johnson explained as to a question regarding the team’s ability under the cap to clear out his big-money deal, signed less than two years ago.
Johnson’s venom was vaguely directed at the “organization,” but not at the players or the coaches.  He complained that, when Dick Vermeil was head coach, the team tried to trade him to Tampa. 
Johnson also complained about the fact that the team tried to trade him last season.
Citing a “code of ethics,” he objected to his perception that “they’ve been trying to trade me ever since I got there.”  (Except, of course, when they gave him that huge contract that he’d now like to ignore.)
As to Kansas City itself, he said that he heard boos when he went to a local basketball game, and boos and “snickering” when he went out in the Kansas City area.
“At a point I didn’t even want to leave my house,” Johnson said.
He insisted that he’s not “misunderstood,” claiming that the team has made no effort to understand him.
Johnson said that one of the “suits” in the organization once told Johnson’s father that the running back “walk[s] around like a rapper.”  Johnson complained that the organization has been worried about things other than football.
He made the case for not being a “cancer in the locker room” based on his contention that his music always plays before games, and that teammates ask him about clothing, lifestyle, and where to go on vacation.
“That’s not being a cancer,” Johnson said.  “You get that information from guys who don’t want me here.”  
Johnson said that he hasn’t spoken to new G.M. Scott Pioli, and that Johnson doesn’t plan to.  Johnson also said he hasn’t spoken with any of his teammates.
He said that he prefers playing for an East Coast team, even though his mom apparently would like to see him be a member of the Dallas Cowboys.
Despite the fact that his comments are coming more than three weeks before the launch of free agency, when the big money tends to flow, Johnson doesn’t seem to be insisting on a trade or a release before February 27.  And he never said that he won’t show up for mandatory offeseason activities or training camp.
It’s a smart move on his part, given that he is signed for four more seasons.  Like the Bengals proved a year ago to another player previously named Johnson, the player doesn’t have the right to fire the team.
Still, we think that Johnson should be a bit more open-minded regarding his position on this.  Calling the Chiefs a “rebuilding” operation, Johnson said:  “I’ve done what I’ve done for Kansas City, and I’m not getting no younger and the team is getting a lot younger.”    
Former Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor felt the same way a year ago as a new regime took over in Miami, led by the father-in-law of the guy who’s now running the show in Kansas City.  Nearly a year later, we’ve got a feeling that Taylor would have preferred staying put in the town that Tony Montana once ruled.

50 responses to “L.J. WANTS OUT

  1. John – pretty good except the Chiefs might have to add more than that, like a 5th and LJ. Not sure BB would want him though.
    LJ’s other option is on the third shift at some plant. With all the garbage his off the field antics bring with him I would not want my team to bring him on board. That and his attitude stinks.

  2. “1st, 3rd, and LJ to Patriots for Cassel”
    I’m sure the Patriots would jump on that deal in a minute. But do you really think pioli is that stupid? The Chiefs will N E V E R give up that much for Cassel.

  3. Larry Johnson has more mileage on his tires than a cross country trucker. If it wasn’t for the salary cap hit, I’ll bet Pioli would be happy to grant his wish and watch Johnson make less money elsewhere ala Brian Kelly.

  4. the people in kansas city are booing because he keeps giving their women vodka/7-up baths. and punching them in the face.
    that and he’s a upper mediocre back at best which doesn’t put him anywhere near earning his contract.

  5. Pulling quotes like that from Scarface as means of justifying his behaviour isn’t a solid career move as far as getting teams to believe he’s not a bad character guy. Stupid. RB’s are a dime a dozen in the NFL and he’s about to find out he’s not half as important as he thinks he is on a football field.

  6. As a Pats fan myself, John, your trade is not realilistic at all. Also, I wouldn’t want that turd on my team. The Pats are well stocked at RB. At least Cory Dillon accomplished something in his carrer.

  7. He says Kansas is not a fit anymore? You play in Kansas City,Missouri not Kansas. I think I speak for alot of people here in Kansas City that this guy has worn out his welcome. He runs toward the line half ass and does not even try to block on passing downs. The Chiefs need to wash there hands and kick you to the curb.

