The New York Jets have announced that quarterback Brett Favre has informed the franchise of his intent to retire.
“I had a great conversation with Brett this morning,” owner Woody Johnson said in a statement.  “Considering that he came from a totally different environment and joined our team during training camp, his performance last season was extraordinary. As I spoke with people throughout the organization, they all told me how much they enjoyed working with him.  Brett Favre is a Hall-of-Fame player, but he is also a Hall-of-Fame person.  Brett, Deanna and his family will always be a part of the Jets family.”
Said G.M. Mike Tannenbaum:  “When we acquired Brett, we knew we would get everything he had.  He took the time to mentor younger players and his competitiveness and enthusiasm at practice and during games was contagious.  I spoke with him this morning and told him that he will be a friend of the Jets for years to come and it was an honor to work with him.”
Coach Rex Ryan, who never actually coached Favre, also chimed in.  “It was an honor to coach against Brett over the years.  If he’s not the best quarterback ever, then he’s certainly in the conversation.  I have great admiration for him as a player and a person.  I wish him only the best in his life after football.”
But even if Favre’s “life after football” really has begun, folks will continue to wonder whether that’s true.
There’s only one reason for it. Last year, Favre began his “life after football.”
And it lasted barely four months.
The move will give the Jets $13 million in 2009 cap space.  If, come July, Favre decides to come back, the Jets immediately will have to account for that amount.


  1. Now that Favre has “retired”, he should become a spokesperson for a shampoo company.
    “Hair care is just like retiring from football. Lather, rinse, repeat. Playing football, retiring from football, repeat.”
    Or maybe, Favre could star in a Disney-On-Ice production of “Pinocchio”.

  2. Florio – He stated “COACH AGAINST HIM…”
    He did not say “Coach HIM”….read your own articles before you post commentary. …and as a Ravens Coordinator he did coach AGAINST Brett.
    …drink some coffee and WAKE UP!

  3. So it looks like the Jets dumped Pennington for a one year shot with Favre and to sell a few tickets.

  4. I mean really now…..besides girly-man Mike Greenburg – Who Gives A Rat’s Azz???
    Get the heck outta town already.

  5. “It was an honor to coach against Brett…”
    Yeah well let’s not forget Brett holds the record for most interceptions in a career. I’m sure Brett contributed positively to many Defensive Coordinators’ careers.

  6. Why do I get the feeling that this scenario is all too familiar? I’ll believe he retired when the season starts and he’s in Mississippi on his farm.

  7. if he really did retire, the jets are screwed at qb. i want to thank tennebaum for selling the jets soul to the devil to get farve and in turn “giving” pennington to the fins. i love it. J-E-T-S SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK!!!!

  8. Tannenbaums panties must be in a serious wad right now….His QB is in Miami…and no way in hell they get Cassel.
    How are they going to sell seats now?

  9. So here is my first conspiracy theory about this situation: Woody and Tennenbaum can’t figure out how to get under the cap. They call Brett out in the woods and ask him to put down the hunting riffle, send a quick email to ESPN saying he is going to retire, and then have a quick press phone call saying last year was great. The Jets get under the cap radar, get to sign a couple high price free agents, Favre gets to skip camp, and then returns right before the first preseason game. Jets dump busts like Ellis and free up some room.

  10. Despite all the usual cynicism on here I think Farve is really done for. I kind of expected a low key announcement like this to be the end of Farve’s career as opposed to the circus that happened last year.
    For me, It’s the end of an era, Farve’s the last of the QBs I grew up watching (such as Young, Elway, Aikman, etc.) to retire.

  11. The jets have him under contract, just like the packers did, so they only way out of town, is to retire, get them to spend up to the cap, and then file reinstatement papers in July and force them to release you, so that him and childress can finally conduct their ridiculously terrible experiment. Putting a veteran wild card QB under a coach who doesn’t even allow his QB’s to audible. Comedy will ensue, ADP’s talent will be wasted and blogs will be hilarious.

  12. Nice one Vox. I could totally see Brett staying “retired” until after the Jets draft a QB and then popping up and saying, “Play me or trade me…. to Minnesota.”

  13. I am here to confirm his agent is on the phone with all the teams in the NFL.Brett Farve will be back next year.

  14. If this is true.. Big IF.. Does anyone want to make the case that Ted Thompson screwed up? I’m firmly behind him.
    1 year of Brett Favre (2008 specifically) < X years with Aaron Rodgers
    And, therefore, Brett Favre 2008 < X years with Aaron Rodgers PLUS a 4th round pick.
    Mathematically sound, right?

  15. Hall Of Fame Person???? My ass. He is a Hall Of Fame Douche. He and his wife and his drunk ass ass convicted felon brother aka the spokesman for Favre Inc. and his non english speaking agent Bus Cook are a ridiculous pathetic traveling carnival act. Let’s call him for what he is and that was a choking self centered prima donna who while he had a remarkable streak was God Awful in the big games. Get this Jack ass out of the NFL and lets move on with anything else other than his melodramatic B.S. Tell this horses ass to go cry on Greta Van Susterne’s shoulder.

  16. For any one of you ripping Favre for wavering on his decision last season, leave him alone. For anyone that has dedicated 30 years of their lives to something, it is hard to walk away. You will never know when is the right time, there may never be a right time. No, he and the Packers didn’t handle things as classy as he should, but he is still, bar none, the greatest quarterback of all time (dispute this if you will because I will be more than happy to argue my point), and deserves a round of applause and a farewell even if we aren’t sure whether it is real or not.

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