One of the most overlooked aspects of the closing moments of Super Bowl XLIII is that Steelers receiver Santonio Holmes used the ball as a prop after his game-winning touchdown reception.
Using the football as a make-believe can of talcum powder, Santonio held the ball in his right hand and pretended to shake the powder onto his left palm.
He then threw the ball into the air, like the white cloud that LeBron James has become known for sending skyward.



Good stuff.  But the move should have resulted in a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.
For reasons still not known or apparent, the officials didn’t throw the flag.
“I wasn’t even thinking about it,” Holmes told me during Tuesday night’s “exclusive” (i.e., no other reporters were on the phone at the time) interview. “I wouldn’t have even cared about it if I did. It definitely wasn’t on my mind.”
But Holmes then pointed out that, if the move had drawn a flag, he “probably” would have cared later.
The chances of caring later “probably” would have increased dramatically, if the Steelers had been forced to kick off from their own 15 — and if the Cardinals had found a way in the final 35 seconds to score a touchdown.
So it’s likely that Holmes’ only consequence will be a $10,000 fine. I asked him whether he’d happily pay it.
“What do you think I’m going to do?” he said. “Fight the league?”
He was laughing when he said that. But if that flag had been thrown and if the Cardinals had scored a touchdown to win the game, Holmes might have never laughed again.


  1. If TO did it there would have been flags still being thrown on Monday.
    Refs blew this game badly imo. Not reviewing the fumble, not flagging that (which most likely would have resulted in Arizona starting out near the 50 instead of the 35).

  2. Had the fumble been reviewed, it would have resulted in illegal touching by the O-lineman. Which would hav resulted in a 10 second runoff. Which would have ended the game anyway. Irrelavent.

  3. Like i said before and now it was said on Official Review. Holmes does this well after the initial celebration and the refs are no longer looking by the time he does it.
    Refs also blew the 15 yard penalty against Warner for removing his helmet

  4. mike pereira, last night on the nfl network, said the use of the football as a prop occurred so long after the play was over, no ref saw it. not really an excuse, but at least now you know.
    he also said the last play was a fumble. the booth should have buzzed down to the field to look at it again, but it most definently was a fumble.
    please, everyone, stop the bitching and whinning now. plays are made and missed like this in every game. if you don’t recognize that, then you don’t know football.

  5. I can also be a great sleep aid.
    James Harrison took some of me and fell right asleep after kicking the crap out of that woman

  6. Ferrera (sp?) did a great job reviewing that play on NFLN last night. He showed the official who made the TD call watching their celebration intently. Once they broke up and went to the sideline…the official left to get in position for the extra point. You can see him walking away and in the background of the shot of Holmes doing his thing. So the official did his job, but just not long enough. He said it should have been called.

  7. Waaah. Waaah. Waaaah.
    The Emperor of Referees was on NFL Network last night and said it would have been a penalty if they’d have seen it. They broke it down and showed that Santonio didn’t start doing it until the ref had turned and started walking away. They didn’t need 3 angles and 2 days on the fumble, there was a clear unobstructed view and ball clearly moved in his hand before his hand started coming forward.
    So, in summation, wanting something to be true does not make it so. May your tissues last until training camp. I know my smile will.

  8. Mike Pereira explained this pretty well (with video proof) on NFL Total Access.
    1) It should have been a penalty.
    However, this celebration took place a solid minute after the touchdown. The official on the spot watched Holmes and the Steelers celebrate. Initially the team mobbed him, but it was all legal. In the video, you can see the official start to turn and run to set up for the point after try. His back was to Holmes. The other officials were either setting up for the PAT or they were getting ready for the replay review.
    The referees did their job. Holmes got extremely lucky that the celebration came so far after the play the official had to start focusing on their next job.
    That being said, this is a stupid rule. As long as a celebration isn’t a taunting gesture or a significant delay of game, than it shouldn’t be a penalty. (Anyone remember the Chargers’ Alfred Pupunu and his coconut celebration? How great was that?)

