Last month, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hired former Boston College head coach Jeff Jagodzinski to serve as the team’s offensive coordinator.
Now, one of Jagodzinski’s former assistants is landing with the Bucs, too.
Per Pewter Report, former Eagles offensive coordinator Steve Logan will be joining the Bucs.
Logan, who served as head coach at East Carolina from 1992 through 2002, will serve as running backs coach or tight ends coach.

17 responses to “BUCS MAKE ANOTHER B.C. HIRE

  1. FYI:Jagodzinski (every bit as hard to spell as you say) was the head coach at BC, not Offensive Co-Ordinator

  2. Some more desperation moves by Raheem Morris to get into the mind of the almighty Matt Ryan, Pro Bowler for the next dozen years. Bring on all Boston College coaches, it won’t make a difference when the Falcons and many other teams bytchslap the Bucs to the bottom of the pond. They’re bottom-feeders, HA HA HA. GO FALCONS!
    P.S. The Falcons at 24 will Take B.J. the B.C. DT, so nobody else touch him, OK?

  3. Falcon fans are some of the least intelligent in the league. Jags was hired because he knows how to groom a young quarterback, and Logan was a big part of that success as well. It shows that Tampa will be looking for a young signal caller in April that will look to find the same success as Ryan did, without the late season rookie wall. Jags was not hired to exploit Ryan’s weaknesses, or predict his abilities. Ryan’s success is at the whim of Mike Smith and his ability to download his system. Jags can’t do anything about it.
    But Raheem and Bates will certainly continue to pound Ryan, just like we did last year. Ryan had 0 TD and 4 INT’s against the Buccaneers last year.
    BTW, BJ Raji will not make it to 24. He will be the first DT taken, probably around pick # 8-12

  4. 0 TD’s and 4 INT’s against the Buccaneers last year. Sounds like they are already in his head.
    BJ Raji will not be available at #24. He will go inside the top 12.

  5. Well, at the very least this should motivate Matt Ryan to change his nap count at least once per game, FalconsSUKK. For a team that has never won anything some of their fans sure like to talk the smack. Matty Ice? He was sure put on ice in the post season. But, hey, I’ll give credit where credit is due; you made the postseason. That’s a big step…

  6. Who said jablonsky was coordinator? Reading something twice before you respond makes you look a little less stupid in my experience.

  7. Want to know why that POS Jags did what he did? Here’s why: He sat on his ass and bailed when his chickens were about to come home to roost:
    “The Eagles signed a 17-player class that recruiting services, by consensus, consider the worst in the Atlantic Coast Conference, even though the Eagles lost just one player who had committed before Jeff Jagodzinski’s firing last month.”

  8. Stop blocking my posts Florio! They walk the tightrope of decency and good taste, most of the time!

  9. Logan’s position is kinda weird. He’s a QB guy. Who’s the QB coach down there? He should fear for his job.

  10. @SaintsBucsPanthersSUKK
    Sorry to burst your bubble, but B.J. will not last to #24. I doubt he gets past the Jags @ #8. And he sure as hell won’t get past Denver or Washington @ #12 and 13…

  11. Yeah…it looks like Olson is outa there…. there not gonna bring this guy in to coach running backs or tight ends… just like it was said before.. this guy is here to either A.) continue the grooming of Josh Johnson. or B.) find another QB via draft to coach him up.
    Olson is out. Logan is in. Tampa Bay has gone on a frenzy.

  12. @ TheBigOldDog:
    I normally agree with what you post here, but here goes:
    Jags may very well be a P.O.S., but I don’t know that its fair to say he bailed…he was fired, by a certified P.O.S. athletic director (DeFilippo). Maybe those two deserved each other.
    I know this is a pro football site, but I am so sick and tired of B.C. fans and apologists riding their high horse trying to convince themselves that they are somehow an elite program, can compete with the big time schools yet still have a high graduation rate and recruit “quality kids”. Please. You know what you were getting with Jags, a pro coach
    Deep down, I suspect BC fans know it was a horrible mistake to leave the Big East; but thanks to the administration’s shortsighted greed, they’ve alienated just about every former partner, and are now stuck in the football purgatory that is the ACC. Believe me, BC is a lot closer to being Holy Cross than being a powerhouse like Texas or Florida. And if you incorrectly think that you are that big time, then remember that those schools don’t go firing an accomplished coach who’s brought you as high as # 2 in the polls because he hurt your feelings.
    Oh, and enjoy those road trips to Clemson, Winston-Salem, Blacksburg and all those other god-forsaken ACC towns. End rant

  13. SaintsBucsPanthersSUKK
    Come back when your team has won something. The Buc’s got a Superbowl WIN. You got nothin ! A choke at the Superbowl! Don’t tell us what your teams gonna do, that’s schoolyard stuff. You make Atlanta fans look bad !

  14. jcinstpete
    An 11-5 record and a playoff berth with a rookie quarterback is “something”. You and your companion Mustard got that Super Bowl win 6 years ago! A forecast for prosperity isn’t “schoolyard stuff” when long term success looks to be a reality with the draft and free agency looming and a GM and coaching staff that will make smart decisions. Your Bucs are rebuilding and will piss away all that cap money right into the Atlantic Ocean. Nice of you to pigeonhole one humble individual’s point of view as representative of a fanbase numbering in the MILLIONS! The Falcon Nation is smart, brave and strong.
    Your Bucs could’ve made the playoffs but choked in December, so go blame bigmouth Monte Kiffin or Jon “two-faced” Gruden. Raheem Morris ain’t doin’ nothin’, he ain’t no Mike Tomlin. Have a nice day.

  15. wasn’t Logan the guy that recruited and coached David Garrard for 4 years at ECU too? Yeah young QB in the near future.

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