We’ve gotten our mitts on the current team-by-team salary figures for 2009. 
But while the 2009 salary cap will be $124 million, keep in mind that some teams’ limits will go up based on “likely to be earned” incentives from 2008 that weren’t reached, and thus carry over to 2009.
Likewise, a given team’s cap limit could be reduced based on “not likely to be earned” incentives that were reached in 2008, and thus must be accounted for against the 2009 cap.
Whatever the specific limit applicable to a given team, all teams must be in compliance with it by the close of business on February 26, 2009.
The current list by team, rounded to the nearest million, appears after the jump.

Cardinals:  $84 million.
Falcons:  $101 million.
Ravens:  $104 million.
Bills:  $98 million.
Panthers:  $108 million.
Bears:  $104 million.
Bengals:  $95 million.
Browns:  $113 million.
Cowboys:  $121 million.
Broncos:  $107 million.
Lions:  $85 million.
Packers:  $95 million.
Texans:  $101 million.
Colts:  $128 million.
Jaguars:  $110 million.
Chiefs:  $86 million.
Dolphins:  $101 million.
Vikings:  $105 million.
Patriots:  $119 millon.
Saints:  $130 million.
Giants:  $112 million.
Jets:  $125 million.
Raiders:  $116 million.
Eagles:  $93 million.
Steelers:  $105 million.
Chargers:  $107 million.
49ers:  $111 million.
Seahawks:  $103 million.
Rams:  $109 million.
Buccaneers:  $86 million.
Titans:  $93 million.
Redskins:  $131 million.

46 responses to “TEAM-BY-TEAM CAP NUMBERS

  1. Mike, what’s the date on that info? The Texans (for example) released two players yesterday and I’m assuming that $8.8 million savings isn’t reflected in the total above.

  2. I realize the numbers are all there, but wouldn’t a list of estimated cap room under/over be more “user friendly” than just a list of total salaries?

  3. is the jets cap number before or after the release of cb Barrett and the “retiring” of Favre?

  4. The Eagles are tied for 5th lowest payroll in the friggin league and they raised ticket prices. Let me just bend over, Jeff Lurie!!

  5. How “current” is current Mike? Does this include the Patriots $14.65 to Cassel? Today’s news about Favre retiring? Al Davis’ signing of a hot cheerleader for $5 million a season to take over the Center position?

  6. The Pats’ $119M includes Cassell’s tender. had a list last week with the Pats showing $18M in cap space.

  7. Steelers have $19 million in cap room, 9 draft picks, only 2 good UFA’s, and a very easy 2009 schedule. Safe to say they should be even better next year.

  8. LOL @ the Redskins. 8 mil over the cap and a ton of UFA. They won’t be able to just renegotiate current salary to bonus and count it over 4-5 years this year as they have in past years because of the cap accounting rules that apply in the ‘year before an uncapped year’ in the CBA. Essentially the rules require that 50% of any kind of bonus be counted against the 2009 cap regardless of the type of bonus or the year in the contract in which it is to be paid. This affects all new contracts, renegotiated contracts, and contract extensions executed in the 2009 season.

  9. falcvonfan,
    You’re misreading the list. Mike gives you current salaries for 2009 for each team. To figure out cap room you have to subtract that number from 124 million, so the Redskins are 7 million OVER the cap right now.

  10. Finalyst
    It’s alphabetically by city genius. This again proves that common sense isn’t very common at all.

  11. falconfan23 says:
    February 11th, 2009 at 1:10 pm
    How in the world do the redskins have THAT much cap room?!?
    — That’s their cap number, not their cap room.

  12. lol @ the Saints. They should seriously try to get their money back. They would just have to follow the trail of turds to Bush’s & Shockey’s checking accounts. Those 2 must be laughing (and limping) their way to the bank each month.

  13. Those numbers are cap figures not cap room. Take your teams number and subtract it from the Proposed 123 million cap this year and that will tell you how much CAP SPACE you have.

  14. You mean how do the Redskins have -$7 million in cap space? By spending wisely and evaluating players by watching Sportscenter.

  15. FalconFan:
    they DON’T. They’re OVER it by 9 million dollars. Thats their salary figures compared to the current $124M cap. Subtract that number from 124 to get the number in space in millions.

  16. here, for those asking for it to be sorted …
    Cardinals 84 million.
    Lions 85 million.
    Buccaneers 86 million.
    Chiefs 86 million.
    Eagles 93 million.
    Titans 93 million.
    Bengals 95 million.
    Packers 95 million.
    Bills 98 million.
    Dolphins 101 million.
    Falcons 101 million.
    Texans 101 million.
    Seahawks 103 million.
    Bears 104 million.
    Ravens 104 million.
    Steelers 105 million.
    Vikings 105 million.
    Broncos 107 million.
    Chargers 107 million.
    Panthers 108 million.
    Rams 109 million.
    Jaguars 110 million.
    49ers 111 million.
    Giants 112 million.
    Browns 113 million.
    Raiders 116 million.
    Patriots 119 million.
    Cowboys 121 million.
    Jets 125 million.
    Colts 128 million.
    Saints 130 million.
    Redskins 131 million.

