In Scott Pioli’s former place of employment, players generally stayed on the right side of the law.
In his new NFL city, a holdover player has likely doomed his chances of sticking with the team by getting arrested.
Tight end Michael Merritt was busted on Thursday morning in Orlando for suspicion of marijuana possession.
A police officer allegedly saw Merritt rolling a marijuana cigarette while sitting in his car.  When Merritt saw the officer, he put the item in his mouth.
The officer then ordered Merritt to get out of the car and “spit it out.”
Merritt complied, and then allegedly said, “All this for a little bit of weed?”
A search uncovered three grams of marijuana in Merritt’s shoe.  (Apparently, it wasn’t a turkey bag.)
Per league rules, Merritt technically can’t be released or otherwise disciplined by the team as a result of the arrest.  Instead, discipline would be imposed only by the league, pursuant to the substance abuse policy.
In most cases, marijuana possession results in a one-game suspension, after a conviction or guilty plea.

28 responses to “A CHIEF GETS CUFFED

  1. Dumbass…..when are these players going to realize that drug use will cost them their careers? It’s not worth it.

  2. all that over 3 grams is pathetic. that happened to my brother and the cop made him get out and dump it on the ground but then let him go

  3. Florio, a marijuana cigarette is not the correct term at all.
    You’re looking for either the word blunt, if it uses a cigar shell, or joint, if he’s using a rolling paper. Learn the lingo old man.

  4. Ya know, I kind of agree with him.
    I don’t know why we waste time with marijuana busts. Probably because half-baked stoners wandering the cookie aisles in Safeway usually aren’t packing.
    He should have swallowed it.

  5. tax cuts… infrastructure… heres a stimulus for you….

  6. I dont understand why the league would agree to that provision, that players cant be disciplined for drug use.
    It would seem that particular provision could easily be bypassed under the “conduct detrimental to the team”. I.e. the team could say that the player wasn’t disciplined because of the arrest, but because his use of drugs in public tarnishes the perception of the team (snicker, as if such a thing could be true of the Chiefs), and therefore he is being disciplined.
    I further don’t understand why players are such morons, either not thinking through their actions, or thinking that they aren’t going to get caught. If they really want to get high or whatever, why don’t they do it in their own home where they can’t get busted for it?

  7. “In Scott Pioli’s former place of employment, players generally stayed on the right side of the law.”
    Really? Is HGH legal? What about illict videotaping?

  8. dont forget about nick kazcur and getting busted for 250 pills of vicodon
    if he was black he wouldve been suspended for a year, instead he doesnt even miss one game

  9. When will dumbasses realize anti marajuana propaganda is just old racist propaganda with lack of big business backing like Tobacco and Alocohol. Its not that healthy of a habbit but really not that bad for you, people need to stop buying into 60year old racist propaganda and properly educate themselves on the real effects of this “drug”. Rather than buying into the “reefer maddness”.
    To reiterate;Instead of believeing what some old racist biggot wrote in a book 50-60 years ago and go educate yourself. Who care the guy got cought with a little bit of weed. He’s not Matt Jones playing with the bugger sugar…

  10. The only sensible thing in this article was, “All this for a little bit of weed?”
    Florio, surely you’re not going to reset the arrest meter for this?
    Anywhere civilized it would be a misdemeanor. Ridiculous.

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