Former NFL defensive lineman Dana Stubblefield has received two years’ probation for lying to federal investigators.
The relatively lenient penalty apparently has resulted from the fact that Stubblefield has been “providing information to federal authorities and the league regarding steroid use and distribution in the sport,” according to
Uh.  Oh.
A sentencing memorandum filed Thursday indicates that, as part of his plea arrangement, Stubblefield provided to authorities “the names of players, trainers, and others associated with the NFL who may be involved in ongoing activities with illegal drugs in professional football.”
Per the report, Stubblefield already has been interviewed by the NFL regarding his knowledge regarding illegal drug use in the NFL.
Though he last played in 2003, plenty of guys who were in the league then still play pro football.  More importantly, plenty of trainers and other team officials who might have knowledge of or involvement in official drug use likely are still drawing NFL paychecks.
Frankly, however, we fear a bit for Stubblefield’s safety.  The last guy who tried to name names regarding steroids use in the NFL committed suicide before any suspensions could stick.
Suicide, via multiple gunshot wounds.


  1. Interesting. You chose the single-line “Uh oh” instead of the single-line “Wow.”

  2. First the Holmes catch non-controversy, now hinting that David Jacobs was murdered(despite the fact of physical evidence linking him to the shots, which can’t be faked). Desperate for hits?

  3. This just in…..Pro athletes use steroids. O-linemen don’t grow 100lbs heavier in one generation.

  4. Let me get this straight: Stubblefield was an above-average DT for the 49ers, had an absolutely phenomenal 1997, coincidentally his contract year, signed a huge contract with the Redskins, and faded into obscurity.
    It isn’t hard to figure out which year he juiced, and when he got off of the stuff. So, he cheated the NFL, got millions of dollars he didn’t fairly earn, truly screwed over the Redskins, lied to Federal investigators, and is now ratting out a bunch of other players and trainers, possibly getting them suspended and even thrown in jail…
    …and he only gets two years probation?
    Consider me completely uninterested in his “safety”.

  5. When the NFL and MLB for that matter, start to honestly give a shit about eradicating drugs from their respective sports, they will create policies that amount to something more than window dressing and enforce those policies using something a little more sophisticated than a patsy program.
    Today’s drug enforcement policies for both the NFL and MLB are nothing more than stratagems designed to pacify a few paid off Congressman. Meanwhile executives from both leagues look the other way while players destroy their bodies, dishonor the record books and annihilate the integrity of the very sport they are commissioned to protect. Why, because bigger, faster, stronger athletes are good for all sports…Just don’t get caught being one of those athletes.

  6. hmmm a bay area ahtlete that used steroids in the past 10 years. where have I heard this before? I bet he can name names he probably has something to say about balco too.

  7. Unless the last guy was shot by the girl before killing himself Id think Dana is likely to be eliminated soon too.

  8. Whoaaa. No wonder Specter is selling out on the stimulus bill. He is too busy salivating over investigating steroids in football.
    Who is going to do the NFL report since Mitchell is now the special envoy to the Middle East.

  9. Gentlemen, the NFL is rapidly approching a crossroads. MLB went in the wrong direction, and judging by the posts of sevral derelicts on this board, many are hoping the NFL will too. Keep them blinders on fellas.

  10. Let me guess, he pointed the finger at Romanowski, his former Raiders teammate. As if the casual observe couldn’t figure that one out. Good thing his career was already over, because if it wasn’t it would be right now.

  11. Snitch.
    memo to every citizen, don’t break any laws that you are not prepared to take the punishment BY YOURSELF over. nobody made him take the ‘roids, but now everyone has to go down with him. i hate a snitch.

  12. More proof that the FortyWhiners cheated through their “heyday”! First they cheated on the salary cap (so did Dallas) – resulting in a slap on the wrist. Now it seems the players juiced. I’m not surprised at all!

  13. Well well well… look which “dynasty” was based on steroids after all. So much for all you 49er fans who pointed the finger at OTHER teams and their supposed ‘roid use. Ha ha ha!
    Just when you think the year can’t get any better — this happens!

  14. Stubbs gets probation?????
    Marion Jones needs to appeal – where is the justice in sending her to jail while Stubbs remains on the street for the same offense?

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