  9. Yeah and Warner should have been flagged when he ripped his helmet off on the field after the 1st “fumble” that called back as an incomplete pass. This happened as he was arguing to the refs……

  10. – Bill
    Peter Kings says in both his Monday and Tuesday articles the booth upstairs reviewed the play and thought it was obviously a fumble. They didn’t see the need to send it to the refs.
    (which it was the correct call, the ball was making a backwards rotation, hence lost control, hence fumble)
    If it was overturned in error and the Cardinals won, there would have been 10 times the controversy

  11. How many times did Warner take his helmet off on the field? Don’t know ? Watch the game. 15 yards every time, add it up then shut the hell up !

  12. the refs are very inconsistent when calling those kind of penalties.
    the players are just plain jackasses.

  13. I heard Mike Pereria on NFL Network and Terry McAulay on Sirius NFL Radio yesterday. Both claim that they simply did not see it. Pereria tried to defend the refs by saying it took place so long after the TD and that they thought the celebration was over.

  14. OK, Mr. Florio. You spent how much time…and spent how much Pepsi/Sprint money on this trip? And you got this?
    I suggest you discontinue drinking so deeply from the three rivers.

  15. I watched it again on my DVR last night to confirm what the NFL said. It was definately a penalty and would of been called, but the celebration was delayed by the review of weather or not it was a TD catch. By the time it was determined, the Ref’s were walking away, Had thier backs turned and were focusing on the extra point.
    My honest opinion for what it’s worth….. who cares. The Card’s lost the game when they left too much time on the clock. Quit making excuses. Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

  16. Bill, not to mention blowing the obvious block in the back on the James Harrison INT..
    Dont worry Santonio, you’re a Steeler, you won’t get in trouble for this.

  17. Well Florio, your team one, so we’re sure you’re jumping
    for joy now that the flag ordeal is untouchable.
    I would have rather seen AZ’s last play from Pits 14 yard
    line, instead of their 29 yard line. Warner would have
    gotten a pass off faster, maybe the outcome of the game
    would have been much different. A more nail biting moment

  18. I wouldnt go as far as saying the refs blew the game. But I would agree that the refs should have reviewed the last fumble officially. its the last play of the superbowl and its controversial you have to have a review. I would also agree the refs were pretty bad, called too many ticky tack calls, but did not blow the game.

  19. “Refs blew this game badly imo. Not reviewing the fumble…”
    I cannot BELIEVE they didn’t review that. Really, a turnover in the last minute of the Super Bowl with the game on the line, we’re not reviewing that?
    I want to know this. How can they say his arm wasn’t going forward when the ball goes 5 yards forward from his hand? Can somebody teach some basic physics to the officials?
    Officiating was horrible all year. This was one of the worst years I can remember since 1998 – the year that was so bad we got replay again. Inconsistent penalties, absolutely blown calls, apparent blindness. This was just a crap year all around.

  20. I actually think the NFL is too uptight about these things, but their inconsistency is frustrating. In the regular season finale last year, Randy Moss got flagged and Dominic Hixon scored on the ensuing kickoff from the 15. It is a very underrated penalty. It’s not just 15 yards, it changes all the angles on kickoff coverage and gives a huge advantage to the return team. Given the overall trend this season, he definitely should have been flagged, but the play that will be used ad nauseum in League marketing promos would be diminished with a flag flying. It ruins the visual. A brilliant catch and a bonehead play spoils the magic of the moment. There’s so much about the promotion of this game, especially as it relates to officiating, that the league keeps under wraps.

  21. I’m not an Arizona fan, but come on, I’m sick of the officials deciding games. And the biggest game of all should, the officiating should have been impartial. What a joke this league has become. This is the 2nd Super Bowl in 4 years that was decided by the damn officials.

  22. This is the year of the whiner! Too funny. First, It was a fumble. They had plenty of time to see it was not worth stopping the game once again.
    Second… Santonio’s celebration was very mild. Those that want a penalty for something that didn’t effect the outcome of the game or have anything to do with actual football are hurt little girls that are sad that the team they were rooting for didn’t get it done.
    So many haters in the world.