  17. Wow… so the teams that should be really concerned are Washington, NYJ, and Saints who missed the playoffs and will still have to trim. Also, looks bad for Marvin Harrison in Indy. One quick cut and suddenly there’s some room to try to get at least Kelvin Hayden OR Jeff Saturday back.

  18. Its truly ridiculous to see numbers like that, and have to stomach the league & teams “justify” why they “need” to lay off front office employees making much less than 100k a year… who work 70 hour work weeks trying to make mortgage pmt.’s in this economy.
    I guess the players families gotta eat to… which is why the cap is now 124 mil!!!

  19. Yes…the Skins have the highest cap figure, but somehow want to give DeAngelo Hall the same type of contract he signed with Oakland last offseason?!?!?
    Can the Skins ever enter an offseason where they need to shed $$$$ to make it under the cap?
    Is Deion Sanders off the books yet?

  20. What’s up with the haphazard order? Did you draw them out of a hat? Either sort them by division or by $$ amount. Damn

  21. I’m going to call Howard Eskin, ask him how the Eagles plan to spend the 30 million they have under the cap. He will then yell at me, tell me 30 million is a phony number, call me a dope and then hang up on me. I can’t wait. Especially when I tell him that I got that figure from the site.

  22. Thunderlipps you realize without the players none of those people would have jobs anyway since the league wouldn’t exist? It’s much harder to find a starting NFL player than it is to find somebody to work at an office. There is a reason their salaries are so different, its called supply and demand.

  23. This looks like homework that was done right before it was handed in.
    Come on Florio, you’re better than this.

  24. Man i am laffing my ass off.
    what made you sort like that?
    Because it made more sense than sorted by coaches last name?

  25. The Giants are $22 million under the cap, not $12 million…. (They released 3 players yesterday, and a clause in Darcy Johnson’s contract saves them $7 million more)

  26. Multiple points to make here:
    1. My understanding is that the Redskins are at $126 million (126,039 million) in cap as of Jan 1st 2009. Where’s the extra $5 million coming from?
    2. Every year the Redskins are in “Cap Hell” and yet wind up restructuring, extending and guaranteeing bonus pay outs and find money to spend. Redskins fans are sadly used to this by now and it doesn’t even phase us that we’re “over” b/c the FO always puts us back under with $$$ to spend (for example we were over at this time last year and yet still found $8 million plus to spend on Jason Taylor).
    3. If the Redskins cut three players alone they free up about $19 million. Which would allow the Skins to re-sign DeAngelo Hall, our FAs, our draftees and maybe a few lesser known UFAs.

  27. Seems like the Saints are in trouble. They have to sign Vilma, Henderson, Lance Moore and a couple starters from their O-line, but they’re already $6mil over the cap.
    I’m guessing Shockey goes bye-bye. “Paging Mr. Mayhew!”

  28. I guess if the Redskins were that rich they wouldn’t be laying off dozens of employees, now would they?

  29. The Titans, Eagles, Bucaneers (depending on new coaching staff), and the Packers are in very good shape.
    They should be looked at as very early playoff contenders, if they use their cap advantage wisely.

  30. If the Eagles arent great next year they should all be executed… all they really need is to sign dawkins back so thats like 6 mill and 2 offensive tackles so say 12 . thats 18 all together that still leaves them about 13 left to make moves. They better get some real talent and destroy next year because they have no excuses barring injury.

  31. the eagles will get an additional 10$ mil because of the 10$ mil incentive they put in dan kleckos contract that they knew he wasnt going to reach…ill give jeff laurie credit for fielding a good team with so much money leftover…but if you dont sign at least one superstar at any position this offseason with 41$ mil in cap space you need to go back to boston

  32. The Eagles actually have nearly 50 million of cap space for next year. They carried over more than just Klecko’s ten million, they ended up carrying over 18 million dollars with LTBI.
    The Eagles spent the money on the probably the biggest name in free agency last year, and will look to make a big splash again this year. Anyone alluding to them being cheap are probably inbred fans from Delaware or south jersey, or they listen to those toolboxes on the morning show.

  33. daaa birds,
    “the eagles will get an additional 10$ mil because of the 10$ mil incentive they put in dan kleckos contract that they knew he wasnt going to reach…”
    They will not be getting that room back, because the NFLPA would have sorted that as a NLTBEI (not likely to be earned incentive) and would not have counted it against the cap last year, thus would not have to credit them with it this year.
    Now say, if there was a clause that said McNabb gets $2 million if he started 10 games in 2008, the NFLPA would sort that as a LTBEI (likely to be earned incentive) and would have subtracted that number from the cap last year. The assuming he only started 8 games, they (the NFLPA) would credit it back to this years salary cap.

  34. Hey Florio,
    If a team doesn’t reach the salary floor, what is the penalty? Is that penalty any different because next year is uncapped? I’m still trying to figure out how my Eagles are going to spend their money.

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