As Mike Jurecki of XTRA in Phoenix (via Darren Urban of the Cards’ official web site) pointed out on Monday, Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin has instructed agent Drew Rosenhaus to tell the team that Boldin will accept no new contract, and that Boldin wants to be traded.
A league source tells us that Rosenhaus delivered the message to the team on Monday, in a meeting that also featured a renewed request that the team cut running back Edgerrin James.
Boldin is signed through 2010, at salaries of $2.75 million and $3 million over the next two seasons.  He surely wants something closer in line to Larry Fitzgerald’s four-year, $40 million deal, and the Cardinals aren’t likely to give it to him.
At some point, it will make sense for the Cardinals to get what they can for Boldin, especially since the Lions reeled in a one, a three, and a five for receiver Roy Williams.
Our guess is that several teams will begin making trade offers to the Cardinals, and that the process might include some hypothetical discussions between Rosenhaus and representatives from other teams about the kind of hypothetical contract that Boldin hypothetically would want, if he were to be dealt to a new team, hypothetically.
How about this one?  If Kurt Warner retires or signs with another team, Boldin plus a second-round pick for Arizona resident Donovan McNabb.
PFT Planet, feel free to chime in.

62 responses to “BOLDIN STILL WANTS OUT

  1. what would the eagles get out of having anquan boldin if they didn’t have mcnabb to throw to him? sure, they’d have a great WR, but kevin kolb would still throw more TDs to the defensive backs than to his receivers..

  2. I wouldn’t if I were Philly….they’d finally replace TO talent, but no QB to throw it…unless they give that 2nd rounder to my beloved Browns for DA….yeah, that’s the ticket!

  3. McNabb? Are you kidding me? No thanks from those of us here in AZ. And the headline of this article should actually read; “Florio still wants the cards to lose”. What a boob man, McNabb? Really? Nice guy I admit, but to replace Warner? Not a chance. You’ve really gone out on a limb this time there dude.

  4. If the Eagles get rid of Mcnabb they dont need Boldin. The front office won’t admit it but when Mcnabb is gone its re building time. Kevin Kolb might be the future of the Eagles but hes not the future superbowl quarterback of the Eagles. If the Eagles ever trade Mcnabb before his contract is up ( hes not going anywhere by the way) its going to be for draft picks to try to get the team young and strong for the future. There not going to trade for a reciever who will want a huge contract and who has 3 more pro-bowl years left just to let those pro-bowl years go to waste on a re-building team. And he will want a new contract if he becomes and Eagle and the front office knows all to well what will happen if he doesnt get it. Geoffy Lurie is not about to flush 40 mill down the drain look at the Florida Marlins he blows that team up every 4 years to save money Lurie is Mr.Rebuilding-Phase-to-Save-Money.

  5. Boldin and a 2nd for McNabb? If I were the Cards you couldn’t pay me enough to take Chunky McNabb. McNabb is the worst big game quarterback possibly ever. McNabb is the most inaccurate passer in the league. Watch him play, he completes screens to Westbrook and bombs to the WRs. Anything between 5 and 40 yards is nowhere near the target. Taking McNabb to replace Warner (if he retires) is about the best way to lose in the NFC Championship every year because McNabb is guaranteed to choke under any pressure.

  6. The Cards aren’t going to trade for a quarterback…they have a perfectly legitimate QB on the bench. Come on, Matt Leinart getting beat out by Kurt Warner does not exactly make him David Carr instantly. There is no guarantee he’ll be a great quarterback, but he has a decent enough shot that they’ll play him before they trade for another QB.