  23. Officiating was clearly biased against the Cards in this one. OVer 100 yards of penalties for the Cards and very few for the Steelers yet clearly missed calls on the Roethlisberger TD run where he was attempted to be pulled into the endzone by an OLineman, the intentional grounding non-call that resulted in a 15 yard late hit against the Cards and Santonio’s using the ball as a prop. Nevermind the fact that this was the first SB where a team successfully challenged two calls and got a 3rd challenge… this SB was very poorly officiated.

  24. Refs blew this game badly imo. Not reviewing the fumble, not flagging that (which most likely would have resulted in Arizona starting out near the 50 instead of the 35). ___
    Yeah, plus they called a questionable holding in the end zone taking away a 3rd down conversion and giving the Cardinals a safety, and they failed to flag Warner for taking off his helmet to argue. The Cardinals could’ve been called for holding Harrison and Woodley dozens of times.
    These officiating complaints are bogus. Both teams got some calls in their favor and against them. It was a very good and exciting game. Nitpicking exercises are stupid. You could do it in ever single game, because refs can’t be perfect. It gets blown out of proportion in the Super Bowl, because its one game to fixate on.

  25. I saw a report on the NFL channel I think where the head of officials said that no flag was thrown because it was action was not seen by the official. They showed the action after the touchdown and there was an extended period of acceptable celebration by Holmes and his teammates, so much so that the officials turned to set up the extro point. You can see on the tape an official turing away from the celebration before Holmes does his thing. So players should know if they want to get away with their scripted celebration, wait until the ref turns his back!!

  26. The refs didn’t see the celebration because they were busy reviewing the catch. The celebration happened after Holmes was mobbed by his teammates. So it didn’t happen till a minute or two after the actual catch.
    People need to stop complaining about the end of game fumble. Watch a freaking replay. Woodley dislodged it from his hand before it started moving forward. All Warner did was slap the ball in mid-air.

  27. “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda”
    What if the Panthers never kicked the ball out of bounds in the final 2 minutes in the Super Bowl against the Patsy, the Panthers could have won.
    What if BB never had cameras taping signals??
    Get over it Florio, just because the Patsy’s weren’t in the playoffs doesn’t mean you have to question another teams Super Bowl win

  28. I think Kevin Garnett actually was the one that started the whole talcum powder routine as a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves. He was doing it for years before LeBron ever came into the league.

  29. I understand that what he did constitutes using the ball as a prop, and is therefore a foul, but throwing a flag for something that innocuous would have been ridiculous.
    What if a player spikes the ball? Is that a foul, too? Why not? It amounts to the same thing.
    Clamping down on excessive celebrations is necessary, but is seems the definition of “excessive” is, well… excessive.

  30. Bill in DC – I agree with you completely. The no call on Holmes’ “celebration” was the most extreme example of the most poorly officiated Super Bowl since the last time Pittsburgh was in it.

  31. The refs didn’t throw the flag because Holmes did not do the “chalk toss” until well after the TD. If you watch the game video again, you can see that the refs spend a solid 10 seconds after Holmes caught the ball watching Holmes for an illegal celebration. It was only after the refs turned their backs to Holmes and were making preparations for the extra point that Holmes made his move. In retrospect, it was a darn good thing that his teammates piled on him immediately after the catch or he most certainly would have been flagged.
    That being said, the “ball as a prop” rule sucks. Players should be allowed to celebrate within reason after TDs and plays that cause a change in possession. And they certainly should damn well be allowed some extra leeway when they just scored the biggest TD of their entire career. What I have a problem with are players who dance like they’re bucking for Jason Taylor’s spot on “Dancing With the Stars” just because they got a sack or a 1st down.

  32. Aeillo(sp?) said on the NFL network that the refs shoudl have called the flag and woudl have if they saw it…it happened as the refs were walking away with their backs turned to set up the extra point since it happened well after the play ended and the initial celebration

  33. If my Aunt had balls, she would be my Uncle!
    I find it funny how people always want to find excuses when a game is lost. Just get over it. Refs made some bad calls on both sides. Both teams played great. The better team won. Let us all move on!

