Brett Favre’s days with the Jets are done.
But that didn’t stop an unnamed player from questioning why New York brought him on board and let Chad Pennington go in the first place.
Why did they get rid of Chad in the first place?” the player asked Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News. “Eric [Mangini] treated him like a first-year quarterback from Day 1.  It was a bad decision from top to bottom, from beginning to end.  Now we’re paying for it.  We put ourselves in this situation.”
Meanwhile, rumors are swirling about who the Jets will pick as Favre’s replacement.
According to Cimini, if Marc Bulger were to become available, the Jets would have interest.


  1. I thought they wanted a strong armed guy. Bulger doesn’t have the same fastball he used to have.
    If they are looking for a guy like that, Leftwich would be the guy I guess.

  2. You have to love those “unnamed” players who do not have the guts to stand up and say things- they do it through a reporter. Everybody loves Chad, but he went to a Dolphins team that did not ask him to carry the whole team on his shoulders and played a relatively easy schedule. There are reasons the Jets let him go and it all has to due with his history- good QB but not great, weak arm and is an injury risk.

  3. “But per Cimini, the Jets are not high on the Browns quarterback”

    obviously jets are a lot smarter this year. ryan faced anderson – so is it any surprise.

  4. the player is right! the decision to get favre was in my eyes a no brainer and i still support the decision but cutting pennington was the stupidest thing they could have done…the organisation needs to give up on clemens and stop treating him like he will be the next big thing because he really won’t be, and going after bulger is just plain stupid too because the offence is decent enough in St.Louis that he should have done much better than he did

  5. Whoever it is, it will be the wrong person. The Jets make the wrong choices over and over again… I’m glad my team is in the AFC East so they only have to worry about two other teams instead of three like most other divisions;.

  6. The Jets GM should be fired for making such a stupid trade. Why is it that everyone but him (and the owner) could see that this was going to happen but he could not. It happens all the time. QB wants to lace em up still then realizes he does not have it anymore and retires leaving his new team in the lurch. Oh well at least my Skins have a good GM …..Oh wait nevermind.

  7. The Metro actually listed Kyle Boller as a potential quarterback prospect for the Jets. I don’t know who to LOL @ first: the Metro for bringing up Kyle Boller, or the Jets for putting them in the position to do it.

  8. If Marc Bulger were to become available, who would the Rams use at QB? Seems like there are more teams than good QBs right now.
    Someone ought to take a run at Chris Simms, IMO. He’s got the physical tools and is probably smart enough to be coached up if a team has the patience and coaching skills to do it. Is he under contract with the Titans (I think so)? Even if he is, he could probably be had for a day two pick.

  9. HA HA HA HA HA! That is good. 6 months later, now you clowns realize that it’s a mistake to get rid of Chad Pennington, for Brett Favre? that’s classic.

  10. Favres replacement??? I hear Jeff George is willing to play some more.
    The Jets took one retired QB, why not another???

  11. What happened to Clemens being the QB of the future? Are the Jests concerned that what he “sat back and watched” Favre do was throw drive-killing INTs in big games when the division was on the line? And will his draft class go down as a poor one for QBs, with Young, Leinart, and T-Jack (and Clemens, when given a chance) all doing more harm than good to their teams, while only Cutler has shown real potential at this point?

  12. Yep, the Jets really screwed themselves at QB. They dumped Pennington, arguably one of the most underrated QB’s in the NFL, for one failed season with Farve. (Who, ironically, is/was one of the most overrated QB’s in the NFL). Now they have essentially zero experience at the QB position. They’ll be paying for this decision for a while. Tannenbaum should have been fired.

  13. WHY’D THEY GET RID OF CHAD? Because he sucks!!! Miami was a fluke, easiest schedule in the league.

  14. i love watching the jets suffer, i hope they do go after kyle boller so ican laugh at them some more.

  15. cenerdwarrior, Matt Cassel was also in that class. He proved that he’s a pretty decent quarterback.

  16. I thought Coles as well as soon as I read it.
    Tannenbaum is basically an extension of Terry Bradway who unbelievably still works for the Jets. Those idiots had the cap in good shape before they got a case of what I like to call “Madden Franchise Mode”.
    Maybe Tannenbaum is standing on his own at this point and maybe Mangini took over that influence once he showed up but in the end it was the same dumb idiot pushing the buttons. They’ll inevitably panic this offseason, make some more rash moves, fail even worse than last year and fire Tannenbaum. Maybe Bradway gets promoted….hahaha.
    Pennington gets the job done when he and all the players surrounding him are prepared for his type of game. The guy has got to be in the top 3% of NFL players in regards to IQ. I honestly think he looked like a better athlete last season compared to any point in his career. When he had surgery on his shoulder he learned to throw with more or a body motion to generate velocity. His last season with the idiots he was still regaining power in his shoulder.
    Once he got to Miami his shoulder was basically back and he combined his natural strength with his new throwing motion and became a better QB. There is NO explanation on the Dolphins offense that could possibly account for Chad success this season.
    The Jets had all the proof in front of them in camp last season and blew it. The media influenced the Jets to get Favre and until someone is in charge that does things the right way its going to continue to happen.
    Wanstache, Speilman, Saban, Mueller, Cameron…I will say Saban at least changed the culture a bit but reversed any positive that he did by the way he exited. It makes me appreciate what we have now even more than I ever could imagine.
    Regardless of the light schedule Chad looked solid last season and thats coming from a guy that used to lose his voice screaming Nancy at him.
    I can’t wait to see which bum is going to run the Jets offense, I’m so excited!