  7. McNabb isn’t going anywhere. Neither is Warner. The Cardinals could play hardball with Boldin but I doubt it. The going rate will probably be a 1st rounder and a throw-in player or pick or a 2nd rounder and a young player who can immediately step in and make an impact. The Cardinals are actually pretty deep at WR and with the Fitzgerald guy drawing constant double coverage it opens things up. The sick part is Boldin could very well end up on the Cowboys or Giants. The Seahawks and 49er’s would love Boldin but I doubt they trade him within the division. The Raiders’ cap situation is too screwed up to pay Boldin if they got him. Miami or Tennessee maybe? Traded to the Jets for Coles and a 2nd rounder? The Ravens should be interested. Tampa Bay could be a dark-horse in the race depending on what happens with Antonio Bryant. Whoever trades for him have fun negotiating a contract with his d-bag agent.

  8. I want NOTHING to do with Donovan McSuck. One of the most OVERRATED QBs of his generation. Don’t get me wrong. There are far worse QBs in the NFL than McSuck. But give me the same deal the Lions got over an over the hill, overrated, declining QB.

  9. This is a joke, No WR and 2nd rounder is worth a Franchise QB! Especially one that has been as good as Mcnabb! Fitzgerald and a 2nd maybe but no way Boldin. It would have to be at least Boldin and Arizona’s 1st next year when they are picking in the top 10 again.

  10. Let me help you outsiders….
    Q will not be traded. Rod Graves isn’t about to hand over a Pro Bowl receiver who has 2 years left on his deal for nothing. Q will be a Cardinal again this coming year….bet on it. Same thing goes with Edge.
    There is no reason to let go of all star players who are under contract just because they ask to be moved.
    If Q refuses any and all offers from the Cards they will keep him this coming year and trade him the following year when he has one year left on his deal.
    The ONLY WAY the Cards trade him is for some sort of BLOCKBUSTER BLOW THE HOUSE DOWN trade. Whis has say in what goes on and he’s not going to blow up his offense because of contract issues. The Cards can keep both Q and Edge and maintain the exact same offense that got them to the Super Bowl….they won’t mess this one up.
    the old days of the CArds dumping players like Simeon Rice just because they are unhappy are over. Graves isn’t dumb nor is he one to act quick. He will take his time and let this one ride it’s way out.
    If any trade were to take place I’d expect it to go down 2-3 days before the draft or during training camp when some ‘super team’ has one of their wr’s go down and are forced to offer their arm up to get a solid WR.
    Q would be amazing in Philly – no doubt – and he wouldn’t be the heart problems that TO was. Q’s problem is that he can not play in cold weather….we all saw that first hand in Philly on turkey day…and again at the Patriots. He’s always failed in cold weather….don’t expect the Florida boy who now resides in AZ to adapt.

  11. Hey hey hey… Hey! Don’t push mental midget McNabb to us! I don’t want to go to 4 conference championship games and have my heart broken. I’d rather go back to same ‘ol Cardinals.
    Stay in your shoes Florio. What’s wrong with you??

  12. I’m sure the Eagles would do that deal. Trade away the best QB on the roster for a WR so that when the WR gets here, there is no one to throw him the ball? I’m not usually one to harp on you Florio, but what are you thinking? Someone must have slipped something in your Diet Pepsi MAX this morning.

  13. Boldin will probibly be traded for T. Suggs (Sign and trade.)AZ has the makings of a good balanced team. They could have a much better team and not make it back to the Super Bowl. Last season was the perfict storm.

  14. i’d make that trade florio. we could then bring in a vet like garcia or someone else and see who wins the job in training camp.

  15. I think Bolden for McNabb is way too much on AZ’s part…
    What about this:
    Straight up – Bolden for Suggs?
    AZ needs a LB and Baltimore needs a WR

  16. Where is the outrage? When Brian Urlacher says he wants more money, the fans general retort is “He signed a contract!” Now, Boldin wants out of his contract and the team should cave because he will be a distraction?

  17. “McNabb? Are you kidding me? No thanks from those of us here in AZ.”
    A month ago there was no such thing as a Cardinals fan, and now we have cocky Cardinals fans?I’m betting the we’re back to normal midway through next season.

  18. I suspect that Arizona has no intention of trading Boldin away this season. If they do trade him, it would be next year.