  34. It is sad to see so many bad calls go Pittsburgh’s way let alone an out and out blown call. In any other game this season it would have been called. What is the use of having rules if they are selectively enforced?
    Also, in relation to the non review on Warner’s fumble… any other game this season it would have been reviewed. I do not buy the official line from the NFL. If the replay official looked at it and found no reason to call for the review does that now mean when a review is called for the play should be overturned? It should not be up to some mysterious individual to make the call. It was a close, questionable call where a review should have occurred. I’m not saying it would have been overturned. I’m just saying it should have been reviewed.
    Still, given what occurred in Super Bowl XL it came as no surprise.

  35. Okay guys, lets keep this in perspective. All of you have turned into Goodell.
    The guy just scored the SUPERBOWL-WINNING TOUCHDOWN! Can he not celebrate? I believe the whole routine lasted about 3 seconds. Not sure if that is the delay of game that the refs look for before they throw the flag in that situation. He didn’t waste any time, it wasn’t over the top, no dancing with cheerleaders or anything. He essentially just threw the ball up in the air – very similar to spiking the ball.
    Basically, not every celebration deserves to be flagged.
    Boo Hoo for all you Steeler haters, lets give it up for the Seahawk fans of last year being reincarnated.
    Oh yea, and Warner fumbled.

  36. Man, I am so tired of people whining about the refs. Oh, and the fumble! I don’t hear people complaining because it wasn’t a fumble – just that the refs didn’t review it. The booth reviews the plays under 2 minutes – it clearly was a fumble. Quit your whining!

  37. last night on Total Access Mike Periera admitted that the officials missed the call because so much time had elapsed from the time he scored until he did it. If you watch the replay you see the official walk away to set up for the PAT.

  38. It made me sick, and angry.
    LeBron is from MY CITY and he roots for the BROWNS.
    Screw Santurdio.

  39. Oy!
    The last bastion of the lost and pathetic. Whining about a non-called “excessive celebration” penalty.
    This is some cutting edge SH$T! How about the actual call on Ike Taylor for getting punched up on the sideline?
    Great game. Don’t mar it with garbage.

  40. The refs the refs the refs. Always the refs. This game was poorly called on both sides of the ball. Yes there should have been a penalty on Holmes. Refs missed it. How about the 2 or 3 times Warner pulled his helmet off and yelled at the refs. Sorry 15 yards every time. How about the ref who had the balls to throw the flag in the end zone for the “hold” that you see every game when an o lineman falls on the d lineman. Gave them 2 points and the ball. How about the holding EVERY time James Harrison rushed Warner. Arm around the neck is holding. Watch the tape. How about the personal foul on Ike Taylor when he and Fitz went into the Cards bench and half the bench took a swing at him? Where was the flag on the Cards? Please watch the game with an open mind and pay attention to all the calls not just the ones for (or aganist) the Cards

  41. Mike Pereira said on “Official Review” last night on NFL network that the action occurred so far after the play, that no officials saw him do it.
    If he had been seen it would of been a flag.

  42. if the cards would have scored a td in the final 35 seconds , it wouldn’t have been holmes fault, it would have been pitt’s D’s fault
    bottom line
    now if we’re talking more than a minute left sure, a holmes 15 yard head start hurts
    but 35 seconds? that would have been laid at the feet of the D

  43. Anyone who doesn’t realize that mike pereira is a complete Tool and defends the refs all the time is retarded.
    Besides the Steelers won cause they took tons of me, not cause of the refs.

