Former Rams coach, Lions offensive coordinator, and 49ers offensive coordinator Mike Martz is out of the NFL.  And he claims that his current employment status results directly from the efforts of folks who like it that way.
People are determined to keep me out of the league,” Martz told Tom Curran of  “It’s been going on for three years and at this point, I can’t fight it.  I just can’t fight it.  Three years of people putting it out there that I’m a high-maintenance lunatic.

“I keep asking, ‘Who says these things?’  No one will tell you.  But I just put two and two together.  But when you have a tag and the same damaging things get said two or three times it becomes very hard to shake that tag.”

Martz thinks that the information is coming from the Rams.

“Most of the perception came from St. Louis,” Martz said.  “There was so much bitterness and anger and it all stems from my relationship Jay [Zygmunt].  Really, it emanated from a couple people and I’ve now been dogged with it throughout my career.”

Then again, Martz hasn’t done anything since leaving St. Louis to change the perception.  Last month, former Lions coach Rod Marinelli seemed to take aim at Martz.

And Martz’s public griping about the closing moments of a Monday night loss to the 49ers last season did nothing to change opinions of him.  (Martz was later fined $20,000 for his remarks.)

As the tired saying goes, perception is reality.

In this case, Martz needs to consider the possibility that the perception really is the reality.



  1. He ought to get together with Daunte Culpepper and they can both bitch and moan about how “the man” is keeping them down.
    That’s right. It has nothing to do with your performance, guys. It’s all about personal vendettas against you.

  2. Who the hell really knows? The only thing I’ve ever seen about the guy are rumors about him. I can see where he is coming from. I think everyone has been in a situation before being painted as something you aren’t but there really isn’t a way to defend yourself….

  3. There’s an old saying: If it walks like a duck, you can bring it to water, but you can’t make it drink if you have all your eggs in one basket while the shoes is on the other foot when you’re climbing up the wrong tree.
    I think that explains this situation exactly.

  4. the league needs more lapdogs than opinionated smart guys like martz…
    idiot fans seem to think the nfl is an extension of democratic principles…
    it’s actually one of the last remaining institution of autocracy that actually
    has power and backings…

  5. Martz is right. If you pay attention to the info/disinfo that’s come out it’s obvious. Given what’s he’s accomplished there’s a remarkable lack of balance in the rumor mongering. When your reputation is being sullied by unaccomplished boobs how do you think you’d react?

  6. Just because you’re paranoid Mike (Martz) doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.
    If he does get closed out of the NFL it would be a shame. He is one of the most entertaining coaches in the league.
    Somebody please hire him.

  7. Like many successful businesses, a person’s achievements are based not just on what they did, but how they did it. If Martz is being kept out because he can’t play the backroom politics game, then this certainly isn’t helping his cause.

  8. Waaaaaaa, Nobody will hire me in the NFL and I don’t know why.., waaaaaa.
    Go tell Jim Fassel about it. Now there’s a example of a good coach who should be able to land somewhere, but hasn’t.

  9. In my 20 plus years watching football I don’t think I ever seen a coach be more hated by the media then Mike Martz. Guys like Howie Long and Tom Jackson bash this guy to death.
    People attacked Martz for his game mangement yet when he was a head coach his record was 55-5 when he a lead anytime in the 4th quarter. That was the best record for any coach from 197o to 2005 with a lead anytime in the 4th quarter.

  10. I say what he did for Kitna in
    Detroit says enough. Anybody who can make him look good deserves a key to the city.

  11. Detroit Lions in 2007 under Mike Martz as OC: 21.6 points per game (16th in NFL).
    Detroit Lions in 2008 without Mike Martz: 16.8 points per game (30th in NFL).
    Yeah, good thing Detroit fired him and not Marinelli.
    Mike Martz can be an amazing OC with the right (strong-willed and experienced) head coach to keep him in check.

  12. The onside kick vs the Jets came with a 24 point lead midway through the 3rd quarter in Rams-Jets game in Oct of 2001. The game was not over at that point, as that game was almost one year to the day of the Jets 23 point comeback vs the Dolphins on that wild monday night game the year before.

  13. Look, the guy just seems to make enemies. I remember a game against the Jets years ago when he was head coach where he did an on-sides kick with something like a 30-point lead. Legal? Yes. But it’s also the sort of move that makes people hate you. Combine that with the fact that he’s reportedly had personality conflicts quite often with the teams he’s worked for, and a guy gets a reputation. You piss off enough people over 10 years, and eventually they take the opportunity to bad-mouth you. It shouldn’t be surprising, and it’s a good reason to treat people reasonably when you’re on the way up – so they treat you well when you’re down.
    He’s just not the kind of guy who makes you like him. He’s the kind of guy you’ll hire while he’s on top of his game because he’s worth it, but if he’s not then forget it. Basically, he’s got Bill Belichick’s personality without all the wins.

  14. Some of you cats are just plain dumb. Martz has done nothing save for when his roster included multiple future hall of famers. He is one of those arrogant pricks who think his system will win the game despite his utter failure everywhere he’s gone since Warner,Faulk,Pace,Holt, Bruce et al. won a championship. His offenses have only been successful(operationally defined by WINS, not passing yardage)when he had arguably the finest set of skill players gathered on one team at the same time and in the prime of their careers, ever. He is a one trick pony who should head to the college ranks where he can exploit the talent dispartiy as he did for a short while in St. Louis.
    Beware young NCAA QB’s if he does show up, you’re going to get hit hard, often, and you are going to get injured far more than anyone else in the nation. But I guess that’s the price of having an “offensive genius” as your HC. Martz is a tool.