  19. “How about this one? If Kurt Warner retires or signs with another team, Boldin plus a second-round pick for Arizona resident Donovan McNabb.”
    How about no?
    !st, 3rd and Lito for Boldin?

  20. I don’t see McNabb going anywhere, but I can see Boldin going to Philly, possibly. Maybe to the Bears…if he goes anywhere. But it looks like this is really just contract leveraging (his Agent IS Rosenhaus).
    McNabb isn’t as bad as people say he is, I dont think he’s the problem as much as the Eagles being the Eagles.
    Go Steelers.

  21. This is what I think. Warner and James are the first priority. James is probably gone. If Warner stays then Boldin may get traded. If Warner leaves, the Cardinals will keep Boldin. Main reason. If Warner is gone, that leave Hollywood (Lienart) as QB. They will need the 2 top receivers to keep him alive. If Hollywood can step up and prove he is a NFL QB then next year they would be inclined to trade Boldin away. I am not sure if Hollywood can do it or not. But I could be wrong.
    Now for McChoke. Are your fricken kidding me! I could see paying Warner a big chunk of money since he has played with this team and the team has a great amount of respect for him, but McNabb would be a lot of money and a guy who most players from other teams don’t have much respect for. Both Pennsylvania QB’s are Drama Queens and we dont need any of them here.

  22. How about the Giants re-sign Derrick Ward and offer ward and two picks. That gets the giants a wide out and the cardinals can let edge go for a running back who had over 1000 yards this year and about 5 yards a carry which is almost double of what hightower gave them….

  23. “Boldin plus a second-round pick for Arizona resident Donovan McNabb”
    I would think Brandon Jacobs plus a second round pick for Boldin is a better deal for both sides

  24. Put down the crack pipe Florio. No way the Cards make that trade.
    Cards obviously want to bring Warner back.
    But if he decides to retire or go elsewhere…
    ..bringing in McNabb or another franchise QB essentially indicates Leinart is done (because McNabb isn’t going to agree to a competition).
    Cards will sooner trade Boldin for picks and hand the offense to Leinart before trading for a franchise QB – particularly one who, unless I’m mistaken, has succeeded in a different offensive system than the Cards run.
    But hey, maybe you can look at what other QBs own a house in Arizona for your next great trade proposal. 😉

  25. Some of the comments here are insane. McNabb isn’t going anywhere and its nonsense the other article about McNabb missing offseason training. He never goes. He does his own in Arizona and the WRs normally come along. So lets just cut this McNabb trade talk out and get real with a conversation.
    As an eagles fan I would love Boldin to come. But we arent paying Williams’ tab for him. It simply is overpaying. Boldin definitely benefits from Fitzgerald being on the field. That is not to say that he isnt an animal on the field because he is. If a trade were to happen than Arizona would need to be getting something out of it. Here;s my take: Arizona needs someone to compliment Rodgers-Cromartie and someone to help guide him. The Eagles arguably have the best secondary in the league with Samuel, Brown, and Sheppard. I could see a Brown or Sheppard trade (hopefully Sheppard) and a second rounder for Boldin. It definitely helps that Rosenhaus represents both players.

  26. I do that in a heartbeat. Then give Jeff Garcia’s agent a call and bring him in as insurance for a year.

  27. LOL! Florio has you guys on a string! Not even he believes the crap he just said! He’s creating contervery just to keep you coming back for more! McNabb is worth more then Bolden! And for all you Card fans saying you don’t want him wait till next year when Kurt’s not there. Hope you enjoyed your run!

  28. With Boldin pissed off and Edgerrin pissed off, I doubt the Cardinals will trade for a QB with so little left in the tank that all it will do is piss off the starter in waiting.
    Roy Williams to the Cowboys turned out to be worth 1057 draft chart pick points by the value chart
    Boldin to the Eagles for their #1 pick (22nd overall) and a flip-flop of their #1 pick from the Panthers (28th overall) with the Cardinals #1 pick (31st overall) and the Eagles 3rd, 5th and 7th round draft choices

  29. Kurt Warner is about as far as you can possibly get from a West Coast Quarterback. The Eagles would bring in Garcia for a year to groom Kolb light years before they would bring in Warner if they let McNabb go.