  44. First the Seahawks and now the Cardinals. The Steelers are the LUCKIEST team of the century. How else could they win two Superbowls with the big oaf at QB. (for the Steelers fans that have no idea what an oaf is…its a big, clumsy, slow-witted, person, its now wonder the Steelers fans love him)

  45. (Florio in the shower singing and thinking about Santonio):
    I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
    I’ve been waiting for this moment, for all of my life, oh Lord…

  46. “DC Bengals Fan
    I want to know this. How can they say his arm wasn’t going forward when the ball goes 5 yards forward from his hand? Can somebody teach
    some basic physics to the officials?”
    His arm was obviously going forward. That’s not the issue. The issue was whether he had control of the ball when his arm was moving forward. Warner didn’t. The ball had come loose; Warner’s forward motion knocked it forward. Watch the replay.

  47. TO gets flagged because he over-celebrates routine catches against the Lions in week 4 and thus the refs are constantly watching him. The minute he catches a game-winning TD in the Super Bowl, let me know. I’ll help him wheel an old-fashioned popcorn maker onto the field, and he can serve up the entire audience.

  48. What did the head of officials say on NFLN about Hines Ward going to the ground next to Holmes? Isn’t that a flagged offense also?

  49. “Bill, not to mention blowing the obvious block in the back on the James Harrison INT..
    Dont worry Santonio, you’re a Steeler, you won’t get in trouble for this.”
    back and forth and back again LOL…
    what about Fitzgerald running 10 yards out of bounds and returning to tackle Harrison? There goes your he wasn’t in argument…LOL!
    I didn’t think there could be worse losers than Seattle but what can you expect from people who started being Cardinal fans 2 weeks ago..LOL.
    6 time, 6 time, 6 time, 6 time, 6 time, 6 time SUPERBOWL Champs!
    Go Nation!

  50. Allow me to brag a little as I guessed the reason on this very site on a prior posting for Santonio not being blogged. Heh heh.
    I have news for whiners – not every unsportsmanlike behavior gets flagged. We have the opportunity to see it on TV because the camera crew caught it. Most of these prop celebrations happen usually right after a TD. Why would the refs focus on any celebrations long after the TD? At that point, their focus is elsewhere. Chalk it upto Santonio getting lucky. funny, i do not see anyone concerned that the refs missed Larry Fitz not getting flagged for running out of bounds for so long before tackling Harrison on the INT return. The running out of bounds for that long was blatant. Not to mention his teammate intruding into the 5 yard buffer zone. Where was the flag for that? What if he managed to tackle him short of the goalline? Steelers would have lost 4 points by kicking the FG instead.
    Refs have a lot to see. Stop nitpicking if the refs miss some extraneous activity. If Holmes did it right after the TD, I could understand the outrage that the refs missed it.

  51. i want to try to explain how the nfl review booth works in the last 2 minutes of the game for the poor sad-sack dumbasses like dc bengal fan. in the last 2 minutes of the half (meaning 2nd quarter and 4th quarter idiots), it is the responsibility of the official in the replay booth to buzz DOWN TO THE OFFICIAL ON THE FIELD that he might want to take a look at the play again. it is NOT UP TO THE OFFICIAL ON THE FIELD to make this call. the official in the booth had 2 MINUTES to look at the fumble, decide it certainly was a fumble, and not to have the OFFICIAL ON THE FIELD review it. should he have? now that could be up for debate. but to say the officials gave the game to the steelers because they refused to review a play that was clearly a fumble is just idiotic and shows how little you know about football. IT WAS REVIEWED BY THE BOOTH. IT SIMPLY WAS NOT SENT BACK TO THE FIELD OFFICIAL TO LOOK AT A THIRD TIME.
    was that simply enough. if florio had any balls, he could lay all this out in one paragraph, but apparently he loves to keep this shit stirred up. you mindless zombies keep on feeding into it with your stupidity.
    the end.

  52. Damn, I was rooting against Pittsburgh as hard as anybody, but enough is enough. The game is over. Give it a rest. What the hell is wrong with people where everyone wants to go back and rewrite the record books or put asterisks next to championships these days. The pussification of America continues.