  15. Mike Martz is an ego maniac but he knows how to run a offense, does anyone forget that marc bulger used to be a good qb and now hes a mess. He def got a raw deal in detroit last year they faded at end but appeared to be a 10 win playoff team, they fire him and go 0-16 and the head coach makes comments about him forget he is one the biggest losers in NFL. When Martz got to Sf they were awful and they improved last yera but they get rid of him. When he has talent he produces.

  16. I still think that Martz’s system would be a better fit in the college game, despite his system’s lack of QB protection (as pointed out by Superbuddy). Remember, the schemes of Steve Spurrier (when he was relevant in the 90s) Mike Leach (@ Texas Tech) and Urban Meyer also leave the QB exposed, but have great success due to their creativity.
    As for Martz being blackballed – well, he hasn’t done anything at the pro level in recent years to warrant another gig (then again, neither has Greg Knapp or many other of the retreads that we read about).

  17. What’s keeping Martz from getting a job is his ego. He doesn’t adjust his offense to account for the strengths of his personnel. He gets quarterbacks killed as they are encouraged to hold onto the ball too long for their own safety.
    Also, if you bring in Martz to be the offensive coordinator, your head coach will always have a fox in the henhouse because Martz always has his eye on the head coach’s job that he covets.

  18. VonClausewitz says:
    February 13th, 2009 at 11:48 am
    Martz is right. If you pay attention to the info/disinfo that’s come out it’s obvious. Given what’s he’s accomplished there’s a remarkable lack of balance in the rumor mongering. When your reputation is being sullied by unaccomplished boobs how do you think you’d react?
    This guy doesn’t like boobs.

  19. I think has has confused “folks” with “his own personality”.
    Also, is it just me or does anyone else think Mike Martz looks like he eats his boogers? I’m not sure what it is….it’s just every time I see him (EVERY TIME) I think “Damn, that guy looks like he really enjoys picking his nose and eatting it.”

  20. “Detroit says:
    February 13th, 2009 at 4:36 pm
    Lions record in 2007 with Martz – 7-9
    Lions record in 2008 without Martz – 0-16
    Nuff said.”
    Lions record in 2007 with a passable QB in Jon Kitna – 7-9
    Lions record in 2008 with the janitorial staff manning the QB position – 0-16
    Just saying.

  21. Superbuddy, before you call other people stupid, you should check the facts. Martz record as a HC in St. Louis puts him in the top 10% for win-loss. All of the glorious players you talk about have been significantly worse under other coaches (including Marshall Faulk). Since then, with the handpicked coaching staff of the people who decided to fire him, the Rams have been the worst organization in the NFL.
    During his two years as OC in Detroit, the Lions had a slight stretch of mediocrity. Since then, well, 0-16. Martz turned Kitna into a passable QB and Roy Williams and Mike Furrey into near-Pro Bowl caliber receivers. Furrey is obvious, but if you go and check out just how awful Roy Williams has actually been in his career, you might be surprised. Martz was turning Kevin Jones into a franchise back before he got injured.
    Last year, the Niners had their best year in a long time. After turning the Niners offense into a professional, multiple offense that could attack the weaknesses of NFL defenses, you will see them go the way of St. Louis and Detroit, opting to “simplify,” which just happens to be code for: we’ll never move the ball and lead the league in punts and blowout losses.
    If you think Martz is a jerk, fine, but all actual NFL fans know Martz is almost unparalleled in terms of success. It takes a very small and unfair mind to refuse to give him credit in St. Louis because there was some talent and then bash him for his work in Detroit and San Francisco considering they’d let their offenses languish for years.

  22. Martz and Warner deserve each other! Whatever it is,
    it’s somebody elses fault! Lost the SB 36 Pats cheated. Got
    fired in every job since. Conspiracy to keep Martz out of the
    I don’t get it? Does anyone care enough if they did?

  23. “TheDudeAbides says:
    February 13th, 2009 at 5:09 pm
    Last year, the Niners had their best year in a long time. After turning the Niners offense into a professional, multiple offense that could attack the weaknesses of NFL defenses”
    Umm….the 49ers went 7-9 last year and ranked 22nd in points and 23rd in yards offensively. In 2006, they went 7-9 and ranked 24th and 26th respectively.
    Know where they really were improved? They improved to 23rd in points and 13th in yards defensively. Has Martz started handling the defense now too?
    He’s a decent offensive coordinator….but he’s far from a franchise changer….yet, his attitude seems to suggest he is. Which is why he has no job.

  24. Martz doesn’t have a job because he is a dick, and he can only win(do you get that TheDudeAbides? WIN?!?)with hall of famers in the skill positions. No owner or hc is going to hire a guy who comes with as much arrogance as Martz so that he will make their QB “passable” or their recievers “near Pro-Bowl caliber” coaches get hired to win. Have you ever been on a team as a starter, TheDudeAbides? If not let me clue you in: The point is to Win. If you take away that “perfect storm” situation in St. Louis with those HoF’ers Martz had, he has an absolutely unimpressive resume and I’ll argue a dangerous one if you care about your QB having a life after football. If you’re going to fanboy another Coach in the future TheDudeAbides, pick someone who Wins w/o 5 hall of famers in the prime of their careers.

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