  30. Stillers –
    I’d trade a free agent I don’t have the rights to and a low second round pick for Boldin. Jackass.

  31. LMFAO! That is the most rediculous idea i have ever heard of. Boldin and 2nd rd Pick for McNabb? LMFAO Look the Eagles only drafted Kevin Kolb because he was viewed as a pawn. Similar to the way A.J. Feeley was. We traded AJ and in return we ended up with a 2nd rd pick. At the time Kolb was drafted we there were no players we coveted hence trading out of the 1st rd. Now i disagree but i understand the team logic in doing so. Groom him as a viable backup in the event McNabb gets hurt Kolb can come in and What Feeley did going 4-1 and leading Eagles into playoffs before McNabbs return. McNabb and Reid are tied at the hip. The Eagles will never get rid of Donnie They dont tip their cards and never will. Thats why they are one of the better organizations in the league. Despite never bringing in help for McNabb guess what? they have been to 5 NFC championships in McNabbs 10yrs oh yeah and they have only missed the playoffs 3 out of those 10yrs. This is Laughable at best think before you type and dig a little bit further than espn articles they tend to make stories out of everything PFT.Now granite I know McNabb is frustrated with the city probably the organization but lets not forget McNabb was the first $100M+ player in NFL history. If McNabb was going anywhere he would have been long gone by now.

  32. Yeah, that would make perfect sense??? You get rid of McNabb and then get a number one receiver. That would be admitting that all these years you they agreed with us fans that we need a number one. The Front office would take a bashing on that.

  33. Mcnabb for Boldin aND a 2nd is a stupid suggestion, Florio. who would throw to boldin? A good trade for AZ would be Lito, a 1st, and a 4th for boldin. AZ gets a desperately needed Allstar CB and the BIRDZ get a desperately needed WR in an equally fair trade. But if they meet in the playoffs again this trade will have comeback to bite them in their(AZ Cardz) a$$. The Cardz will be kicking themselves.

  34. This just goes to show how much being in a Super Bowl does for a player…Boldin for McNabb and a 2nd round pick is ridiculious…both command a huge salary and McNabb’s track record is much better than Boldin’s at a more important position…outside of this year Boldin has been a good receiver on a bad team, and he’s obviously not the playmaker that Fitzgerald is or else we would have seen it in the playoffs…
    I like Warner but there are a lot of QB’s that could do what he did with that receiving core…
    A lot of unnecessary criticisms going around on McNabb right now, unfortunately a Super Bowl is all that would erase it.

  35. The Cardinals won’t get as much for Boldin as the Lions got for Roy Williams and there are several reasons why. First, Jerry Jones WAY overpaid and everyone knows it. People aren’t going to give up those kinds of numbers for a WR on a regular basis. Second, Drew “Distraction-Man” Rosenhaus is Boldin’s agent, as well as James’. If the Cards refuse to do a deal, he’ll make life very unpleasant for the Cardinals this offseason and training camp. They don’t want that. Third, Williams hadn’t already spent an entire Super Bowl season wanting out of the Lions like Boldin just has with the Cards. He played nice, now they will need to appease him.
    I can see the Eagles making an insultingly low offer for him and then watch him go somewhere like KC and light it up next year.
    How about this for a trade (I know it would never happen but how would you like it?): Eagles trade McNabb and a first for Boldin AND Edge, and sign Jeff Garcia as a free agent?

  36. This is the dumbest conversation EVER. Cards won’t be in another SB for 50 yrs, let alone an NFC title game. And anybody that thinks McNabb is the reason why the Eagles lost that game, or any other NFC title game—KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT FOOTBALL

  37. Trading a lot for anyone that wants a ballpark number of $10 million a year is too much to give up…
    maybe if your name is Fitzgerald or Brady preinjury…besides the loss of picks, players you inhibit your ability to resign or sign others when you take on a contract like that…
    if anything the Eagles need McNabb and Boldin, not a plus and a minus

  38. People forget that Warner and Leinart were neck to neck in competition for the starting job. If Warner retires, Leinart becomes the starter.