  53. Ammo says:
    It made me sick, and angry.
    LeBron is from MY CITY and he roots for the BROWNS.
    Screw Santurdio.
    You’d better send that memo to LeBron, since your guy that supposedly roots for your Browns was seen seen talking to T.O.–while wearing a Cowboys shirt– in Cleveland’s house–and he’s a confirmed Yankees fan. Oh yeah, and he’s counting down the days til his contract is up so he can leave Cleveland to go to NY.
    He’s a textbook bandwagon fan. I’m surprised he hasn’t yet been spotted in a Lakers jersey around town.

  54. It’s maddening that Lebron get’s credited with that routine, KG was doing this years ago.

  55. What in the hell are all you guys talking about “not reviewing a fumble”. They said during the Superbowl it was reviewed in the booth and “CONFIRMED” on the field that it was a fumble, fumblelia, fumblerusky. Is too hard for the excuse makers to accept that Harrison and Woodley got to Warner more times than he wanted to see? Great defensive pressure did effect this game.

  56. I saw some new angles of the Holmes TD from NFL Films on Monday.
    It appears he didn’t get the right foot down, instead his toes hit the bottom of his left foot!
    Also, there is another official on the back end line of the end zone who appears to be facing Holmes during his celebration, but you can’t see his head so he may have been looking away. But it was practically right in front of him! Anyone else see this? Check out any NFL Films highlights in case they show those angles again.

  57. Holmes played for Ohio st. I guess he can’t be a Lebron because he plays for the Steelers.

  58. “st.michael says:
    February 4th, 2009 at 10:03 am
    First the Seahawks and now the Cardinals. The Steelers are the LUCKIEST team of the century. How else could they win two Superbowls with the big oaf at QB. (for the Steelers fans that have no idea what an oaf is…its a big, clumsy, slow-witted, person, its now wonder the Steelers fans love him)”
    makt that 6 super bowls. in the 70’s, many would have used your description of Big Ben for Bradshaw 🙂

  59. I think he wasn’t flagged because it happened so long after the touchdown that nobody was paying attention anymore. They rolled around on the ground for a good bit before it happened.
    With that said this “look at me” crap needs needs to stop. It isn’t cute. It isn’t entertaining. It’s just stupid and selfish. He’d could have easily gone from hero to goat for his “clever” little act. Is it really worth taking that chance? Dumb.

  60. It was a great celebration and points out that players using the ball to celebrate a TD isn’t a big deal. Let ’em play, Roger- stop this mandatory bullsh*t professionalism. The refs probably thought “the Lebron” was pretty cool and didn’t throw the flag.

  61. The Ref’s sucked in this Super Bowl – no two ways about it… Something the NFL may want to try and right for next season

  62. It’s really small potatoes (potatos?) as a ‘non call’ penalty when you allow a lineman to “assist” via ‘dosey-do’ arm hook (armbar?) the QB across the goal line for the first TD.
    (I think the Chargers should consider just throwing Darren Sproles into the end zone from any first and goal next season. If they’re not going to call this thing, bring in Charles Barkley as an adviser on how to throw small people long distances. He’d also fit in well in DUI San Diego.)
    But I digress: Yanking Big Ben in for the TD wasn’t as bad as when that dude from USC tried to turn Reggie Bush into a puppet . . . err . . . blocked through Reggie and got a TD.
    The Super Bowl was the epitome of this season’s officiating ‘writ large’ for the biggest audience of the year. The officials had a very bad year. The number of missed calls, non calls, and lack of officiating technology had more impact on more notable games than I think anyone in the front office of the NFL can be happy with.
    The fans aren’t happy, that’s for sure.

  63. I heard Pierias say that when Holmes committed the penalty, the official had turned his back. So there are 6 other officials on the field who saw nothing? Is the NFL becoming like the WWE with the ref turning his back & not seeing things because he’s busy doing “something else”? Wow

  64. The refs didn’t flag it because they were too busy celebrating their hard work in winning another one for the Steelers.

  65. Sorry Florio. As much as you hate it, The Steelers are the Super Bowl champions. Get over it and stop looking for ways to detract from their victory. This is really bush-league stuff Florio. Why don’t you just stick to your occasional spots on Baltimore sports talk radio where you can begin explaining why your beloved Ravens will (not) win the Super Bowl next year.

