Less than a year after they fired Ted Sundquist, the Broncos have made another change at the top of their front office. Adam Schefter of the NFL Network reports that Jim Goodman has been relieved of his duties.  Goodman will be replaced by Assistant General Manager Brian Xanders.
Goodman’s official title was V.P. of Football Operations/Player Personnel with Xanders and his son Jeff, who will also be looking for work, sharing the assistant G.M. duties. Schefter didn’t have any word if another Goodman, college scout Tyler, will also be out of work as a result of the moves.
Xanders joined the Broncos last May after spending the previous 14 years with the Falcons.  While with Atlanta, he worked in a variety of capacities, from assistant coach to information technology to salary cap management.  The team’s website says that Xanders, 37, is responsible for the long-term and short-term strategic planning of the Broncos’ salary cap and cash management.


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  2. Ok, I need to throw this out there. How difficult could salary cap management really be? I know the cap is complicated, but other than putting together an excel sheet and messing around with possible numbers, how do these guys end up being assistant coaches and VPs with (presumably) six-figure salaries? If I played college ball and have accounting competency am I pretty much guaranteed a player personnel position?

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