  39. Boldin for McNabb? You’re an idiot. Starting QBs don’t grow on trees WRs and RBs do.With a good O-line it dosent matter who you’re WRs and RBs are.What was Randy Moss and T.O. trade for? Randy Moss was traded for a 3rd round draft pick and T.O. was traded for Brandon Whiting and 5th round. Is Boldin better than T.O. or Moss? Lito Sheppard for Boldin.

  40. for mcnabb??? florio is losin it…mcnabb isnt goin anywhere…who they gonna have for qb? kolb? they might be crazy but theyre not stupid

  41. How bout the Redskins trade Carlos Rogers, a 3rd round pick this year and a 2nd round pick this year for Boldin?

  42. tblitz25 = Dave Spindaro?
    Eagles give: McNabb & Lito Sheppard
    Cards give: Boldin & 1st & 3rd (Cards use Lito or another CB for trade)
    The Eagles convert some picks to one of the New England QB’s.
    I’d say NE would take 2 firsts and 3rd for one of them.
    Fair all around.

  43. I don’t know why all you fake Cardinals fans that only show up to the game when the team is actually winning, think Kurt Warner is so great. Yes he had a very good career but by no mean is this guy Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. In fact, the only time Warner has ever been good in his career is when he has great WRs and talent around him. In St Lous, Faulk, Bruce, Holt and now in AZ Fitz, and Boldin. This guy sucked when he didn’t have pro bowl/hall of fame talent around him. Give him the same talent that McNabb had over the past 10 years and let’s think how good this guy really is. Lastly, why is Boldin’s contract situation so important to Warner?…. Because he really stinks and he knows he can’t play well without pro bowl talent. McNabb was a consistent pro bowl QB with freakin Freddie Mitchell, Todd Pinkston, James Trash, Torrance Small and a bunch of other losers.

  44. All of a sudden we have Cardinal fans? I haven’t seen a post by one of them in several years of cruising the internet blogs and forums. Not sure why they all of a sudden think they are such a great team. I congratulate the TEAM for what they did, but their fans suck so any posts by them should be banned. Lastly, for you great Cardinals fans, do you know what usually happens to the team that loses the Super Bowl the following year? Take a wild guess. Hmmmm with Boldin wanting out, Warner maybe retiring, Edge wanting out, loss offensive coordinator, fired defensive coordinator, several free agent defensive players….. I can see them crapping out easily next year. Only positive for you guys is they play in that Conference USA equivalent of a division. Better hope Seattle doesn’t come back or San Fran step it up.

  45. All these bandwagon Card fans will revert back to being Dallas fans again when the national media starts there “Dallas will win the SB” crap like they do every year.

  46. Drew can turn any decent kid into a greedy, whiney,malcontent. It’s time contracts contain lanuage that says said player agrees to abide by the terms of the contract he signs for – no exceptions; no excuses for the duration of the contract.. If that’s too much to ask, let the prima donnas go do what they can to earn a living – and that won’t be much.
    If enough of them are hanging out on street corners in the hood, maybe doo wop will make a come back. That would be a good thing.

  47. Hold on to Boldin for the remaining two years of his deal. Him and Fitz give the Cards a lights-out offense. Bring Warner back and see if you can win a bowl in those two years. If you do, good deal. If not, at least you gave it a shot.
    Whereas if you trade him, you lose something from your offense that’s pretty difficult to replace.
    Could always hold on to him for a year and wait to see what happens too I guess.

  48. “for you great Cardinals fans, do you know what usually happens to the team that loses the Super Bowl the following year?”
    no. they don’t. because they didnt start paying attention to the NFL until the week after they beat carolina..

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