Here’s the complete list of the upcoming free agents at the quarterback position.  First, restricted.  Then, unrestricted.
Gibran Hamdan, Bills.
Brian St. Pierre, Cardinals.
Kurt Warner, Cardinals.
J.P. Losman, Bills.
Kyle Boller, Ravens.
Todd Bouman, Ravens.
Rex Grossman, Bears.
Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bengals.
Brooks Bollinger, Cowboys.
Patrick Ramsey, Broncos.
Dan Orlovsky, Lions.
Matt Cassel, Patriots.  (Franchise tag.)
Joey Harrington, Saints.
David Carr, Giants.  (Re-signed 2/9/09.)
Anthony Wright, Giants.
Marques Tuiasosopo, Raiders.
Charlie Batch, Steelers.
Byron Leftwich, Steelers.
Jamie Martin, 49ers.
J.T. O’Sullivan, 49ers.
Charlie Frye, Seahawks.
Jeff Garcia, Buccaneers.
Luke McCown, Buccaneers.  (Re-signed 2/9/09.)
Kerry Collins, Titans.
Chris Simms, Titans.
Source:  NFL Players Association.


  1. Three underrated guys worth giving another shot at a starting job:
    Kyle Boller, Ravens.
    Dan Orlovsky, Lions.
    Luke McCown, Buccaneers.
    Then there’s this guy, the perfect #2:
    Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bengals.
    Then there’s this dude, who blew that game against the Jets, but has potential:
    J.P. Losman, Bills.

  2. Speaking of Gibran Hamden, how is it that the guy is a restricted free agent? He’s a 27 year old who has been on 4 separate teams. I thought restricted status were for guys coming off their first contract. Someone enlighten me here as I’m genuinely curious about how it works.

  3. They’re Restricted FAs if they have less than 4 seasons under their belt, I believe. Doesn’t matter how many contracts they’ve signed or if they signed their first one 10 years ago… they have to have 4 accrued seasons on a roster.

  4. Aside from Matt Cassel who would cost me draft picks, if I were a GM and needed a young QB with some upside I’d gladly go with Kyle Boller.
    If I had a team that was one player away from a championship run I’d give Kurt Warner whatever he wanted for a 2-3 year deal.

  5. Wow. Any GM who signs a QB named “J.P Loss Man” deserves what he gets. What, “A.J. Interception” wasn’t available?

  6. The Bengals would be nutz not to re-sign Fitzpatrick.
    Garcia’s probably got a good year or two left, if he’s behind a decent O-line.
    Harrington is the sleeper. Put him on a team with a good O-line, decent running game and some coaches who know WTF they’re doing (which would be a first in his pro career) and he’ll be better than just okay.
    The rest? Eh.

  7. intersting group… pretty much a bunch of backup guys with some average to poor starting experience. Not really a bad class… if you’ve got some tallented recievers, guys like Grossman, Simms, and O’Sullivan make for a good backup with their big arms… and they’re all pretty young.
    The Bucs took McCown off the market and plan on letting him earn the starting spot in what should be totally open QB battle in Tampa this offseason.
    I think these guys may move around some. There are a few open QB battles at training camp this year, and these guys all look kind of rough…but at least one or more of them have to blossom into something good.

  8. Big names maybe because some of them were drafted high, but most of them represent big sucking holes of lose on the playing field.

  9. Are you kidding me?…Big names? The only ones I see that are good enough and win games are Warner and Garcia. But both were throwing passes to Moses in their heyday. The rest of these dog poops are carousel QBs.

  10. Cassell signed his tender. He’s not a free agent. But he’s obtainable for some team willing to break the bank.
    Warner and Garcia could start for someone.
    Fitzpatrick has potential and I still think Chris Simms does, too. And if Leftwich is willing to be coached out of his bad habits, he’s got a chance, but I’m not optimistic there.
    The rest are backups or staying with their teams like McCown and Collins.

  11. Any player with less than 4 accrued seasons and coming off a contract with a team, at the end of the league year, is a restricted free agent.
    In Hamden’s case even though he has signed 4 different contracts, he still has fewer than 4 years of accrued seasons AND is coming off a contract with a team, the Bills. This makes him a restricted free-agent and gives his team, the Bills, an opportunity to tender him a contract. If they fail to tender him a contract by [I don’t know the exact date] the league mandated date, he becomes an unrestricted free agent and he is free to sign with any team.
    The other case is, when a player with less than 4 accrued seasons is released by team A before the end of the season and is signed by team B before the season ends. Then the player can be tendered as a restricted free agent by team B.

  12. Kurt Warner, Kerry Collins and Jeff Garcia are perfect for gigs where a team has a rookie QB of the future in waiting. Byron Leftwich and Rex Grossman will probably get starting gigs. Boller is at the Joey Harrington level – a 1st round pick who has had enough years to show his stuff and thus won’t be starting for anybody. Losman will be a backup who has to prove himself again. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Patrick Ramsey and Charlie Batch are experienced and valuable backups.
    Chris Simms should be managing his father’s Steak & Ale restaurant. The rest will run scout teams.

  13. I think Grosman, Losman, Boller, and Orlovsky combined is equal to about… a rookie quarterback on crack.
    Who the Lions will sign with the first overall pick and name him the franchise QB.

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