The New York Jets wasted no time in clearing quarterback Brett Favre’s $13 million salary (and cap number) off the roster.
On the same day that Favre advised the team of his intention to resign, the Jets announced that they have placed Favre on the reserve-retired list.
But while the Jets’ 2009 salary obligations will now drop to the range of $110 million, the potential glitch arises from the allocation to the 2009 cap of “not likely to be earned” incentives paid in 2008.
There are increasing rumblings that the number ultimately will be a big one.


  1. Favre is trying to maximize his leverage. He wants an outright release, so he can play for the Queens. MARK IT DOWN!

  2. Brett Favre was the last of the old school QB’s…Elway, Aikman, Montana..Brett was a role model for the league during his 18 year career, he never shot anyone, didn’t shoot himself, didn’t make it “rain”, didn’t beat up his security detail in a urinal or take a dump in someones closet, he just decided he wanted to continue playing the game he loved. For all you idiots who think Favre was overrated you best check his stats, he holds all the records. Enjoy your thugs with money players, they are the future of the NFL, you morons can glorify if you like, and continue to complain about one of the last “good” guys in the NFL.

  3. It wasn’t a gasp – sounded more like a fart from Tannenbaum when Favre started waving if or if he wasn’t retiring…

  4. And that 13M will go RIGHT BACK on their cap when Favre decides to screw the Jets and demand to be activated, which will really only be his latest ploy to get his release.

  5. He reached incentives not likely to be earned??? Suck on that you favre hating losers!
    All he did was carry a crap team to. 9-7 record and got no help from Thomas jones and his defense when he tore his biceps. Are you kidding me?
    Pay your respect to one of the greatest ball players in all of sports and save your hate talk for another day. Every time someone complains about Brett unretiring, all they’re saying is they don’t love anything enough to not just walk away.
    And while I’m on a homer rant, leave madden alone! All the haters just don’t have anything they care about. YOU are the unfortunate ones.
    Well, I still have 4 hours left on my 16 hour work day, so I’m sure you’ll hear from me again

  6. He ll be back.The funny thing is ESPN buys into his retirement every year and they roll out the tributes only have him come back..they suck..Peter King will be upset if his mancrush really does hang em up

  7. Yes there is going to be a big LTBE hit for the Jets… but the good news is that Eric Mangini inserted a clause in the contract that allows him now to change the middle name of his son to something other than Brett.
    I still can’t decide who was more pathetic – Mangini offering his son’s naming rights to Favre in return for his agreement to join the team, or Favre for accepting.

  8. If they are so screwed with the cap why do we have to hear about them signing the entire baltimore linebacking core every other post? Let them fall back into mediocrity of an avg team with a bad QB. thank you

  9. we go and get a defensive minded coach who says he just needs a QB who can manage the game. i can think of a real good one who now has a fish on his helmet.

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