In a news release announcing the team’s 50th anniversary logo, the Chargers revealed that, during the 2009 regular season, the original AFL franchises will each conduct multiple “Legacy Weekends.”
On these occasions — once at home and once on the road for each original AFL franchise — the teams will wear a throwback uniform.
The Chargers will wear a uniform based on their 1963 AFL championship team.
Meanwhile, the 50th anniversary logo will be affixed each week to the Chargers’ uniforms.  Here it is.



  1. So…the Chargers have another reason to wear their powder blues? (The most intimidating uniform in sports)

  2. Good idea by the league to celebrate the profound impact of the AFL upon the landscape of pro football. It’s unfortunate some of posters on this site are either too young or too stupid to understand the most significant upgrade in competition in the history of the NFL. That’s why Super Bowls will always be considered more valuable than regular NFL titles. From mostly NFL castoffs in 1960, to homegrown hall of famers, the success of the AFL was symbolic of the explosion of growth of pro football in the 60’s. By the end of the decade, not only had the AFL tied the NFL in Super Bowl wins, but a wildcard team-Kansas City, dominated the NFL Champ-Minnesota. It’s simply incredible anyone could dispute this fact, just because they are jealous of another team’s success.

  3. i think this will be great to see the old afl team uniforms on television. can’t wait to see the broncos come out with those uniforms with the strip socks, awesome. if one of the old afl team makes it to the playoffs and the superbowl will they be able to continue to wear their throwback jersy like the nfl did during the 1994 season (49’ers won superbowl in throwback jersey after the ’94 season), how about those members that will be enshrined in the HOF their respective teams wearing throwback jersey from the era that the player that is being enshrined as well i think that will enhance the fans interest toward their favorite team and player that are enshrined in the HOF.

  4. Jnichols says:
    February 6th, 2009 at 12:18 am
    That says 1960-2009….that’s 49 years
    Yeah. You have to count the 1960 and 2009 season. That makes 50.
    Anyway, it’ll be great to see Grogan…err..Brady…or Cassel hit Francis and Morgan..err…Welker and Moss for touchdowns while they are wearing the candy apple red and Pat Patriot gear of old.
    Love that stuff! They ought to do more of this for us old people.

  5. Hey mpoles, I believe he was refering to the “original” AAFL. “Ther’s” nothing like a good speller.

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