  66. I’m glad that play wasn’t flagged. It’s a bullsheet rule anyway.
    I thought we all had agreed that overzealous penalizing of player celebrations was bad for the game (we’re not talking T.O. stealing a cheerleader’s pompons here).
    But now we all want them to penalize this act at the end of the biggest game of the season?

  67. I was at the game and won’t study the film until tonight. After that, I’ll provide a complete list of all of the calls that were NOT made against the Cardinals, the calls they got and should NOT have gotten, and clear up all the stoopid complaints about what many people are saying.
    Loser’s fans whine about the refs – it seems to be human nature. Stillers fans tend not to whine, win or lose. Had we lost, I’ll show you why we would have had just as many or more reasons to whine about getting screwed by the refs.
    Here’s a sample:
    Hines Ward was punched by a Cardinal after the first play of the second quarter. No flag. No ejection. The punch may not have been televised but I saw it and the Stillers, especially Ward, blew gaskets over it for half of the quarter. (See reference to this play in Peter King’s MMQB article.)
    Warner should have been flagged at least twice for showing his ugly mug to all of us while jawing with the refs.
    A clear block in the back of (I believe McFadden) on Boldin’s catch-and-run to inside the five that set up Patrick’s TD catch could have erased four of those seven points.
    (Arguably) A PI call should have been called against the defender guarding Holmes on the safety play that would have resulted in offsetting penalties.
    Warner’s second fumble was a fumble. The ball went forward because it bounced/rolled off his right forearm as his arm was going forward, AFTER it was knocked out of his hand. The play was reviewed upstairs. End of story.
    Had Harrison not scored, the personal foul against Card’s # 74 would have been enforced and one untimed down would have been run. Jeff Reed = 3 points.
    The list goes on and on. I’ll make sure you know the full list by Friday.
    Cards fans, you had an unbelievably great PS run. Enjoy it and let this game go. You lost to the better team. Had you stopped us on the fateful final drive, you would have won. You did not, so you lost.
    Keep up the complaining, and Stiller Nation will dutifully assign you a name as appropriate and shameful as the Whinehawks. I’ll make sure of that.
    The rest of you agitators, just shut up.

  68. Not that it mattered, but the refs missed Larry Fitzgerald chasing Harrison downfield on the final play of the first half OUT OF BOUNDS. Fitz was knocked out of bounds and made no attempt to re-enter the field of play until he was ready to tackle Harrison (at least 35-40 yards later). Isn’t that still a 15 unsportsmanlike penalty?

  69. Wake me up when the Steelers win a superbowl without an asterik next to it and/or the league stops blatantly favoring its big market teams.
    Mind you, this isn’t as tainted as their prior SB win. That was pitiful, i’m still waiting for them to give it back.


  71. Willie Parker used the ball as a prop on both TD’s he scored against the Chargers in the first playoff game. He wasnt penalized either time. Face it, this is just one of many rules that dont apply to the Steelers.

  72. steeltown pride:
    I tell it how it is. When you beat the Ravens, you beat us straight up. You were the better team. But you guys got a lot of help in the Superbowl, and i refuse to lie and say that you didn’t have calls go your way. It wasn’t nearly as bad as Superbowl XL, but it’s still tainted. We know the calls are gonna go your way when we play you, we just gotta beat you and the refs and leave no doubt next time.

  73. STeelers win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    funny so many idiots said the refs played to big a role and wanted holmes flagged for something that happened after a play was over that hurt no one and did not affect the play on the field. so many of you are jokes.
    btw …that was not a block in the back on the harrison interception …people learn your football
    go STEELERS !

  74. “Autumn_Thunder says:
    February 4th, 2009 at 11:11 am ”
    please go buy a copy of sports illustrated…. as i am sure you don’t get it in the mail. they have a great pic of the td in there
    nuff said
    florio you sure do bring out the nuttiness in the steeler haters

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