With rumors circulating in late 2007 of a potential return to the NFL by former Cowboys coach Bill Parcells, Jerry Jones moved quickly to lock up one of Parcells’ guys, receiver Patrick Crayton.
Crayton had been scheduled to become a free agent last March.
This time around, the Cowboys have yet to re-sign one of Parcells’ draft picks from his time in Dallas — defensive end Chris Canty.
And, as our own Tim MacMahon of the Dallas Morning News recently pointed out in a blurb we eyeballed in Friday’s Sporting News Today, Canty could be reuniting with Parcells in Miami.
MacMahon points out that Canty recently addressed the possibility of joining Parcells with the Dolphins in an appearance on Sirius NFL Radio.
“He did draft me,” Canty said.  “You know, I like Bill, and I’ve always said there’s a part of me that’s always going to be a Parcells’ guy.  I’ve played under Al Groh in college and then coming in as a rookie under Bill.  What they instill in the brand of football that they play, it’s been with me so that would be a good fit.  But you know we have to wait and see.”
Canty reportedly wants a contract that pays Tommy Kelly money (i.e., $18 million guaranteed, $50.5 million total).
“It’d have to start somewhere around there, if not higher,” Canty’s agent, Brad Blank, said last month.  “We talked very briefly last summer at that level, and [the Cowboys] didn’t seem very interested.”
Canty was a second-round pick in 2005.  He played in 2008 under the first-round restricted free agent tender of $2.01 million.
UPDATE:  Thanks to all the commenters who pointed out that Canty was a fourth-round pick.  We misread the roster in the 2008 NFL Record & Fact Book.  Canty appears in the alphabetical listing, who was the Kevin Burnett, a second-round pick in 2005.


  1. Canty was a 4th round pick. He dropped due to an eye injury when he was caught in a bar fight after his last season at Virginia.

  2. Vox,
    ‘zactly. Canty has been a solid, if unspectacular DE in the 3-4. Better against the run than the pass. There is no way Dallas will pay him ‘Tommy Kelly’ money, which is what he has stated he wants. I doubt Parcells will give him that either. I’d like Dallas to resign him, but frankly, if he wants Tommy Kelly money then Dallas would be better off paying a few million more for Julius Peppers.
    Your memory is almost correct. Canty did suffer an eye injury when he caught a beer bottle thrown at a bar, but he was not a participant in the fight, just the unlucky recipient of someone’s badly aimed missile.

  3. “Canty was a second-round pick in 2005. He played in 2008 under the first-round restricted free agent tender of $2.01 million.”
    Canty was not a second-round pick, he was a 4th round selection, in fact a very late 4th rd selection (31st pick of the 4th rd). He did carry a 2nd round grade going into the draft, but got into a bar fight pre-draft and had some questions about his vision if I recall correctly.

  4. You gotta think other teams will pay more than Parcells and the Fins. If Denver actually moves to a 3-4 (which seems right now just to be an assumption with no evidence backing it other than Nolan’s history, reminding me of when Tomlin took over the Steelers and everyone assumed he’d make them a 4-3 team), or Green Bay wants to bulk up its front 3, they may be able to offer more if the Dolphins choose to re-sign Bell, Carey, and Crowder. I just can’t see Parcells paying THAT much for a 3-4 DE.

  5. After selecting Merling & Langford in 08′ why would they spend big money on Canty, especially when they have other glaring needs on Defense ??

  6. I’ve always been a big fan of Canty, I always thought he’d break out, especially when Wade Phillips turned him lose to go after the QB, but he hasn’t. He’s a good starter, nothing more. He may get a little more than he’s worth due to a few teams switching to the 3-4. If Dallas could resign him reasonably, I’d be glad to keep him, but I won’t loose sleep if he signs elsewhere.

  7. MrDDub is right.
    Merling and Langford were solid last year. Maybe Merling a little less so than Langford, but that’s probably due to the last year being his first year playing in a 3-4 (Langford played college ball at Hampton which runs a 3-4). The Fins have more pressing needs at NT, MLB, and DB. There’s no way the dump alot of cash on a guy they don’t need, especially at the amount he wants.

  8. I really don’t know if I’d expect the Dolphins to go after him, as Merling and Langford are solid and promising kids. The Dolphins do have some money, so it can’t be ruled out I guess.
    That said, I expect Canty to land a big contract this offseason. Probaly not a Tommy Kelly contract, as I think many viewed that as Al foolishness. He fits the Parcells/Belichek 3-4 moreso than the Phillips/LeBeau/Capers 3-4, as he’s not really a good pass rusher. Canty can also fit as a strongside end in a 4-3. If I had to take a guess at some other teams that might hold interest
    Tampa Bay – Loads of cap space, could use a strongside end. That said, Donald Penn and Antonio Bryant are the first two priorities, I imagine.
    Denver Broncos – A ton of space, a move to using the 3-4 is going to occur (to the above poster, I believe it was announced, but as with Nolan’s history, he may run a “hybrid”), and a defense that has needed help for the last few years. They don’t really have many 30 front DL talents. Tim Crowder looks possible, but after that?
    Kansas City Chiefs – Lots of money and a move to the 3-4 seems quite likely. That said, even though Glenn Dorsey and Tamba Hali aren’t great 3-4 fits, although they can work if the scheme is adjusted, and they have a guy like Turk McBride who can perhaps be decent for the 30 front off the bench.
    San Francisco 49ers – They have some cap space, and outside of finding a RT and perhaps a WR on offense, their focus should be on defense. Now, the main focus should be on adding a pass rushing LB, but that asset could come through the draft (unless a Terrell Suggs pops free, which no one is really expecting). ILB can be addressed lower in the draft. Secondary could use some assets, but I do wonder if they pursue more DL talent. The argument against is that Smith/McDonald/Balmer were decent overall, but the counter would be that McDonald was inconsistent, McDonald and Smith are both a bit small for 3-4 DE (I know McDonald’s listed at 290, but there were reports of him, like Smith, in that 280 range), and Kentwan Balmer was a flop.
    There’s probably a few more teams. I’m not so sure Canty fits Capers, but it is a thought. Maybe, after spending some time in New England, Capers has adjusted his defensive schemes a bit. I don’t know if Cleveland would have the ability to clear space, but Corey Williams was disappointing last year. I do wonder about some teams potentially pondering him as an interior player in a 40 front.

  9. @ toonsterwu —
    Wow! A thoughtful, thorough and pertinent analysis! On THIS board? I think you may be in the wrong place, dude. But, thanks all the same. Good info.
    Not sure I agree that KC is “quite likely” to move to the 3-4, though. It seems like they invested a lot the last couple years in players that might not fit a 3-4 well and, so, are probably more than just one or two players away from making a transition. Plus, they appear to have many crucial player needs to address in several other areas, especially the O-line, which, I’d guess, is what Pioli would address first.
    OTOH, if Pioli feels he’s sufficiently bolstered the O-line in free agency, maybe he drafts a more 3-4 specific DT and they start mixing in some 3-4 sets in ’09, pointing toward a more complete transition in 2010.

  10. He wants Tommy Kelly money cuz he plays like a Tommy Kelly. The guy needs a reality check, how are you not going to have more sacks when you have DeMarcus Ware rushing from your side? Sign a decent contract and stay with a contender and shut up.

  11. Who cares? Crappy player on a crappy defense on a crappy team. They should resign him to play quarterback or maybe be the #2 wide receiver. Do you guys remember when Romo fainted?

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