  8. Johnson was dominant… with a dominant line.
    That line has mostly moved on and Johnson is only dominant in spurts.

  9. LJ wants out of KC?
    Listen-up LJ, EVERYONE IN KC WANTS YOU OUT OF KC! Fans, management, the other players…everyone wants you out of KC because nobody can stand your stupid little act.
    What apparently you fail to realize because you’re not the sharpest tool (well, you ARE a tool…) in the shed is that your childish, criminal, immature, disrespectful behavior has basically made it almost impossible for the Chiefs to trade you anywhere. No one wants your punk act. Not if they have to give up anything for you. You’re not worth it. And you’re a locker-room cancer.
    If I were in charge, I’d cut you outright and take the cap hit. It would still be addition by subtraction.

  10. tony g not only deserves the trade, he found a classy way to go about it
    larry j looks like he only deserves unemployment

  11. “He made the case for not being a “cancer in the locker room” based on his contention that his music always plays before games, and that teammates ask him about clothing, lifestyle, and where to go on vacation.”
    Wow! How stupid can this guy be? Notice they’re not asking you about what it takes to be a professional, a good citizen, and a stand-up human being.
    There are a lot of selfish, me-first athletes who know nothing about reality – but Loser Johnson really takes the cake.
    Congrats dude, you are the worst of the worst.

  12. Um…KC wants him out too!! They’ve tried to move him a few times before. If he could see beyond his ego he would remember teams didn’t want to touch him, so he’s had to keep his diaper show in KC due to his bad attitude. He’s a jerk, crybaby, and a malcontent. He’d have been gone long before he said he wants out if he would’ve cut the crap.

  13. Corey Dillon wasn’t half the problem guy that people made out. He was simply tired of being on a losing team. He might’ve made an off-the-field mistake, but it wasn’t any kind of trend or recurring problem like alot of the players that have come down the pike since then.

  14. he isnt dominant at all, unless the other team (denver) doesnt show up to play.
    this guy is the prototypical overpaid and underperforming cancer. he exhibits no leadership whatsoever.
    whipping up on women and then hiding behing bodyguards and quoting scarface isnt manly.
    people may take issue with vermeil the crier, but dick was and is right – johnson is a baby. he also is not and never has been an every down back.
    while they could trade tony g for something of value, if they cant get squat for this mattoid in trade, just cut him.
    and that sends a message. especially at the tail end of camp.

  15. CaptainFantastik I agree with you. Dillon was moody, and I think the Pats didn’t use him enough back in 05.

  16. also, they probably ask him for vacation destinations so they know where to avoid in case they bump into him

  17. Dan Snyder and Jim Zorn are listening? He would be an improvement and insurance considering the crap going on with Clinton Portis.

  18. Dont know what KC could get for him given his performance in recent years, but if its in the neighborhood of a #2, id be all over it like flies on shit. 95% chance this guy does absolutely nothing with the next team he’s on.

  19. Will ESPN rush to his defense and trash the KC fans for booing? Like they do when a Philadelphia athlete is involved?
    I am betting no.
    Can’t imagine there are too many takers for LJ – he has the paranoia of Stalin, the victim mentality of McNabb, and more mileage than a used ’77 AMC Gremlin.

  20. What a chump. We will all be reading about how this dude endeded up living under a highway bypass with no money in a very short time.
    Spoiled rotten jocks that respect only thier wackiest thoughts really piss me off.
    And to think this dud went to Penn State.
    Good riddance I say.

  21. Dear LJ. My Chiefs would gladly trade you if there was a single team out there that wanted a women beating, Jay Z wanna be, thug like your self. If you didn’t want to be here then why did you sign that contract two years ago? To quote one Dick Vermeil “It’s time to take off your diapers.” Guess Dick was right you worthless piece of trash. As for cancer in the locker room, that is what you are. I’ve been told that personally from several people you share that same room with. I hope you pull a Cheddar Bob real soon.

  22. A bunch of fat internet warriors who are mediocre at their jobs and have the luxury of not having their every move scrutinized by an overzealous sports media.
    Hence, you morons will never understand what it’s like to be a guy like Larry Johnson.
    I saw their win against Denver this year – dude was a monster in that game. He put the team on his back and racked up like 200 total yards, all while taking a pounding all day from the Denver tacklers.
    So now he wants out because he feels it’s not a good fit anymore. Not for him, not for the team. And he’s been saying it for a while now, with plenty of time for the team to do something about it.
    What’s wrong about that?