  17. Bulger probably will become available once Matt Cassell becomes a Ram (just prior to the draft, I’d imagine).
    BTW – it seemed to me that Brett RATLIFF had the best preseason QB performances for the Jets in ’08: 32 for 47 (68%), 10.6 yds/att average, 4 TDs (he hit Clowney for two 70-yarders), 1 INT, 1 sack. At 6’4″, 235lbs, he seems like the right size. He was a bit raw and made some mistakes, but he’s had another year of practices and of observing one of the greats in action from closeup, so one might think he’s maybe a bit better now.
    In any case, it’s kinda surprising to me that he’s not even part of the discussion here.

  18. I don’t understand this situation….Jets have a pretty good running tandem…good enough OLine…pretty good defense. They don’t need a great QB, just a good enough one that won’t throw INTs. I think they can’t do worse if they pick up Jeff Garcia. Then again, I really don’t give a crap about the most annoying fans in NFL…..J….E….T…S….SUCK SUCK SUCK!!!

  19. Wow, now they’re looking at Marc Bulger? Guys, I hear Scott Mitchell is available too. Give him a call.
    Way to screw up a franchise. Pennington’s gonna have fun playing these clowns twice next year.

  20. @Bob S
    Don’t forget, Derick Anderson was a Raven before he was a Brown.
    IMO, the Jet’s are either gonna take Josh Freeman in the 1st round, or pray that one of the ‘big 2’ QB’s falls to them (I really could see it happening. I have the 9ers taking one at pick 10 and that’s it till you get to picks 17[jets] through 20)

  21. Has anyone mentioned a QB on this thread who’ll bring the jets to more than 6-7 wins???….No way
    Love to see the jets suffer…Will be 40 years of suffering this year…..
    Tannenbaum is going to need Depends real soon.

  22. leftwich? statue who telegraphs throws.
    simms? all he has is a gun. without a cadillac, he has been flat out pitiful.

  23. superius says:
    February 12th, 2009 at 8:55 am
    Whoever it is, it will be the wrong person. The Jets make the wrong choices over and over again… I’m glad my team is in the AFC East so they only have to worry about two other teams instead of three like most other divisions;.
    Detroit Lions. The team is so bad Minny, Chicago, Green Bay fans don’t even talk about them as “rivals”. Has to be the most detached arrangement in football.

  24. @ T Henrys B@stard,
    The Jets schedule was as easy as miami’s bud, stop making excuse’s for the Jets horrible let down towards the end.

  25. They need to make up their mind…they want a strong arm guy, so they talk about Bulger who’s arm might be a little stronger than Pennington. Clemens has a strong arm and that hasn’t worked out.

  26. Yep, it’s all Mangini’s fault. I don’t know who Tannenbaum is going to throw under the bus after this upcoming season, but the Jets will not be in the playoffs again. You screwed up the most important position on an NFL team.
    Too bad the Jets can’t get a hold of Cassel, unless they give up quite a bit. Belichick will trade Cassel to ANY NFL team for the right price. This is priceless…

  27. And if Jeff George has too much pride to play for the jests, maybe they can talk Ryan Leaf out of retirement.

  28. Pea Tear Griffin says:
    Upon further review the “Big Two” Will not go inside the top ten. (Maybe one goes at 10 to SF.) This is good for us. Cassel is the best option at QB. Stafford is basically Joey Harrington. And Sanchez is basically Matt Lienart. They will both fall into the teens or possably the low twentys.

  29. Eh they rolled the dice last year and they lost. They weren’t going to win the Super Bowl with Chad, at least they took a shot. It also forces them to address the QB of the future situation earlier, instead of wasting 2-3 more years of one and done at best seasons.

  30. Jets gambled their short term future on the 08 season.
    Granted, a playoff win or two and it would have been worth it.
    They failed, they’ll suck this year.
    Too bad.

  31. Why? Because I Jesus was available why do you think they call it The National Favre League
    Brett “the savoir” Favre
    P.S. After 3 days I may unretire
    In either case I will allow football to continue

  32. Wow, I’m so suprised. Really!
    Seriously I would liked to have seen Jared Lorenzen get a crack at starting QB somewhere. If the Jets wanted a rocket arm they could have had it with the Hefty Lefty.

  33. Got to agree with Finsider on this one. It was a total BUST to drop Chad to get Brett. What do we have to show for it???? NOTHING. Sucks too because as much as I hate and loved Chad he was way better than Brett this year. I still like Kellen, I mean that team sucked from a offense line perspective last year I would love to see if this kid has or not with the upgrade OLine. Give him a chance I say. Bulger???? I say stick with what they already have and get a QB next year.

  34. Finsider = you are a Dumb_ss.
    I’m luvin the fact that your so enamored with yesterday’s leftovers.
    You keep gettin excited over the hand me down’s your hated JETS gave you.
    We’ll work on looking at new talent to get us to the bowl in NY.
    Yeah nice job by Pennington for you in the wildcard. That wasn’t the team that choked it away….it was all Chaddaboy.Keep those blinders on babe !

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