San Francisco 49ers outside linebacker Roderick Green was arrested and charged with four misdemeanor charges, including possession of marijuana, unlawfully carrying a weapon, reckless driving and interfering with the duties of a police officer, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.
Green allegedly didn’t cooperate with a police officer in his hometown of Brenham, Texas.
According to a police report, Green was pulled over for speeding and refused to roll down a slightly open window.   Instead, the window was rolled up, according to a sheriff’s department patrol clerk.
Green was instructed to get out of the truck, which he did.  And then he was arrested.
Green, a former Baltimore Ravens draft pick who recorded a dozen tackles and 3.5 sacks last season, was released on a personal recognizance bond.
He’s an unrestricted free agent, so this incident obviously doesn’t help his chances with potential NFL employers.
In an unrelated incident where he was the victim of a crime, Green was stabbed in the stomach when he played for the Ravens during an altercation at a bowling alley where he was confronted by a man and chased outside the parking lot.  His injuries weren’t serious, which allowed us at the time to poke some good-natured fun of surveillance video of Green running from the assailant.



  1. yah those injuries from the bowling alley incident didn’t sound too serious. Its not like the guy was STABBED.

  2. Interesting how nobody has been bashing the Bengals because of Turd Watch, etc. Jason Shirley was the last one and his mess was before he was drafted.
    It has been everybody, BUT those in Bengaldom. With that improvement and the way the “D” is standing up late in the year there is hope.
    Now watch Chris Henry go out and lose his mind somewhere! LOL

  3. A real quality individual, this Mr. Green. Hey, Obama just had a Cabinet position open up. If Green can prove he once cheated on his taxes, he might just get the job…

  4. “He’s an unrestricted free agent, so this incident obviously doesn’t help his chances with potential NFL employers.”
    Pshhh he ran pretty fast, that could be the equivalent to a combine 40 yard dash these days…

  5. Another football player arrested for drugs and being a jerk to the police.
    When will they ever learn that being nice to the police will keep them out of your vehicle??

  6. Retarded. Just because he was stabbed and wasn’t in critical condition you find it permissable to poke fun at the guy. Post the clip from Friday when the guy gets his chain taken away (my grandma gave me that chain) and runs back to his car. That’s hysterical, but its acting. Ahh, here ya go:

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