After a strong season, hard-hitting Miami Dolphins safety Yeremiah Bell is expected to cash in either with his present team or as one of the top free agents at his position.
Although the Dolphins are likely to make a push to sign Bell to a contract extension prior to the free agent signing period Feb. 27, Bell could profit in a major way if he hits the open market, according to the Palm Beach Post.
Bell, 30, ranks just below Philadelphia Eagles seven-time Pro Bowl selection Brian Dawkins on ESPN’s list of the best free agent safeties. Of course, Dawkins is five years older than Bell and has 34 career interceptions. 
Bell had 120 tackles and a sack and forced three fumbles last season in 16 starts, but no interceptions.  He has just one interception for his career, and it was in 2005.
He’s regarded as a fairly intimidating tackler, though, who excels in run support.


  1. Big money?,not from Miami,not for a 30 year old with a long list of injury problems with 1 career int.The franchise tag (6.34 mil)is a slight possibility but unlikely.This team is about getting younger and adding playmakers.

  2. He is a player no dooubt but I can’t expect him breaking the bank unless someone pulls an Al Davis (hearts) Javon Walker scenario and just inflates the market for him bidding against themselves.

  3. I’m a die-hard Dolfan, and love Yeremiah Bell to death, but I wouldn’t give him the money he’s asking. he’s injury-prone and has only has 1 int’l in his career.. for that, sign Dawkins… Once again, another great job by his agent, trying to bring interest from the rest of the league, but if he decides to leave Miami, so be it.. sorry, Yeremiah, but you know it’s true… besides, this team is getting younger and younger, and he’s already 30-years old.

  4. dfins… No chance in hell Dawkins leaves the eagles. The only way that happens if its in retirement.

  5. I’d Re-sign Bell… 30 is not all that old, should he stay healthy (which he did this season after Parcells introduced his new off-season conditioning program) Bell should still have 4-5 years off good football left in him. The other UFA safties who may be SLIGHTLY better than Bell will also be more expensive. And the incoming Safety draft class (as far as I can see) doesn’t look all that impressive. I think of all the Dolphins UFA’s, Bell is the priority to re-sign.

  6. i’d like to re-sign him, but he is asking for a lot of money. The guy is a great tackler and plays with heart, but he isn’t a ball-hawk and has a HUGE injury history. offer him what he’s worth, and if he doesn’t want it let him walk.
    As someone else said, i’d rather have Leonhard anyway if he’s available at a similar price.

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