  24. “Johnson’s venom was vaguely directed at the “organization,” but not at the players or the coaches. He complained that, when Dick Vermeil was head coach, the team tried to trade him to Tampa.
    Johnson also complained about the fact that the team tried to trade him last season.”
    So let me get this straight, he wants a trade because he’s mad..that they wanted to trade him?

  25. Hey Vic, The majority of people of this town want his ass gone. He has been accused/charged numerous times for either assaulting a women and once for showing a weapon. His act has grown old in this city, and not many people will shed a tear when he is gone. Ive heard explayers say that only a very few even like talking to him because he thinks he is so much better than anyone else. You say how great he did against Denver, why shouldnt he? Hes getting paid alot of money. My question to you is, Did you watch any other games where he gave a half ass effort in blocking for his QB? Or when he walked off the field crying like a little baby because he couldnt gain a yard. Then making comments about his players to the media. He is a cancer to this team and the sooner they run his ass out here the better.

  26. @phillyburdzfan
    I hope your joking. Gonzo is still a pro-bowl caliber player. Brown and Sheppard are your team’s version of trash (weren’t they both inactive late in the season and during playoffs?)
    That’s like saying ‘You give me your Big Mac and some of those ketchup packets and I’ll give you this straw I’ve been chewing on and some bits of string’

  27. Pieces of sh*t like Larry Johnson don’ t deserve the opportunity to play. After using a quote like that, who the hell would want him? I hope he injures himself off the field and never collects another NFL paycheck.

  28. Why would the Pats want LJ? They have Lawrence Maroney. He did pretty well when he wasn’t on IR.

  29. John says:
    February 4th, 2009 at 12:01 pm
    1st, 3rd and LJ to Patriots for Cassel.
    I’ll take the 1st and 3rd…heck I’d even just take KC’s 1st round pick….but I certainly won’t take any picks that come packaged with LJ.
    1. Let’s start with Sammy Morris and Maroney. Throw in a little Kevin Faulk and BenJarvis Green Ellis and the possible resigning of Lamont Jordan. Why in the world would Patriots fans want LJ?
    2. The next thing that most NFL fans have to realize is that running backs are over rated. Sure the position is very important, but if recent history has shown us anything, it is that an individual running back is no where near as important as the position itself. LJ, LT, Edgerin James, Shaun Alexander, etc… etc… etc… Two or three years removed from “superstar” status and their teams are (or have) pushed them out the door. LT was supposed to be the greatest player ever and he scored 31 TD in a single year and then fell off the face of the earth the next year. Look at the top running backs in the league, almost all of them are rookies or close to rookies.
    3. Combine this with the fact that the Patriots are a passing offense with the likes of Tom Brady, Wes Welker and Randy Moss on the team. When every single team in the league looks at that lineup they all are concerned about the pass, not the run. Now you may argue that adding a “superstar” runner would make it even more dangerous, but I would counter with: corner back, safety, line backer pretty much the rest of the defence. When your offense was (and when Brady gets back probably will be again) the #1 offense in the NFL but your D is an aging mess of players does it really make sense to go out and look for a 6th running back?
    Especially a washed up player like Larry Johnson.

  30. Vic,
    Dude. You or I could run for 150 and 2 scores against Denver. Please.
    Of course, the team shares some blame – he has been a problem for a while and they stuck with him because he’s capable of huge production. Now that he starts to slow down they suspend him for assaulting women in public. Wasn’t a problem the first 3 times he did it.
    They are getting what they deserve. This is a trend in the NFL, these teams want to show the player’s “who’s boss” and it ends badly. Lito Sheppard, Terrell Owens, Jeremy Shockey. It amazes me – any other sport, they’d move the guy. Simple as that.

  31. LJ apparently doesn’t know his value. Faulk, Alexander, Holmes, Lewis, McGahee, James, Jones, Green, McCallister, and Dunn all were great players who declined over the years really quick. LJ needs to realize that he is who we think he is. If he is a good HB, then go ahead and prove it.

  32. New England will trade Matt Cassel to the Cheifs for LJ and a third round draft pick.just wait and see

  33. “He said that he prefers playing for an East Coast team, even though his mom apparently would like to see him be a member of the Dallas Cowboys.”
    Sign him up, Jerry.

  34. jerseyguy – Not enough value for Cassel in that trade. If Roy E. Williams was worth a 1st, 3rd and another pick Cassel is worth a lot more.

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