Raiders running back Darren McFadden had some injury problems as a rookie.  The best known were two cases of turf toe.
The least known was a shoulder problem, which we don’t recall seeing on many/any injury reports.  Per David White of the San Francisco Chronicle, McFadden suffered the shoulder injury in Week Two against the Chiefs. 
In that game, McFadden rushed for 164 yards on 21 carries.  It was 118 yards more than he gained in any other game for the rest of the year.
Per White, McFadden recently underwent surgery in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  We’ve heard rumblings that McFadden specifically avoided the team’s medical staff because he wasn’t happy about the manner in which the team doctor’s handled his turf toe.
White also reports that, according to a McFadden family member, the two-time Heisman runner-up will be ready to go for offseason workouts, which begin on March 16.
Also, quarterback Jamarcus Russell had surgery to remove bone chips from his ankle.  White reports that a team official confirmed the procedure on Thursday.  (But does White have a second source?)


  1. “Also, quarterback Jamarcus Russell had surgery to remove bone chips from his ankle.”
    So is this supposed to make him faster? Maybe shave 3-4 seconds off of his 5 step drop? Any word on how the bone chips happened… is it from carrying all of that weight?

  2. Florio did you forget already? Having an injury doesn’t mean you have to be on the injury report, provided that you’re going to play… Just ask Greg Aiello…

  3. “(But does White have a second source?)”
    How about just one source for your “rumblings”..
    Unless its just the rocks rolling around in your head.

  4. Perhaps the NFL office should aggressively fine teams who don’t comply with the league mandated injury reporting and lighten up on fining players for various sometimes dubious reasons.

  5. I don’t like how Oakland handles anything. It’s a bad sign when your players don’t trust their own team’s medical staff, and will pay for another doctor.

  6. Keep talking bozo.
    JRuss is fine and you can have a big heaping of crow in about two years, so simma.
    I noticed McFadden favoring the shoulder after he came back after that 3 week or so layoff for the toe. He ran the first play (forgot against who) and came out with his shoulder hanging. I was wondering why no one was reporting it.

  7. Injury reports were designed to cut down on the influence of gambling and organized crime. Now that they have become a complete joke, is it just a coincidence that the officiating is also becoming extremely questionable?
    Time to clean up the game, Goodell. The integrity of the league is at stake.
    This ain’t the NBA. I hope.

  8. @F2B….
    Just win something without choking on it…
    Or just tell a joke without having to put “LOL”
    behind it…
    Either way just do something that matters or is actually good
    in any sort of way……Choke…Cough…Blaaaaahhh…
    Get a heart Tin Man. For you and your team.

  9. McFadden had some unfortunate injuries this past season, and had to deal with being a rookie on a dysfunctional team, but the guy is definitely a football player. He ran across the field just to crack on daydreaming defensive backs when he was healthy enough to do so, and he isn’t the only guy to show some distrust towards the team physician. Russell isn’t as close to being a bust as some would make him out to be. His left tackle for most of the season was Kwame Harris. He holds the ball too long and eats too many twinkies, but he still has the chance to be very good.

  10. JaMarcus the Hutt is not and never will be fine without Emperor Alpatine being removed from power. Nobody is going to have real success in that circus.

    If it is apparent, it is not a secret.
    If it is a secret, it is not apparent.
    Apparently it is no secret that The Raiders a team with heads of chowder.
    And before you start flaming me, I know. Don’t explain it to me. Just giving florio the business like Eddy Haskel gave it to The Beaver.

  12. Most of the posters at on the Raiders board knew his shoulder was f’d up, I thought it was reported that he messed it up early in the year the 2nd time we played the Chiefs. Anywho, we knew his shoulder was busted up so it was really surprising when he ran all way from the other side of the field to lay the wood during a turnover, might’ve been that 2nd Chiefs game. That play pretty much sold me on his ability and passion for the game. I hope he becomes a good player and has less turf toe, those’ll kill ya. They’re calling LT done after his turf toe and groin injuries. Shows how serious that injury is.

  13. “(But does White have a second source?)”
    Boy, did we hit a chord with you? If the source wishes to remain anonymous, then maybe there should be a second source. If he source is McFadden himself, even if he wishes to remain secret, then maybe it’s okay.

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